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  1. It looks awesome. Fantastic work Steven. Lubos, Slovakia.
  2. Hi. I have a question for you. I found these photos on web. Could anyone tell what is it? Thanks a lot. Arent that pods for testing ATIRCM? pic1 pic2 pic3 Have a nice day. Pooky
  3. Honza K> Chlape klobuk dole. Vynikaju ca praca.....Ako dlho si sa s tym trapil? <_<
  4. Blohm Voss 143 ? But I dont know it exactly. And this? picture
  5. Thank you guys. I found some pictures too.
  6. Hi. What is this? Isnt it something like ''torpedo V2'' ? picture
  7. Hi guys. I wanna build F-15C in 1/72 with CFT. But I found only few photos.F-15C with CFT Does anybody have some? please send it here or on my email lubos19@azet.sk Thanks a lot Pooky
  8. Hi. Im looking for those skunk decal. My dog drooled it all. Can anybody send a qualitative copy (scan) of it?Thanks a lot Pooky myemail> lubos19@azet.sk
  9. And this? Two days I was searching of internet ... and nothing. pic Does anybody know what is this? joncarrfarrelly&modelldoc>thanks a lot guys
  10. It has to work now. Try it: page1 page2 page3
  11. I cant fix pictures in.Ill work on it later. On monday afternoon. Please wait. Pooky
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