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  1. Happy to please, the Caracal decals are too exciting to ignore - they just need the ASPI exhausts to make it possible to build the shark mouth schemes 🙂 Not likely in the short term as I don't have this kit 😕
  2. OK I got a little excited by this project and started working on it so it may come sooner than expected 🙂 The set will cover only the aft part of the engine (the forward part is the same so the excellent kit parts can be used) and will most likely by in two parts: the exhausts themselves on the one hand, the external cover on the other hand to make painting easier.
  3. I'll look into it then 🙂 The product development pipeline is pretty full right now but it will come at some point, probably early next year 🙂 I'm also planning on doing a AH-64WAH / AH-64DAH conversion set by the way, I've always wanted to build an hellenic Apache 😉
  4. Yeah, and this one is basically impossible to find 😞 I'd like to do one too, so I'm thinking about making the exhausts myself. Would anyone be interested in an official BAM models release?
  5. I received mine from Helmsman's second seller (Dawngrocerystore) yesterday, well packaged and arrived in France in 3 weeks.
  6. Much has been done since 2016 to build up Australian capabilities, both by training engineers in France and to build up the local shipyard capabilities. The truth is Australia was starting from very far (which is why they insisted on so much technology transfer in the first place) and this new deal just pushes the goal line a lot further still with the addition of a nuclear component
  7. That's exactly the issue at a technical (ie not political/diplomatic) level: some Australians were complaining the development was going too slowly, and the deliveries would be late. I can't see how going US and nuclear will make things any faster, especially considering how cluttered the US shipyards are at the moment (the UK one too by the way) and how Australia has no experience at all with ship-borne nuclear reactors.
  8. I'll work on the Hasegawa kit. I said I'd do the 3D vectoring thrust nozzles though, I did not commit to a conversion set as I'm not sure if I have enough documentation. If you have good pictures please share, it will increase the chances I do it 😁 Arnaud
  9. Awesome! I'll start working on the nozzles (3D first, 2D if I find the required documentation and motivation!)
  10. Yes when I get to the SA/EX/QA. First focus is the SG 😉
  11. The Dragon offering is pretty good too, and the Zvezda reboxing made it pretty cheap (which it was definitely not under Dragon brand!)
  12. The Academy F-15K just landed, engraving is beautiful thanks guys for the inputs! I've started working on an SG conversion set 🙂 Arnaud
  13. That's true. The Hasegawa kit is much cheaper though and still a very valid option if you just add the Quickboost ECS pipes.
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