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  1. I clearly missed that! I just bought a ton of MRP paint...it"s the best paint I think I've sprayed in my airbrush!
  2. I made it up there on Monday Darren! got my supplies ready.
  3. I actually ordered that color of Ammo this morning and will be headed to Sprue Brother to pick it up today. I agree, it looked really close. David
  4. I wondered that myself actually.
  5. I have the paint masks already in hand! I do think they are a great product indeed. David
  6. Wow, I'd say you did great on the color match! Well done, and thank you for the advice! Cheers. -David
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll check into that yellow. I did use Google search with no luck...that's why I asked here. Cheers.
  8. I'm wanting to build the USN Rotten Banana F-5N, and I'm having trouble finding the correct Yellow paint. I see it's listed as FS33793, and my search isn't coming up with any. I would prefer acrylic but at this point not sure if it exists. If anyone has any ideas, my searching isn't coming up with anything. Pictured below is a shot I took of the Marines version, however, basically the same overall scheme just to give you an idea of which one I am referring to. Thanks. -David Rotten Banana on final by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  9. Sad to hear SB is shutting down, but I do understand life gets in the way! Thanks for all your products alongs the way. I was mainly paint masks and some decals for me along the way. Are you staying the KC area? David
  10. What a show! Thanks for sharing these pics. David
  11. I'm sure it's been suggested in this very thread before...S-3A/B Vikings sheet would be most welcome. David
  12. Outstanding work! Just wow. David
  13. Nice shots! I gave you a follow on Flickr as well! David
  14. Excellent photos, and enjoyed your report. Well done! David
  15. Received my B-52G update set, along with the cruise missile set this past Saturday! I'm excited about this kit now, and I've been waiting to begin on this kit! David
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