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  1. Sorry to hear that, I hope you find a new job soon. Any leads within and without the airline industry? Best, Arnaud
  2. Beautiful metal paint job, thanks for sharing I can't wait for mine to arrive 😉 Arnaud
  3. All you need is the seat (I used Quickboost) and the exhausts (I used Aires), it's a fabulous kit which I've built twice and will build twice again 🙂 Enjoy, Arnaud
  4. That's a beautiful cockpit, very inspiring thanks for sharing! Now I need to start work on my F-16s... Arnaud
  5. Here are the results of the amended design: Use is fairly self-explanatory I think! They will be part of a broader Rafale exterior enhancement set, stay tuned! Arnaud
  6. Fantastic, thank you so much Hoops!! Let me know your address in PM if you're building a Rafale sometime 😉 Arnaud
  7. Hello, I'm designing a set of vinyl parts to add RAM panels under the Revell kit. I have started with the rear fuselage (see here) but I have a question for the experts here on the forward panels. I can't find any good picture of this area, which geometry is correct? A free set (rear and front RAM panels) to anyone bringing definitive proof! Thank you, Arnaud
  8. Haha, don't we all start with a naked kit and then "seize improvement opportunities" 😂 I will definitely post the QF-16 build when I start it, quite a bit of backlog at the moment though
  9. Wow that's a lot of aftermarket, can't wait to see it coming together! Stupid question: if you are using a replacement nozzle and replacement decals, why do you start with the F-16N bowing wich is more expensive than the regular F-16C/CJ boxings? Are there other parts specific to this version? Arnaud
  10. Thanks guys! Continuing to find areas to improve on my Rafales, I will add the lower fuselage rear RAM to the intakes, using plotter-cut vinyl parts. The Revell kit lacks the last row of RAM: With the vinyl parts in place: And a light coat of Alclad grey primer: Notice that there are more rivets on the vinyl parts, I followed the actual pattern. Cheers, Arnaud
  11. I have exactly the same issue, would be very interested to hear about techniques to fully clean out the salt and get a smooth surface 🙂 Thanks, Arnaud
  12. Hello friends, Being quite frustrated with the absence of any intake trunking in Revell's 1/48 Rafale kit and the price/level of detail of available options I decided to make my own using 3D printing . After many itterations to get a satisfying results (WIP here) final mold is now ready, three sets cast Here you can see both left and right intakes, with an added panel engraved on the left intake (the one without gun): And the inside, much easier to photograph with a bit of grey primer! I hope you like
  13. Beautiful finish, thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  14. Did you compare with walkaround photos? If the difference in size is so large it should be quite obvious from actual photos which is closest. You should get a good idea here: Or here at 00:53 Arnaud
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