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  1. Weapons and decal options on the Meng are very tempting however. Might splurg and get both just for that. Any non-Meng provided pictures of the Meng around anyone? Thanks, Marc.
  2. Thanks Kevin, Lovely picture - Edwards / Muroc? Problem as always despite all the advantages of the internet it's difficult to search for particular variants - if I search for bare metal U2C I get every variant of U2 including Bono. This also does not appear to be a C variant. Thanks for sharing nonetheless. Marc.
  3. Thanks so much Habu, I'll check out the book.
  4. Hi all, I'm wondering if the USAF (or CIA) ever operated the U-2C in the partial bare metal finish seen on earlier models. I don't find the color options in the AFV kit that inspiring. Also looking to find appropriate decals if the answer to the above is yes. Also also the jury still seems to be out regarding the intakes - some people reckon they are basically correct(ed) now as opposed to the earlier issues of the kit, others disagree - I'm curious to opinion on that also. Thanks all,
  5. Thanks so much indeed guys - thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks for the feedback Dave and indeed I try to withhold from an opinion until I have something to base it on which I do not right now because I have neither kit. Y+Therefore your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks, Marc.
  7. Phantom Phlashers is a private group I now see - bit of an overkill to become a required member for some pics. Never mind. On a general note the lack of posted pictures of the Meng and ZM kits surprises me - usually I'm spoiled for choice, now almost nothing. Thanks all, Marc.
  8. Thanks Dave, I'll check that out. Curious as to the particulars of why you're sticking to Z-M; the misslies on the Meng do appeal. Marc.
  9. If anyone has any more pics, that would be excellent! Thanks for posting Solo. Marc.
  10. Thanks Ma, Looks good - wondering how it compares to the Meng. @Geoff, I agree, I have the Tamiya F4-B, still unbuilt, but if the Tamiya F14 is anything to go by (building my second one) the F4 should be excellent too. We're so spoilt these days - almost miss Kitty Hawk - built the KH 101C though and got the intakes right in the end thanks to some really excellent threads on ARC and BM. Marc.
  11. Still curious if there are any pictures of the ZM F4-G out yet - wondering if ZM or Meng will be better. The missiles included in the Meng kit do really appeal though. That seems one up on the ZM kit. I've only seen 3D renderings of the Meng kit so far however and I try to be cautious as to how well they reflect the actual plastic. Nice to see this thread coming back to life, Marc.
  12. Any actual pictures of the kit yet - I've this one and the Meng 'G on pre-order and am curoius to the differences. Thanks,
  13. Thanks Gwen, hope J isn't out of a job.
  14. Thanks all, Found the below this morning - shows great listing of all the chin pod types the F14 had: https://navy-matters.blogspot.com/2017/12/tomcat-eyes.html Marc.
  15. Somebody was really helpful and advised that VF2's squadron colours on tails and ventral fins, yellow and blue, are FS33538 (yellow) and FS38044 (blue) and I'm pretty sure that's right but another helpful guy advised that equated to MRP colours 051 and 300 of which I am less sure. I just love the MRP paints so if anyone can confirm or correct that indeed these are the correct MRP paints that would be appreciated. Thanks, Marc.
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