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  1. Sure, like when I provided you with a long list of bumps and bulges regarding the phase VI update from a book you turned out to own yourself. Do not perceive my questions as criticism of your product. However Nigel, keep in mind this thread is about sharing knowledge and ideas with like minded people - it is not chiefly about plugging products. I'm fine with what your product but do not try to change or suppress my questions into perceived criticism of your products because you think (which it doesn't) that it clashes with your business model.
  2. Thanks Mark, I have no problem with what Nigel's done - why should I. I don't even have a 1/72nd B-52, I'm trying to gather information on the nose because I plan to backdate my HPH 1/48th '52 to an early pre - EVS jet.
  3. Steve, how am I complaining - as far as I know I'm asking polite questions. Guys, all I'm trying to do is gather as much info as I can to get my '48th HPH '52 to look as good as I can - if people cannot handle constructive critiscm that's just to bad. I'm curious as to where I rocked the boat here - apparently some here have a very shallow comfort zone for feedback. Let's not make this into an f-14 AMK discussion. Jeez guys, this is supposed to be a forum - questions are what makes the world go around.
  4. On the contrary, to my mind the slope is more gradual. The starting point of the slope is farther aft than the length the tip of the nose has been shortened by - net result a more gradual, not steeper slope. Sorry for getting somewhat anal about this but I'm converting the HPH (pre phase VI) to the earlier nose and this is turning into such a puzzle. As always with these things lots of contradictory information - Steve and Teeradeej's info helps a lot but is not conclusive.
  5. Thanks Nige, So basically on the early nose the slope on the underside starts farther aft? Is that what you mean? Thanks. My nose would need to be in 1/48. Marc.
  6. The picture also supports what Teeradej writes earlier on this thread - that the slope of the nose at the bottom of the fuselage on the earlier model starts farther aft than the later model - see the vertical white boundary of the radome where it lines up with the side windows. This also argees what Steve said previously on this thread :Also note: the back end of the nose radome on early planes is at station 170.60. It was later moved forward to 150.70... It could also just be the paint job though. However to my eye the slope of the nose on the underside s
  7. Thanks for that Rob, I'll check that out. Prettige avond, Marc.
  8. Thanks Aerobat, I know the video but I find it vague - more questions left than before I watched it. Marc.
  9. Cool - Unfortunately only acceptable in totalitarian states.
  10. Hi all, I've got the HPH B-52 and am looking for some good tutorials on working with epoxy laminate kits. Not much on Youtube - lots of reviews but no actual builds that I can find. Does any one know of any good tutorials? Thanks,
  11. Agree there Mstor, Some less mainstream schemes would be nice.
  12. The wonders of machine translations.
  13. Nige, That looks a lot better.
  14. Winnie, If you could, can you include me on that e-mail? Thanks, Marc.
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