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  1. Whooooooo Maybe i'll get lucky for once!!
  2. Oooh Nice. SWMBO say those and me drooling and told me to go ahead and get acouple. If you ever do hats COUNT ME IN Ex TARP ape!
  3. Ya i'm building that kit right now and went with an Aeromaster set of decals. The white is off as everyone has said
  4. Ahhh crap. I was just fondling this kit today at the LHS!! If i'd a known there was a Naval version i would've picked it up. Oh well looks like i'm off to the LHS tomorrow. Hmmm how to hide it from SWMBO?
  5. 1/48th hasagawa A-7E Corsair II with Aeromaster VA-82 decals. Maybe another Tomcat or a Helo depending on how detailed i get on the SLUF Well i just ordered alot of aftermarket for the sluf, so thats on hold until i get it. So i'm gunna pull out the 1/48th Hasegawa Pacific Fleet Tomcat. Will start the thread when i start the kit. Obviously ;)
  6. That's how i do it. I have to do more passes as the paint is so thinned, but i like the control of the laydown of the paint
  7. Hmmm, just pulled a SLUF outta the stash. Perfect timing on this GB. Where do i sign up?
  8. My personal preference and experience, i use normal lacquer thinner at a approx. 3:1 thinner to paint ratio.
  9. Got a bit done on the Flanker tonight. Waiting for the white to dry and the glue to set and i'll continue on. The fit is actually pretty good for an older Revell kit.
  10. Here are the beginning pics. Primer has been sprayed and am waiting for it to dry completely as it is REALLY humid here. I'm going to start sub assemblies and paint the piddly stuff. Will post progress when i have some. This is going to be straight OOB as i need an "easy" one to get back into form.
  11. Been away for building for a little over a year and i'm getting the itch to start again. So what timing this came around as my daughter picked this out for me to build. Will post WIP and such when i start
  12. Holy Crap!! I love this bird. I am def going to try the "dirt" tech next.
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