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  1. I don't see that on photos - but that could be because almost all photo's are black & white.
  2. Thanks again Electro - so the insides of the doors should also be Yellow ZC?
  3. Thanks ES. That's the wells only, right?, not the doors. Know of any good pictures?
  4. Hi all, I'm building the HPH B-52H in 1/48 scale. I want to backdate this to the early silver SAC B-52H. Does anyone have any idea what the colour of the gear bays should be? - bare metal / zinc chromate? I think the inside of the doors and the gear itself should be silver even if the interior is zinc chromate. Any help much appreciated, Thanks.
  5. Thanks Chris, not sure if you concur with my little rant or not, but if you're using media (Flikker in this case) you'd rather not want to, and are just using to get your pictures posted, couldn't we all put a little friendly pressure on the dear folks that run this site - or is that simply not done (which motivates me all the more)? Marc.
  6. At the risk of sounding like Fred Flintstone's granddad I don't use Flicker or Twitter and being coerced into using these because of limited functionalities of this site isn't something I want to do. As I mentioned earlier if I want to sell something on regular mainstream sites I can upload pictures directly off my laptop - the logic escapes me why that would not be possible here on ARC. Thanks for helping though. Marc.
  7. Thanks SWO, I'm not on Flicker or Facebook however. I'll just post as links then - they don't make this easy. Thanks for your help.
  8. And again I seem to be missing your point - nice picture though.
  9. serendip

    Image Test

    Although I suspect I am missing your subtle point.
  10. serendip

    Image Test

    Wierd, You have exactly the same picture as I have.
  11. serendip

    Image Test

    Doesn't work for me - On a scale of 1 to 10 my annoyance is at 11. 1) because it's probably my own fault 2) even if it is this should be idiot proof which I am proving it isn't. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. serendip

    Image Test

  13. Thanks, but then how come I want to sell my car or whatever on pretty much all sites worldwide I can easily upload pictures but it doesn't work here. Those sites surely are way more attractive for hackers than ARC is
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