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  1. well... the error was on me, when in my attempt to assemble the airbrakes in their place (deployed) I could not understand the instructions (regarding the exact position of their placement) and as a result I broke them.... For this reason, I called them them in this way
  2. I meant 3d printed airbrakes... Eduard produced 3d printed airbrakes for Kinetic kit,and the old fashioned Brasin airbrakes set for the Tamiya one
  3. Great news!!!!! Any chance to produce F-16 airbrakes (as there are deployed on the ground) for the Tamiya 1/48 kit?
  4. HI Arnaud Any update about these? I'm talking, especially, about GWH's 1/48 F-15E a) slanted antennas in front of the NLG (nose landing gear) Bay, and b) corrected stabs Do you have any timetable of producing those? Thanks, Antonis
  5. I am planning to build the Hellenic Air Force's Rafale F3R in 1/48 SCALE (Revell's kit) . I have already purchased the upgrade to F3R set (BAM48002) and the seamless intakes (BAM48009) The Revell's kit is representing the F2 version. As far as I know the are differences on the wingtip pylons amongst the two Rafale versions I wonder if are you planning to produce the F3R wingtip pylons for Revell kit in 1/48 scale Thanks in advance
  6. Oops.... Arnaoud, it was my fault..... You're not the one that missing something..... I am.....
  7. As for the GWH, I would like to see the 1) updated UFC panels, 2) slanted antennas, 3) correct stabilators, 4) small GPS antenna There is a great post referring to a current F-15E here at ARC forums This is especially for the Revell's Strike Eagle Thanks, Antonis
  8. Any update about the stabilators for the F-15E? Is there any possibility to release a resin set for the slanted antennas that are located under the F-15E's nose ?
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been building scale models for many years. I am looking for the PE part "A" and "B" of the GWH L4822 F-15E Strike Eagle Could I send a pm to Raymond as as has already been said to other members in similar cases Thanks in advance, Antonis
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