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  1. Fair enough, Hubbie, but once again my impression is that Raymond confirmed I would receive the defective parts once LM has the kit back in stock. I guess Raymond is a smart businessman and will keep his word, especially seeing as it's getting some press via this thread. Try David at Lucky Model. He and Raymond were really very helpful. For now I'm trusting them to keep their promise and deliver. Marc.
  2. Did I miss the plot? I thought Raymond was quite helpful. As I understood it he would send me the GWH parts as soon as they have that particular kit back in stock. Marc.
  3. Hey Hubbie, where did you buy your kit? If it's not at LM Raymond (obviously) can't help. Marc.
  4. Whatever is easier for you Raymond. I am happy to wait until the kit is back in stock. I CC'd you in my mail to David so feel free to contact me via e-mail if you prefer. Regards, Marc.
  5. Thanks Raymond, I got a great response from David at your service desk. He'll be sending me the parts when the kit is back in stock. Thanks@David, Marc.
  6. Thanks all, In the hands of the Gods I guess, and Lucky Model where I purchased the kit and sent an e-mail. I'll let you all know if LM helped.
  7. Hi Mstor, Checked Facebook as you suggested but they don't seem to be keeping it up and anyway I try to stay away from social media except for Linkedin. @HomeBe, thanks also, I tried the e-mail address you suggested but no reaction. Thanks both for your time. @GWH, are you listening?
  8. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but I need some replacement parts from GWH. I've sent them a couple of e-mails but no joy so far. Does anyone know how best to contact them? Thanks,
  9. serendip

    HPH B-52

    Thanks MMRick and all for the valuable information. I do certainly want to make a non-fictional loadout: I do want to make the anti-flash silver on top, white on the bottom color scheme for sure however So what did B-52Hs in that scheme carry beneath the wings operationally? Thanks all again for the help. Marc.
  10. serendip

    HPH B-52

    That's correct - the missile. Two Air Launched Cruise Missiles under each wing - ACLM-As. If Wikipedia is correct carried by the SAC 30th bombardment wing. HPH is only offering to do the Memphis Belle III B52-H at this time which to my mind is a mind numbingly boring scheme so I'm looking for references to feed them enough information for a bare metal SAC bird. So all help would be appreciated. The Jimmy Stewart movie helps and also 'How I stopped worrying and learned how to love the bomb' with Peter Sellers and George C. Scott has some great footage. Thanks all,
  11. serendip

    HPH B-52

    I'm planning a '60's SAC bird with ALCM-A's or Hound dog missiles, in bare metal. Most footage seems to show G and H models without the low light and IR camara pods on the underside of the nose. Were these introduced later? I'm going to try to persuade HPH to offer the SAC version as an option in addition to (the to my mind) later all over gray color they sported later in life, which is the only optio at this time. Once again, any help would be great. Thanks,
  12. serendip

    HPH B-52

    Hi all, I'm planning on getting the HPH Stratofortress. Does anyone have any experience with their bigger kits; level of detail, accuracy, fit, stability (of resin and fiberglass over time), strength etc. Also any reviews or build of their models would also be much appreciated - there doesn''t seem to be much around on the internet which is a interesting sign. Thanks all, Marc.
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