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  1. Hello ! As I was on the weight board operators, did one in a kneeling position, as often seen on the catapult area : Cheers Norbert
  2. Here are the latest figures from Reedoak : US Navy fighter pilot thumb up, and standing flight deck weight bord operator : and a civilian race car gentleman driver, with tied at waist overall : plus a magazine photoreporter : (and famous scale modeller, in our small french world...) Cheers Norbert
  3. there are also open exhaust in AFV blackhawk kits, the one with taiwanese SAR markings (bluehawk)
  4. I delivered already one, but ww2 version, had to make our pilot a bit taller, was a special delivery. But out of that, started to collect for the F-4. If you know how I can find a PCU-3 pilot harness...
  5. Have the F on the way, Maybe it's time to add some pilots to the 4 I already have...
  6. Collecting all I need for them...they will come Norbert
  7. Hi Our latest figure is an US Navy modern fighter pilot, standing, checking airplane tops. As you can see, he stands well on the ground too. at our usual scales cheers Norbert
  8. It is very rare, and with the hat even more, that's why there is an option with bare head. But you know, there are also love stories on airbase, and comprehensive officers, I know personnaly two cases on two bases.
  9. Hello, hope everybody is well in theses days. We added a second french Armée de l'Air secretary to our offer, welcoming "her" pilot, in 2 versions, with or without hat : I think she will be better placed near an aircraft tug, with a ground crew, but it's up everybodies imagination Cheers Norbert
  10. Hello ! We adapted the US Navy pilot hands out of cockpit to the Tomcat wider fuselage , BTW, we changed also the MBU-23 by a MBU-14 mask. the open face version is designed to change the face without too much work (by us, it's still a CAD work). For late Tomcat : Cheers Norbert
  11. Was not a problem for me but a solution : I imagined to go that route when I found out I put a high level of details in my models and the figures I was using did not have the same level, even if I work on them. Cheers norbert
  12. You will find some 4 or 5 views colourizations on the standing pilots, to give you an idea, like that kind cheers Norbert
  13. for those interested by the question how to buy, there range is on ebay at following link : https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ffsmc&_sacat=0 cheers Norbert
  14. Hello ! Made the NOSA for the two seater Mirage 2000 : Cheers Norbert
  15. The LA-100 helmet started to be distributed to all fighter pilots (french air force and navy) from 2004, knowing the change was not done in 1 day... Cheers Norbert
  16. pictures shows 1/32 scale, but they are in 1/48 and 1/72 scale too
  17. Hi here is our first version of Mirage 2000 pilot, sitting in cockpit, hands on sticks. He is provided without ejection seat. cheers Norbert
  18. We are scanning real models. With the scan, you have less than 5 % of the work done, there is a huge work on computers afterwards cheers Norbert
  19. Dear Sir, our webshop is at www.reedoak.com, and we ship worldwide cheers Norbert
  20. Hello We did also different versions of the same F-18 US Navy pilot : at our usual scales some may recognize the pilot with open face... cheers norbert
  21. Hi we designed the mirage 2000 french air force ladder, that will be necessary for some of our future projects. We made the necessary to respect the frames sections to have it in scale, also in 1/72 here 1/32 & 1/72 et here in 1/48 scale on my good old heller 2000 N kit cheers Norbert
  22. Hi, hopping everybody is fine here ! Our latest product is a set of 2 US helmet bags, full. As usual, they are made in 1/72, 1/48, 1/35 and 1/32 scale Cheers Norbert
  23. Hi, hopping everybody is fine here ! Our latest product is a set of 2 US helmet bags, full. They will come in our usual scales 1/72, 1/48, 1/35 and 1/32. Other scales are possible on request Cheers Norbert
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