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  1. What's your point exactly? In what sense are they shooting themselves in the foot? How is it different from what they did before? How does this affect any of us in any way?
  2. I did have some issues but LM (Raymond and Elsie) were always pretty quick to reply and offer a solution. They do have great prices but considering the issues I had, if customer service had not been so good I would have changed suppliers. In a word, I'm sure your issue will be solved soon and satisfactorily :) Arnaud
  3. Bump, anyone? I'll be glad to trade/pay of course Arnaud
  4. I think I have these decals somewhere, PM me if you'd like to have them :) Arnaud
  5. Dear friends, My wife gave me Tamiya's 1/32 Spitfire IXc for Christmas :) and being French I'd like to build her as Pierre Clostermann's kite ;) Would anyone have this scheme leftover from Kagero's sheet? I'd be happy to pay/trade and in any case cover shipping. Thanks a lot for your help, Arnaud
  6. Same thing here, every time I had an issue Raymond and his team did a good job sorting it out and I'm about to place a new order. The only thing I'd change is not to list items for which availability is dubious (eg Dragon items). This only hurts LM's reputation: I'd rather know it's not available at all than think it is and then find out months later that it will never happen. Arnaud
  7. Yep, great fun again and the opportunity to build something unexpected/unusual for me. Most grateful! Arnaud
  8. Thanks! I'll take the 23) 1/48 Eduard F6F-5 late from Kahunaminor Cheers, Arnaud
  9. Things just went from bad to worse: I had planned two dioramas starring a Tiger and a King Tiger and ordered all the necessary stuff (including accessories, a jeep and US soldiers, a german tank crew...). The King tiger is not available at all (as mentionned earlier) The Tiger is not available either (just heard about that) Both kits are still for sale on the LM website, which is plain dishonest to me now that they know they are unable to source the kits at all LM shipped all the accessories separately without asking (I ticked the box "Do not send items separately" just for that reason), which is a sheer loss to me since I will not be able to make the dioramas I planned this stuff for In a word I am pissed :bandhead2:/>/> but life goes on ;) Arnaud
  10. Thanks Stacey, I think I will go this route if LM does not wake up. Again, not a smart move to give loyal customers a reason to try the competition. IMHO it's a better strategy to source from competition exceptionally and keep your status of sole supplier with your end customer. Arnaud
  11. Thanks for the input mate, appreciate it. I agree that Sealmodel is their competition, I'm just saying it would have been a good commercial move to go the extra mile and deliver what they promised instead of leaving me no alternative than actually go to the competition. I have never tried Sealmodel but this could be just the occasion to give it a go. Arnaud
  12. Hum, trouble again... I placed a reasonably big order in early August, with a couple of kits on "backorder". Not an issue, I was not in a hurry and I really wanted to build a Dragon Kingtiger. Except LM is now telling me they cannot get it at all. I told LM a couple of weeks ago that Sealmodel, which is also in Hong Kong, has it in stock so that they could source it from there, to no avail. They instead ask that I change for something else :(/> Please note that the kit is still for sale on the LM site: beware! I told them about that too a week ago, but it's still there (Backorder of course)... Arnaud
  13. I'm in! Let me check the stash but I'll definitely find something. So much to be grateful for too, I like the spirit CorsairMan :) Arnaud
  14. Some slow progress to report, cockpit and pilot finished. Got distracted by trying something different (armour) :) Cheers, Arnaud
  15. The machine cuts it all for you, including the pattern :) Not a cheap machine but quite a lot of fun and possibilities (masks would be easy to make for example and are a typical application)