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  1. I dont mean to hijack the thread but I don't want to get a new compressor but does any one know if you can get add on tanks in the uk?
  2. Hi, I once was told by an aircraft engineer that CA glue sets in the absence of air in fact it is my understanding that this is how 'zapper' products work, the vapour reduces the concentration of oxygen in the surroundings (i may be wrong in this in which case please correct me) So I was told that to extend the use of the glue put a loose layer of cling film over the top to act as a spacer between the cap and the top of the glue so keeping air in the bottle (the above 'burping' also helps with this as long as air is allowed to renter the bottle. The above being said I still have
  3. I'm finding the same problem with airbrushing Tamiya flat white on the under carriage for my F14D this is sprayed over Tamiya fine surface primer grey. I'm wondering if it is: a) the consistency I'm using 1:1 thinners/paint but that is he same as all the rest of the colours I use. or b) after having a conversation with a very helpful gentleman at the IPMS show in Telford with regard to getting a spare airbrush (Iwata neo at present) I asked him why the one he was using had a 'crown nozzle cap, to which he suggested that this let excess air spread out from the
  4. any idea what happened? It kind of looked like some ground effect problem. what is worrying however the news report mentioned that several of the ejection seats were found to have faulty parts, at least this guy's worked!
  5. Oh don't get me wrong I agree with what you said about building it, do you want a movie accurate model or a custom build. When i first saw it on screen I thought now that's a space craft. It was a real disappointment for me when NASA opted for the vertically launched Shuttle rather than some of the other proposed designs when you say the rear section breaks off as a booster you don't mean the angled engines do you?
  6. is it me or does the 'hatch' just aft of the cockpit look a bit big, out of scale ? I know its Sci-Fi kit and the original was probably 'bashed I seem to remember thinking something similar with my own airfix kit all those years ago. I do fancy getting this one but space is a premium
  7. Another suggestion is why not repurpose old model files (i call them French Files, I think they have a more common name) by grinding a variety of points and edges on them I have one ground away to an L shape on the tip the files are hardened steel and even broken ones can be reshaped. Rifling files are also useful. Another alternative is using a broken hacksaw blade and grind that. the best tools I have are ones where my dad ground an edge/point onto broken tools he used on 1:1 scale aircraft engines
  8. Thanks Cubs, there are a few errors in view such as the RAF officers having blue stripes on their arms not gold, but i think it turned out well and I learned somethings doing research and in the techniques I used. I welcome constructive criticism however.
  9. I hope This works my first-time posting images
  10. Thanks Geoff, I can't believe that these are the same air frames as rolled off the line in the 70's.
  11. Just a thought haven't there been a spate of UFO sightings recently?
  12. The hull (yes i know what its really called but seems more appropriate for a 'blended' design) seems deeper than the B2 I got the impression from the article above that It's smaller than the B2 or did i read that wrong? I do like the look of the air intakes but can't help thinking they could be a problem at low speed, maybe relief scoops under the body? I'm intrigued with the idea not having the b2's 'serrated' trailing edge and control surfaces. One major concern I have with modern thinking though is the idea of remotely controlled aircraft I know we have the 'dro
  13. So what is the difference then between a thinner and the paint carrier then? I always thought that they were the same thing, you add thinner paint get 'thinner' if a paints' carrier evaporates it gets thicker or am i being too logical?
  14. Yeah the 1/24th Spitfire and Hurricane were both Mk1's I built the Hurricane , maybe not as well as I could have done today when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I might be getting old but I just don't get the article, if that is the best they can do by way of review writing, no wonder people have cut down on reading newspapers these days.
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