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  1. Thank you Gents, Both the BD4-USKM-1 and AKU-58 pylons are included in the KH kit, no mention of them in the instructions however which is / was typical of KH. Wonderful kit if you are ready for KH's merry wierdness. Thanks again for helping out! @Matt, Amigo is a lifesaver, got my KAB 250s there as Helmsman also suggested, Marc.
  2. Still working on the ordnance and can't figure out from the instructions which pylon to use for a centreline KAB 1500 and which pylons for the KH-35 on stations 5 and 10. All help much appreciated.
  3. Great feedback. I am still curious however which ICM paint corresponds to this color (if any do). Thanks all. Marc.
  4. Does anyone know which ICM paint color or another paint brand if unavailable, corresponds to wheel hub green on cold war soviet aircraft? Thanks,
  5. Thanks Helmsman for your tip regarding Amigo - great guys - payment was tricky but they were very helpful so all worked out. Very sharp prices also - so I'm saving the pennies and getting the plastic (or resin). What a lucky fellow I am. Thanks also for your kind offer regarding your spares. Marc.
  6. Thanks for your opinion ES, but I don't see what's wrong with swapping - we all profit from that. Don't really see the need for sarcasm. Marc.
  7. Thanks Niels, I could then only use a fraction and it would wind up more expensive the Reskit. It would be good if people could / would swap more - I'd be happy to do so but I suspect everybody wants pretty much the same stuff. Marc.
  8. Hi all, I have the KH 1/48 Su-34 and am looking for 12 FAb-250-M54s or RBK-500-255s to fit under the MBD3-U6 MERs under the intakes. I don't however much feel like paying the silly money Res-Kit is asking. Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives? Thanks all, Marc.
  9. Bernie, all, Thanks for helping out. Marc.
  10. Thanks Gregg, but I meant outside the decal options offered in the kit. Any other colourful F-4Bs out there? Marc.
  11. Hi all, To keep the threads separate I'm also curious if I can arm the F-4B with anything outside of the usual Sparrow / Sidewinder / 500 pound bomb loadout. Any ideas on credible alternative loadouts would be welcome. Thanks,
  12. Good day all, I just got myself the Tamiya F-4B. I'm looking for the most colourful markings I can get my hands on. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks, Marc.
  13. Brian is correct, however the reason I involved LM / Raymond is because that is where I purchased the kit. The retailer therefore represents the manufacturer and therefore has a responsibility to ensure that what you get is what you can reasonably expect. In my case LM ultimately was helpful and supplied me with the spares. If I buy a new car and the car has issues I contact the seller, not the manufacturer - same thing. Marc.
  14. Thanks 11. That's raised spine as on the MF for example.
  15. All, Thanks so much for your insights, very helpful indeed. Not sure if I'll buy though - it does have a lot a of issues, but a very impressive subject.
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