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  1. Hi, I am interested now in building reconnaisance Wildcat and am looking for any photos of this unusual ship. Served with VMO-251 at Espiritu Santo, 1942. I have been able to find colour profile by Mr.Caruana in the SAMI Magazine so far. Can anybody help, please ?
  2. Two days left and I do not suppose to finish it in time. Sorry :-/
  3. Small progress for today, cockpit of the Ki84 has been painted and one more PACAIR model added, Fine Mold´s Ki-61. Now I have to make the seat belts and then (finally !!) join the fuselage halves.
  4. OK Chris, here is one for you, with the Raam, or camo´d F-15.
  5. Patrick, that´s really excellent, I like it very much !
  6. Animal, just choose what type of file suits to you: tiff, jpeg, eps, ai, cdr and I will send it to you.
  7. Hi all, here is small progress: The seat has been rebuilt using Miliput putty and very thin plastic cards, engine only painted (Tamiya synthetics & Vallejo washes) without any scratchbuilt details.
  8. Very nice banner and Phantom ! But, the lettering in "Chel HaAvir" is reversed. It should be like this:
  9. Patrick, very nice Hayate of yours, thanks for sharing the picture !
  10. Johnsan, my apologies. I know you ment your comments as a good advice. Nevetheless, this time I only wanted to test my skills in scratchbuilding and painting cockpits. No doubts, using resin accesories make building kits more easy and less time consuming. And here is some small progress for today - starboard side of cockpit, floor and seat support frame.
  11. Thanks all for your comments. I am always happy to hear (or read) different oppinions, even though negative. Johnsan, you are right, I should have bought some aftermarket stuff. Well, next time and at least the True Detail cockpit. Cheers !
  12. My first one for this Group Build: and one more:
  13. This is very old model with raised panel lines. Such lines make me feel it is only a childish toy, not "serious" model
  14. 5) Here I try to "play" with internal framing, tan longerons are stretched sprue, the white ones are Evergreen. 6) Port side already with throttle and other "sticks". Both sides done during last two evenings / nights.
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