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  1. Super impressive effect on the waves, I love it! Looking forward to seeing this completed, thanks for sharing Arnaud
  2. Does this Scalemates page help? https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/1/7/956117-15-instructions.pdf
  3. Thank you Jeff for your kind words, looking forward to seeing your completed Rafale!! Arnaud
  4. Hi! Yes the sets are all available as shown on bam-models.com, or simply reach out to me via PM or email (arnaud - at - bam-models.com) 😉 Thanks, Arnaud
  5. Instructions are online! http://bam-models.com/bam48003-rafale-am39-exocet-pylon-instructions/ Comments welcome, let me know if you like it and/or if there are things I could improve Arnaud
  6. Great job, I really like the effect! Maybe you can re-apply the effect once everything is done with highly diluted paint so you can control the effect exactly, without worrying about the next layers removing it?
  7. Thanks Richard - I can't wait either, unfortunately I had to go last minute on a business trip so I only had time to pour the RTV yesterday evening, I'll only see the result tomorrow - better for the molds life though 🙂 Arnaud
  8. Here is something that does not exist as far as I know, Exocet pylon for the Rafale M 😉 Making the molds tonight Cheers, Arnaud
  9. Hey Thomas, Thanks for your interest! Please send me an email to arnaud@bam-models.com or a PM so we can work out the details 😉 Arnaud (bam-models.com)
  10. Stunning work there Drew, makes me want to build mine! Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  11. Thanks everyone for you ideas and support! The Rafale intakes (BAM48001) and upgrade set (BAM48002) are now ready for order 🙂 Sneak peak on the HUD, which will come both plain clear and clear green in BAM48002 so you can choose how you want to go about the tint Arnaud
  12. Interesting, you're the second to suggest this today 🙂 It will make it in the pipeline, although not in the next month as subjects are piling on 😉 Thanks for the input, Arnaud
  13. Thanks Ilias, looking forward to the next order, the Rafale upgrade set is fully designed, production is starting 👍 Arnaud
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