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  1. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Thank you! A bit of progress , namely the antenna covers. First i made a master from plasticard, then used made cheap molds by pressing the masters into Plasticine and cast them in resin. The masters side walls do not need to be perfect as their shape is not captured when pressing the master πŸ™‚ Next are the exhaust nozzles and seats! Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  2. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Thanks! Quite a bit of progress since my last post: She now has wheels and most weapons are done πŸ™‚ Surprisingly, the "B" decal sheet which contains most colour markings is significantly thinner than the "A" sheet dedicated to stencils. Nice surprise though as it would have been a nightmare to mare thick decals disappear on weapons πŸ™‚ I used AeroBonus RBF tags, very nice and easy to use. Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  3. arnobiz

    F-15I RaΒ΄am, GWH 1/48

    I would definitely go for the Isradecal sheet if I built this kit again, the OOB decals are well printed but very thick, I spent a fair amount of time to varnish/sand them down Arnaud
  4. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Thank you for your kind words. No specific problem (unlike the aft engine fairings of GWH's Mig-29 kit), just pay attention when assembling the front intakes to make sure everything lines up properly. Other than this, a fantastic kit which I will build again (in F-15C version) when I get the chance πŸ™‚ Arnaud
  5. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Hello friends, I finally get to post some progress, after spending a couple of week ends on the stencils... As reported by Doog in his Su-35 build, GWH decals are pretty thick but get on fine. I'm glad I painted all large markings though (including the tail and nose numbers). Comments welcome, Arnaud
  6. arnobiz

    The next project

    Fantastic work as usual Gianni, thanks fro sharing your techniques, it's a great inspiration Arnaud
  7. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Many thanks for the kind words guys. I just came back from holidays, still one week PTO to make progress on this one πŸ™‚ Arnaud
  8. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Thank you for your kind words. The project is making progress, I'm really more into building than painting so the second phase is always a bit slow/painful I especially struggle to make consistently blurred edges 😞 Next are the decals, finally. Arnaud
  9. arnobiz

    The future of group builds?

    +1 πŸ™‚
  10. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Thanks guys, glad you like it. I also made a couple of intake covers, using pictures of the F-15I in a museum to create the hebrew markings (using clear laser decal paper). Basis is plasticard cut to shape and covered with PVA-soaked tissue paper. The stripes are masked and painted. Cheers, Arnaud
  11. arnobiz

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Hello, After some work on GWH's stunning F-15I I thought I would share progress. The kit is awesome, excellent fit overall with minimum putty use required (mostly around the CFTs). I built it mostly OOB, with only a couple of improvements in the cockpit. My main challenge for this build was to paint the large tail markings, as I felt the decals colour was a bit off and I like it when colours match πŸ™‚ Just to be clear: Due to the intricate/tiny shapes it took a LOT of trials before I managed to cut the masks properly using my Silhouette Portrait... First, tails camo: Followed by first mask: [/url] Followed by IDF sand layer and second mask: [/url] Followed by dark gull grey layer, done! [/url] Same for the roundels: [/url] Next will be the top side camo... Thanks for looking, Arnaud
  12. arnobiz

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    Why not print full sheets sized for Tamiya but just include the key markings, not the stencils, stars and bars etc.. already provided by Tamiya to keep costs down?
  13. arnobiz

    Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Thanks guys, glad you like it! The kit was so nice I bought another one (the initial version this time) for a Lebanon diorama :) Cheers, Arnaud
  14. arnobiz

    Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Hello all, After a very long while I re-started building seriously (as in "spending more time", not "professional quality" ;) ) Here are a couple of shots of my recently completed Merkava mk1 hybrid (Takom 1/35) with crew (Walkyrie 1980's IDF crew). Beautiful kit, fastest build ever for me (about 2 weeks end to finish). WIP can be found here Main adds to the kit, again not much as it's a great kit: Antiskid done with diluted PVA glue spread with a brush and covered with embossing powder Basket contents from various sets (Tamiya, Legend and Plus Model I believe, they have been out of their original boxes for a long time) Tarp and ID panels done in white milliput Rear hull baskets completed with aluminium strips Comments welcome, always nice to have help and improve next time Arnaud
  15. arnobiz

    Companies using 3D Scanners shoot themselves in the foot

    What's your point exactly? In what sense are they shooting themselves in the foot? How is it different from what they did before? How does this affect any of us in any way?