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  1. Very impressive build of a super cool bird, thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  2. The original question specified "without aftermarket" but if we go there, BAM Models do seamless intakes (both Triple Plow I and Triple Plow II) and the Australian reconnaissance package that was used on the RF-111C 😉
  3. Most of us have Hasegawa Phantoms in the stash. While they are still great kits, the lack of proper intakes is a serious letdown in comparison with the recent Meng and ZM kits. I thus thought it would be useful to design an affordable fix BAM48102 allows you to add full depth intakes to ANY Hasegawa Phantom II kit: F-4B, F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, F-4J, F-4EJ, F-4N, F-4S, RF-4C, RF-4E, RF-4EJ, FG Mk.1, FGR.2, etc..., anything that uses sprue D, including the Revell reboxes of course A tiny amount of blending with parts D31 an
  4. Cool! Does the Hamilton Hobbies set include the new landing gear? Just out of curiosity 😎
  5. Excellent news, looking forward to seeing the RF-4C Recce Phantoms Part 1 schemes 😉 Arnaud
  6. The Airfix Sea King detail sets are now officially released! and available here!
  7. It's simply a matter of development cost vs expected volume. The ECM bulges took less time than the intakes to design but sell much, much less (as expected since the intakes fit most F-111 variants). That being said I look forward to seeing accurate Ravens! Arnaud
  8. The first link @Quixote74 gave is my go-to source of detail Raven pictures 👍 If you're building a 1/48 Raven this might be of interest to you as all available kits have the standard F-111 aft bulges 😉 https://bam-models.com/product/ef-111a-raven-ecm-cooling-units-for-hobby-boss/ HB kit bulge: BAM Raven bulge:
  9. Thanks, I've been through all of them + the Double Ugly and Isradecal books, no luck so far 😕 which is why I'm bothering y'all and asking for help 🙂 Arnaud
  10. Hello, Would anyone have either detail pictures of the Kurnass 2000 wingtip area (esp. the RWR) or access to the ones exposed in museum (IAF museum and Tel Nof as far as I know)? Many, many thanks in advance, Arnaud
  11. Nice work, thanks for sharing your progress with us! Arnaud
  12. Very nice work as usual Jeff 👍 Arnaud
  13. Beautiful paint work, it would be great to have a way to see them once completed indeed!
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