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  1. Feel free to do it. And I should be able to find a few prizes
  2. Cleaned up sold kits, lowered some prices Lets get these guys outa my hair !
  3. I tried PM`ing you, and well you are unable to receive any PM`s according to onlinehomeus! I want to buy some stuff..

  4. All kits are complete and unstarted. Most parts still sealed in original bags. I take paypal or money orders for payment. Shipping will be at cost and sent via priority mail unless another method is requested. Please include you zip code so I can quote postage. Thanks for looking ! Academy kit # 2137 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina $12.00 Academy kit # 2136 Consolidated PBY-4 Catalina $12.00 Academy kit # 2142 Boeing B-17F Fort Alamo $12.00 Academy kit # 1692 Consolidated B-24D Liberator $12.00 Academy kit # 2114 Consolidated PB4Y-1 Liberator $12.00 Airfix kit # 9 04014 Dornier 17E
  5. All kits are complete and unstarted. Most kits parts are in original bags. Some like Heller are not as thats the way they came from the factory. I will ship at cost, no extra fees. Payment by paypal or money order. Thanks for looking ! 3 $ kits Hasegawa He-51B ( floats )(PENDING) Airfix (MPC) F-84F(PENDING) KP Piper L-4H(PENDING) Academy F4F-4 Wildcat (PENDING) Academy F4F-4 Wildcat (PENDING) Academy F4F-4 Wildcat(PENDING) Airfix Avenger(PENDING) Fujimi BAE Hawk (Finnish Markings) UPC ( Hasegawa ) BAC Lightning Craftmaster (Airfix) P-61 ( one prop has one blade broken off )(PENDI
  6. It did finally make its way to Steve. I have another one, is it time to do it again ?
  7. Sorry guys, No raffle this year. Just too many things going on this year. Hopefully I will have one next year. Thanks for all who asked.
  8. Well....... Maybe we could do an early summer test run.... If I got enough followers I might just do that B)
  9. Chat room stays, twitter is an add on for those people who cant glue themselves to a PC for 4 hours. Winners would be announced via twitter, and they could make their selections the same way.
  10. How many members have twitter accounts ? Would adding tweets to the chat room and ARC add to the fun or make it took difficult to follow What do you think ? @breadboard8999
  11. Time to clean off another shelf of goodies. Will ship anywhere and postage is at cost. All items are complete and boxes in good shape. Will take paypal ( preferred ) or money order as payment. Thanks for looking ! Aires # 4139 F-15E Strike Eagle Cockpit $25.00 Aires # 4353 A-10A Thunderbolt Cockpit $15.00 Aires # 4147 A-7E Corsair II Cockpit $19.00 Aires # 4364 F-16C Block 25/32 Cockpit $15.00 Legend LF4034 F-18 A/C Cockpit Set $10.00
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