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  1. I regularly smooth it once dry with nail varnish remover (containing acetone) and a Q-tip. It takes a minute to become wet again and off you go, no need to risk the surrounding details with sanding paper πŸ™‚ Arnaud
  2. F-15Is retain the feathers, if you want extra detail you can use Aires exhausts combined with the GWH feathers it works well with a bit of external thinning of the Aires parts (invisible once the feathers are on top):
  3. This all sounds like great news Raymond. I noticed Takom has not been available from LM for a few months: is this meant to be a permanent situation?
  4. Are you sure? Source: US Air Force website That being said, 95% of the pictures show the pylon in place πŸ™‚
  5. I have not built the Academy kit but the GWH F15I is very close to their F-15E and it is a superb kit, excellent fit and detail. As a matter of fact after I completed the F-15I I ordered their F-15C and F-15E πŸ™‚ Arnaud
  6. Thanks Gianni, this means a lot to me my friend πŸ™‚ Arnaud
  7. There you go, finally! Due to size limitations I can only include one side, easy enough to mirror though πŸ™‚ Please share your results πŸ˜‰ Arnaud F-15I eagle.studio3
  8. Thank you all for your kinds words! Actually I can attach files to posts, I'll do it as soon as I get back home so everyone can use it πŸ˜‰ Arnaud
  9. Thank you. No problem to share the Studio file, although I have no idea how to do it! Care to explain? Best Arnaud
  10. Thank you all, calling this one done! SImple base made from plasticard and pine wood. Two completed builds in a year, hum... Happy New Year! Arnaud
  11. Hey Aigore, any progress on this one? πŸ™‚
  12. Thank you! A bit of progress , namely the antenna covers. First i made a master from plasticard, then used made cheap molds by pressing the masters into Plasticine and cast them in resin. The masters side walls do not need to be perfect as their shape is not captured when pressing the master πŸ™‚ Next are the exhaust nozzles and seats! Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  13. Thanks! Quite a bit of progress since my last post: She now has wheels and most weapons are done πŸ™‚ Surprisingly, the "B" decal sheet which contains most colour markings is significantly thinner than the "A" sheet dedicated to stencils. Nice surprise though as it would have been a nightmare to mare thick decals disappear on weapons πŸ™‚ I used AeroBonus RBF tags, very nice and easy to use. Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  14. I would definitely go for the Isradecal sheet if I built this kit again, the OOB decals are well printed but very thick, I spent a fair amount of time to varnish/sand them down Arnaud
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