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  1. I shall try to contact the mythical and elusive Joanna once again. Marc.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have a link to where I could order individual sprues for the kit? Thanks for helping! Marc.
  3. Thanks all, I've attempted contacting sweet Joanna three times now over the past four weeks with zero results taking politeness and cultural differences into account as one should, no sarcasm intended by the way. However, I fear sweet Joaana, may have tranformed into grumpy Greg - I'm getting no feedback. It concerns the undercaariage doors and the horizontal stabs. Thanks all for the lively and sometimes esoteric discussion. Groet, Marc.
  4. Thanks all, There is this, but I'm getting no reaction: http://part.trumpeterkit.com/ Thanks.
  5. All, First off apologies, but I'm not sure where to post this. I need some spares for a Trumpeter 1/48 Su-11. I'm getting no feedback from the Trumpeter spare parts service dept. however. Any ideas any one on how best to approach? Thanks,
  6. Hi all, I'm planning to convert the Hasegawa F8E to a 'C variant. Can someone help with an overview of differences? I'm aware of the lack of the hump on the spine on the 'C version but I'm not sure as to how and where the 'C spine fairs into the tail. I'm sure there are more differences but of those I'm not aware. Also not sure if the 'C was Zuni / Sidewinder capable just behind the cockpit and if yes if this was a twin or single set up. All help appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Thanks Dave, Those also look too wide for the Trumpeter tub, or more likely the Trumpeter tub is too narrow. Marc.
  8. Hi all, I have the Pavla KS2/3 seat for the Trumpeter Su-11 but it doesn't even come close to fitting the cockpit. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket KS 2/3 seat available that does fit the trumpeter cockpit? Thanks.
  9. Why is it sounding more and more like a Model T Ford.
  10. Thanks gents, I guess that means that the silver topside scheme as suggested by Hasegawa way back when is not applicable for the new 1/48 Revell kit (or the Hasegawa kit itself for that matter). I was hoping there might be a SR-71 with bare metal on top, but guess not, it's still going to be a great kit. Marc.
  11. Hi all, I've got the new Revell Blackbird kit and recall Hasegawa doing a 1/72nd Blackbird years ago with a bare metal top side paint scheme. Does anyone know if that's accurate? I'd like to do the Revell kit in that scheme. Marc.
  12. You might want to watch darkening dark colours. I think the technique is to lighten all colours. If you darkened all SEA greens you wouldn't be able to see them apart, never mind the European Lizard wraparound greens. Marc.
  13. Thanks Richard, I generally add way more white - the darker the colour the more I add. Rule of thumb is definatly keyword here. Marc.
  14. BraggPeak, apologies, you kind of answered this one earlier. I was wondering however if there was an intermediate pylon also fitted but rechecking your photo's that doesn't seem to be the case. This (excellent) build threw me regarding that: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235063864-148-su-34-fullback-frontline-bomber/&tab=comments#comment-3505365 Marc.
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