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  1. It could be considered for sure, although I believe there are two variants: the early one, sometimes fitted to Israeli F-15Bs (and found in Hasegawa E kits) and the later one (used on the E), sometimes fitted to Cs (and found in GWH E and I kits). Which one would you need?
  2. Hello! Our latest release is the next generation anti-radiation missile, the AARGM-ER, poised for use on the Super Hornet and F-35 🙂 Key features: 2 missiles per set Fins fully integrated to the missiles (no assembly required) Fins fully protected by easy-to-remove cage Pin holes located and sized for the Meng Super Hornet/Growler underwing pylons Available on the BAM Models shop. Enjoy, Arnaud
  3. Yes you're right, it's been on my to-do list for ages but I keep focusing on new projects instead of leveraging what I already have 🤫
  4. Very cool, I had no idea of Tinkercad's capabilities in this area but it looks like a winner 👍
  5. Thank you so much Darren, you don't know how much this means to me. Your sets paved the way, to this day I have no idea how you managed to make symmetrical parts manually 🤩 Arnaud
  6. Thank you Jens! The SG sets are still there, although I'm thinking of retiring them as they're quite a hassle to produce and don't sell that much anyway 😄
  7. Thanks Kursad! They should go pretty well with your Early Tomcat sheet 😄
  8. Dear friends, We're back and we used the time off well, with a new suite of sets for the prototype and early production F-14A Tomcat 🙂 So what do we have on the menu? Early wing gloves, early beaver tails with or without dielectric panels, test pitot probe, RIO windshield, short gun muzzle panels, early chinpods and more... You can see all available options here: https://bam-models.com/product-category/f-14/
  9. Very cool and original idea, and great job on a kit I would not dare to touch with a stick 👍 Arnaud
  10. Awesome, glad to hear such good news! 100 hours curing time?? Wow! Maybe that's one of the reasons why it yellows so little, apparently fast curing time = heat = yellowing Thank you so much for doing the test, merry Christmas! Arnaud
  11. Hello Rob, it's now been a few months, how is the resin behaving? Which brand of resin did you use by the way? Thank you so much, Arnaud
  12. I would go with gunmetal
  13. Very cool project! If you need a spin chute (or at least the mounting brackets) give me a shout I'll be happy to help you in this adventure!
  14. And the sexiest of all isn't even on this series of profiles but will be on the 72nd sheet in both scales 🤗
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