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  1. That's interesting I think the last time I built a diorama with this set was when I was at school in the 70's. I do remember being really satified with the build. Having seen some of the relaunches of kits over the years of, if not beloved, but well remembered projects from when I was younger and seeing some of the 'franken kit' changes they made over the years , notably having recently found my 'stached' version of the Angel interceptor, when they converted kits to 'snap' or 'quick' builds, I wondered if they had scaled it down somehow. On a slightly different note I d
  2. Hi guys, I've just seen a review of the recent release of the bloodhound on you tube and having built this kit several times as I was growing up I seem to remember that it was in 1/72 scale however the video shows that it is 1/76 has anyone built this or can remember which is correct? This just intrigued me any ideas?
  3. That looks really good Colin even though the base is small it gets the effect well.
  4. The images above are of the incomplete model it's a resin kit and every coat of paint seems to show more imperfections. Added to that I'm having problems with the black wing edging paint bleading under the masking tape
  5. Having recently bought the 1/72 blurred floor / land and the sky and background base my feeling is as you have said, they add another dynamic to the display. The base however, depends on the kit in question and the effect you wish to achieve. In my case I found that the craft I wish to display did not look quite right 'flying' over the ground but I think that is because of the type of aircraft and it's camoflage or in this case lack of it. A craft something like perhaps a Typhoon (modern or WW2), a F4 Phantom 2 in ground attack camo' would probably work better. I a
  6. hi folks thanks for the input i've ordered one of the blured bases and the sky base and background. I'm kind of thinking of angling the jet in a 30 degree bank with a nose up attitude to show its lines. which means im thinking a viewing angle not perpendicular to the display base.which gives the angle between the base and background of about 135 degrees ish maybe i'm overthinking this I'll see when they arrive (btw a clue to the plane i want to display is in the first line)
  7. Hi folks I have a hankering to build a fast jet rocketing over the country side but I want to put a small angle of pitch and bank on it. Now I was wondering if any of you folks think it might look better if i had some sort of background as well ? I'm thinking perhaps maybe sky , so I guess my question is if i use the motion blur base would the sky be blured too or would this not show due to paralax?
  8. Hi folks just thought you might be interested in my new project which I picked up at the IPMS scale model world show on Saturday
  9. So the spikes on the ussard collectors were real
  10. Hi folks, has anyone built the SNW enterprise, what I was wondering was , do the Busard ram scoop domes have a spike coming from them? I seem to remember that there are some shots from the original series with a spike and if you watch the intro to SNW there is a shot where a spike seems to 'grow' from the dome. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I'm trying to fly an F18c in DCS and the level of detail in the controls and switches is truly impressive having just spent a lot on thrustmaster hotas and pedals and had to buy a new monitor not because of the game , the one my friend gave me so i could work comfortably from home during lock down kept blanking recently even with my dodgy work laptop, i'm sticking with the free facial recognition software but i'd love to be able to build a full cockpit with all of the switches etc
  12. i used to play aircraft Sims with my brother when we were younger and had great fun with Falcon 3. I've just found DCS and sprung for a thrustmaster hotas setup,no peddles yet. I agree that it is more of a sim than a game I had real problems getting my SU25T off of the ground, kept auguring in to port until i worked out i'd set the controls wrong and the left engine was turning itself off duh! With regard to the VR, Track IR debate I Have a playstation VR2 and that is just plain scary in its realism but I can't quite see how it would work in this sim, anyhow I'm not payi
  13. I love the design. I hadn't known about the sensor on the shuttle fin, it just shows what you can learn on these forums. Did i read right, a 1/6th scratch build Enterprise? (one of my other hobbies is 1/6th figures ) how big was that?
  14. She looks absolutely fantastic, I always loved that sub when I was growing up I wish in reality we could have more independent exploratory ships like the seaview and seaquest. in truth I cant help but think that all ship designers have sort of got stuck in a rut as it were the same with airliners the designs all are based on the same designs these days. Which kit is it ?
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