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  1. Hi Corey, Actually my impression is the basic shape of the nose remained the same for every H; EVS and other bumps and protrusions were added but the profile was unaltered, first to last H. I look forward to any feedback on this.
  2. Each type of additional kit is priced at €75.- which is pretty much on parity with USD. Fortunately I live in Europe otherwise you may have a tax issue (in a negative sense) Marc.
  3. Thanks Corey, I kind of realised that - the nose is more B-52Dish right? Regards, Marc.
  4. Hi Specter, Try Katerina (jarombekova@hphmodels.cz), she usually replies after two or three tries and after I pretend to get irritated, but it is annoying. I guess they're busy with the release. Good luck,
  5. My deposits' been paid. Communication with HpH is disappointing but they are nice enough when they do get around to answering. I'm doing a '60's SAC bird. Does anyone know if the modern pylons are the same as or resemble the Hound Dog pylons? Thanks all, Marc.
  6. I had to look it up Gene, I had no idea who Joe B. was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Btfsplk Marc.
  7. All, As expected excellent help from Raymond and his team at Lucky Model. GWH spares will be dispatched later this week. They have kept their word as I thought they would. @Niels, thanks for your support in this thread. @Raymond, David at LM, thanks for your cooperation and professionalism. Marc.
  8. Fair enough, Hubbie, but once again my impression is that Raymond confirmed I would receive the defective parts once LM has the kit back in stock. I guess Raymond is a smart businessman and will keep his word, especially seeing as it's getting some press via this thread. Try David at Lucky Model. He and Raymond were really very helpful. For now I'm trusting them to keep their promise and deliver. Marc.
  9. Did I miss the plot? I thought Raymond was quite helpful. As I understood it he would send me the GWH parts as soon as they have that particular kit back in stock. Marc.
  10. Hey Hubbie, where did you buy your kit? If it's not at LM Raymond (obviously) can't help. Marc.
  11. Whatever is easier for you Raymond. I am happy to wait until the kit is back in stock. I CC'd you in my mail to David so feel free to contact me via e-mail if you prefer. Regards, Marc.
  12. Thanks Raymond, I got a great response from David at your service desk. He'll be sending me the parts when the kit is back in stock. Thanks@David, Marc.
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