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  1. Thanks all, Still wondering how far along they are with this kit and when projected release will be. Smart to test basic fit using 3D printed parts first. There has been speculation that 3D printing based on the CAD design accommodates more detail than in the (plastic) injected parts so that potentially the actual kit will be less detailed. Not sure if that is true or a rumour. Marc.
  2. Hi all, It's all gone a bit quite regarding the release. Any news on this anyone? Thanks,
  3. Despite the riveting conversation above, I've read the current Trumpeter Hind is not so bad, although I'm not convinced. I love the Hind A so will be buying the kit but am curious what mistakes it will be inheriting from the current Trumpeter Hind (besides the recessed rivets). Marc.
  4. Thanks Aigore, I have this ket which I believe includes the fin, canards and RAT you mention: TAR TA4803M: SAAB JA37 Viggen Please correct me if I'm wrong. Pitot tubes are on order. I thought the reverser petals are not that visible - am I wrong? Wolf 3D design looks fantastic - I am so happy that all these after market small companies are cropping up! Marc.
  5. Hi all, Well TGIF. I've had some great feedback above but can anyone advise on the aftermarket RAT? Which is best: Pilot Replica https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/saab-37-viggen-rat-unit-special-hobbytarangus-pilot-replica-48-r-002-132014.html Maestro Models https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/ram-air-turbine-for-saab-ja-37-viggen-special-hobby-tarangus-kits-maestro-models-k4892-129322.html or Maestro models other set https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/saab-37-viggen-rat-maestro-models-k4842-103504.html Thank
  6. Thanks, Can you advise on the manufacturer of the RAT and seat? Marc.
  7. Thanks for that, I almost bought it separately - it's in the box.
  8. Thanks for the pictures Gabor and what a great story! Shame those pieces of history are not being cared for and are not open to the public. We're in the process of having voted in a government that wants to abolish subsidies on museums and all free public institutions so we're going nuts in the Netherlands also. The saying 'Lord forgive them for they know not what they do' springs to mind. Marc.
  9. Takk Niels! I have the one below which I guess must be the M release(?): Can you advise what is on the M sprue that I do not then have to buy separately? Thanks, Marc.
  10. Thanks Niels, Got it - wrong weapons for ADF variant. So lowered flaps on the main wing should work in combination with lowered canard flaps? Marc.
  11. Great guys - thanks, excellent feedback. I was in doubt also as to the added value of the nose. I'll go for the canards and fin set Niels. I am wondering though if Viggens on the ground also had the flaps out on the main wing, not just the canards (or neither). Agree with both of you that some AM seems to try to create a market for something there is no real need for - something very relevant outside scale modeling also unfortunately. Do like these though: https://the48ers.com/saab-aj37-sh37-viggen-2-rb04e-missiles-w-launchers.html
  12. Hi all, I've bought the Tarangus JA37, kit number TA4803M. I've heard it's not too great and would be happy to hear otherwise. If the fit and detail of the kit is indeed disappointing who can advise on what AM offerings would help. I'm thinking of the following and hoping that these would all fit reasonably well if AM additions are necessary: Ejection seat: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/saab-37-viggen-ejection-seat-cmk-cmk-q48219-164131.html Corrected canards: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/saab-ja37-vigge
  13. Thanks Illu, Indeed the Blue Steel was an addition and not in the original design. I'm wondering though if Airfix's insert is along those modified panels or not - I expect the latter due to the size of the inset. It's the new one - check internet - it's defiantly buildable but it's not great. A lot of people are also having problems with short shot pieces. Even some threads on Britmodeller are critical: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235095867-172-airfix-avro-vulcan-new-tool/page/2/
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