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  1. So I think it's best to not go for an early H in bare metal as there's really no great documentation for the differences with the EVS equipped aircraft regarding the radome profile. HPH only offers the current all over grey scheme which to my mind is not the most exciting ever. I'll be going with SIOP colours with a MK. 82 or ALCM loadout. Does anyone have any idea which loadout was more common in the SIOP era and where any good pictures of 'H's in this scheme are available?
  2. Thanks so much for checking Dutch. Kind regards, Marc.
  3. Apologies Habu for being a bit dense, but what would I connect the ESD mat to? - the desk, the airbrush, myself? I understand it working in direct connection with for example electronic components but don't understand how to work this for paint travelling through air. Thanks again, Marc.
  4. How would that work - I thought these only ensured grounding to prevent sparking between electronic components. Do they also attract dust? Thanks.
  5. Sounds like a plan Ade! I also thinking of getting one of those plastic greenhouses and setting that up in the loft.
  6. Hi all, Before airbrushing I spray the room with a cheap water atomiser to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Works well but is not perfect. Especially gloss black prepping for NMF finishes will still catch quite a lot of dust. I noticed the other day with the sun shining in that as I sat down lots of dust was released into the air from what I was wearing - recently washed BTW . So who can help with reducing dust further and does anyone out there actually wear dust free or dust proof clothing to keep dust down? Thanks all,
  7. Thanks so much Dutch, I look forward to what you can dig up. I noticed the shifted datum on the outlines Teeradej provided also but nonetheless there seems (thats the keyword here) to be a difference. The Aerofax book says pretty much the same thing. The ALQ-117 equipped 'Gs and 'Hs look like a shark with a bad case of underbite. O yeah, and if I had a penny for every time I was wrong...... Marc.
  8. Thanks Teeradej, that's fine. Marc.
  9. Dutch, Thanks for the feedback. I know you're a bit of a knowledge expert on this but the pictures above and the link below someone provided on BritModeller do seem to indicate otherwise. Do me a favour and let me know how you know for sure there was no change. Pictures seem to indicate it occurred when the ALQ-117 antennae were added not the EVS system. https://www.markstyling.com/b52s5.htm
  10. Hi MC, What sources did you use to implement the corrections? Thanks,
  11. Yes, you're correct I reckon. Can you manage to re-post your pictures? Marc.
  12. Are you sure Dutch or maybe I misunderstand the strike through, but surely there is a marked profile difference between pre and post EVS / ECM blister retrofit? Marc.
  13. Thanks FalconFan. It seems the jury's still out. As said on some bottles there is a grainier look to the paint as if the pigment is no longer in suspension or has coalesced into bigger clumps. I have the feeling it's a shelf life thing but I can't be sure.
  14. Me neither Bee. I guess when they got the EVS upgrade the also got new colours.
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