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  1. Hello ! So, we made the last helmet found on AH-64E, equiped with a mount for the IHADSS sight system, and another for the night vision goggles. We made it with detailled interior, without the sight system as it is stored appart inside the right pannel at both seats. helmet is usualy laying on the seat, or hanging inside, from what I could find. Cheers Norbert
  2. and as I have also the later (and todays) tie-down tensionner, I must say the todays system with chain is much better and probably also much safer
  3. The picture (from internet) is not very good but you see here : the rod attach to the plane. Inside the device is a cable that is attached the other side to a hook (the rod in S) that that is fixed on the deck. there is no chain
  4. Finger crossed, they were on a CH-53 too... the gunship looks to have a long body, a bit strange for a B. Waiting for more officials pictures
  5. Yes, was looking at a vintage picture yesterday and was thinking I should find a fatigue cap...
  6. Something a bit special this time : US Navy carrier aircraft tie-down, 50s - early 60s, based on the original as we usualy do. So for a Demon, Panther, Skyray, Phantom (the first one) etc...on a wooden deck. We may have a chance, some says KH has a second life... cheers Norbert
  7. Hi, We did a US hard shell computer that we will use on future projects, but can be provided separately : Cheers Norbert
  8. Hi, We did a US hard shell computer that we will use on future projects, but can be provided separately. It is here shown on a helicopter model, but we have pics on top of some jets: Cheers Norbert
  9. no hat and with the HGU-4/P sunglasses, and no hat no glasses
  10. Hello, We made a new late vietnam / post vietnam helicopter pilot, that we will offer in 3 versions. Here is the version with Aircav hat and sun glasses cheers Norbert
  11. Many thanks John for the information. However, when I mentioned the age of the captain, it was more in relation to this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_the_captain. that being said, there are datas worked from USAF source, 2015 : (excludes Air National Guards, Air Force Reserve and civilians) USAF active fighter pilots numbers by age : 17-24 : 43 25-34 : 1,341 35-44 : 968 45+ : 83 Total : 2,435 So very young and very old are very few, it is a fact, but they exist. The vast majority is between 25 and 44, and for 13 under 34, you have 9
  12. Hello We introduced some new heads on latest USAF standing figure, as we had, again, discutions about how old the captain should be. So we have now young recruit, comfirmed pilot, high rank veteran, for all tastes (maybe not all), and to match fighter school or colonel plane or others in between. 1990s - early 2000s era We do not make head option, as with a different neck, the collar needs each time to be modified too for a good match. So each head has his own body Cheers and I wish all a good transition to 2023 ! Norbert
  13. Hi gabor, if you have some nice full gears, you're welcome here (also if you don't have). Well, chances are always low but it is incredible what some people have. I have also a good part of gears lend by friends. So so far i'm not at the end of what I can do with what is here. However, in some thematic like a modern british pilot, everything is to do (studie the gears, find somebody who have them, etc...); any help appreciated on any thematic, from everybody
  14. Hi Gabor, Yes, the challenge is to undestand what is what, and then find it. Takes usualy a lot of time, but gives also a lot of fun by researching and studying. It's just great when a new figure comes out as a first testshot. Have a nice day Norbert
  15. Hmm, so far I still need to find somewhere an integrated harness vest for such a project (in the right size). Those kind of projects take often a certain time to come to frutition. Just got miraculously the LPU vest to complete a greek pilot project. Orher projects are in good ways too, all a question of time and opportunities
  16. I may contact Thales, but a walkaround of the helmet would be welcome too
  17. Hello ! This time we made a USAF pilot, from the 90s or early 2000s, equipped with a SRU-21 survival vest and LPU-9 life preserver , typical from gulf war time and following years. This gears were also used by many countries outside USA cheers Norbert
  18. probably not exactly the same, but other poses will come, endless possibilities
  19. If it may help, a youtube how to paint was recently created by an argentinian modeller :
  20. Hello ! in 1/32, she is here : https://store7093396.ecwid.com/?fbclid=IwAR3e--h16AMrXMnFQDbU91PHklwlaCcpRaALGf9IB4KL1wjohmR2OFjU7wc#!/1-32-US-Navy-modern-female-fighter-pilot-standing-2-hand-on-ladder-CJ/p/456860639/category=130995282 in 1/48 she is here : https://store7093396.ecwid.com/?fbclid=IwAR3e--h16AMrXMnFQDbU91PHklwlaCcpRaALGf9IB4KL1wjohmR2OFjU7wc#!/1-48-US-Navy-modern-female-fighter-pilot-standing-2-hand-on-ladder-CJ/p/456954802/category=72627701 in 1/72 she is here : https://store7093396.ecwid.com/?fbclid=IwAR3e--h16AMrXMnFQDbU91PHklwlaCcpRaALGf9IB4KL1wjo
  21. Hello ! Next is an US aircrew, wearing the CWU-27/P flight suit (80s to today era), taking pictures. Note this flight suit is used by many countries, and even civilian pilots. Shown here in 1/32 scale, but we do the figure also in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scale cheers Norbert
  22. More Maverick if I look to this "how to paint" by Albornoz modelismo from argentina here is the youtube link :
  23. Here you go : http://reedoak.com/#!/US-Navy/c/130995282 You will need to go to page 8 & 9 Have a nice day
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