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  1. You're welcome! Yeah I love that one also, just wish I would've been able to get some better ones of it, but still happy to see it in the air.
  2. I've decided to add some more from that week... Brand Spankin' new F-15SA flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr SJ F-15E West flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr OT F-35A flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr UAE F-16F_ by D_Jackman, on Flickr VFC-12 'Omars' by D_Jackman, on Flickr Weapons Flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr Shark Aggresor Flex take off by D_Jackman, on Flickr MiG 21UM by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  3. Djack

    Need a pic of Hawaii ANG F-15B 74-138

    Sorry Fred, I dug through all of the Sentry Eagle pictures, and no dice on the Eagle you're looking for. David
  4. Djack

    Need a pic of Hawaii ANG F-15B 74-138

    I will dig through my Sentry Eagle 2007 pictures. That's the only time I was able to catch the HI ANG Eagles. Not sure if it was there, but I'll check. David
  5. Djack

    Fightertown Decals

    Received my new sheet from them Saturday. It was a long wait, but he communicated it on the website. Worth the wait, and they always come through. David
  6. Here's some more photos... F-35B hover by D_Jackman, on Flickr Australian F-35A by D_Jackman, on Flickr Draken L-159E 'Honey Bager' by D_Jackman, on Flickr VFA-146 'Blue Diamonds' by D_Jackman, on Flickr 425 FS Flagship by D_Jackman, on Flickr Snipers topside by D_Jackman, on Flickr Norwegian F-35A by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  7. Earlier in the month of March, I had the opportunity to escape the winter here in Kansas City, and head to the desert for some airplane therapy. It had been too long. Anyways, here's a mix of my day spotting at Luke AFB, spotting at Nellis for Red Flag, the MCAS Yuma airshow, and one day at Star Wars Canyon. Quite the trip, unfortunately, I didn't get much good weather in Vegas. Thanks-David Singapore F-16D 'Peace Carvin II' by D_Jackman, on Flickr VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers by D_Jackman, on Flickr Colombian Air Force KC-767 'Jupiter' by D_Jackman, on Flickr UAE F-16E by D_Jackman, on Flickr OT F-35 flex departure by D_Jackman, on Flickr Splinter Aggressor flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr VFC-12 splinter in the canyon by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  8. Djack

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Nice selection Gary, as always! Great shots. David
  9. As the title says, I'm looking for the underwhelming kit of the 1/48 Comanche. If someone has one they don't want too much for it, I'd be happy to hear what you want for it. Shoot me a PM if you do. Thanks! David
  10. Just curious to see if anyone on here that is waiting for a response, or their kits, has been contacted by this seller yet? They started a new thread a few hours ago selling different items, and have spoken out against being a scammer. David
  11. As the title says, I'm in the hunt for a Cutting Edge U-2R ASARS II Nose (CEC48106). If anyone still has one, they don't plan on using, please give me a shout. PM or maybe even email me at: mo_camber @ att.net. Thank you! David
  12. Djack

    1/48 Trumpeter J-20 Mighty Dragon Announced

    That is awesome to see. I will be getting that indeed! Also, as I was scrolling through, saw Hobby Boss has a 1/48 MV-22 Osprey listed (even though they have a CV-22 pictured) That'll be nice! David
  13. Djack

    What'd Santa bring ya?

    My better half got me the Modelcollect B-52G. Merry Christmas everyone! David