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  1. 1/72 Valom - North American B-45A

    Thank you. Yes she is a nice aircraft to see as one of the first operational jet bombers. Patrick
  2. 1/72 Valom - North American B-45A

    Thank you for your kind words. Patrick
  3. Hello Here is my most recent build with this 1/72 North American B-45A from Valom. This aircraft was from the 86th Bomb Squadron / 47th Bombardment Wing in 1954 at Sculthorpe RAF Station. The transfers came from a Caracal Models sheet and were very satisfactory. This kit is not for beginners and honestly one is enough. In the end the product is correct and will be published next month in the French magazine "Avion de combat". Patrick
  4. Hi Here is my new finished kit with this reconnaissance fighter Dassault Mirage F1 CR from Special Hobby. This one is N°603 #33-NR of Escadron de Reconnaissance ER02.033 in 1988 in Chad. The shark mouth was added before going back to Reims AB, France. The vanilla/chocolate camouflage is typical of the Chad operations during the 1980s. She was loaded with two 1200 L fuel tanks, two Magic air-to-air missiles, a Phimat chaff dispenser under the starboard wing and a Barracuda ECM pod under the port wing. Patrick
  5. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    I do not remember wher I read we have to cut the upper wing every 5cm to get the correct curve and not just around the wing box. So far I have built a -H stright from the box butfor the -G I will try the multiple cuts. Patrick
  6. Yak-130 'Mitten' - update 19/03/2018

    Hello I am starting the same kit next January and I am foolowing yours. Patrick
  7. Hello Here is my new finished kit with this 1/72 Special Hobby Nakajima Ki-43-III when used by the Armée de l'air (French Air Force) in Indochina between December 1945 and February 1946. The GC I/7 Provence stationed at Po Chen Tong near Phnom Penh when they used less than a dozen former Japanese Army Air Force Nakajima fighters. There were many accidents and after a couple of months they were replaced by Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, and this is another story. The kit is easy to assemble. For the very worn effect I painted first the kit with Alclad Duralumin. Next I applied with a piece of sponge some masking fluid before airbrushing the dark green. After one hour I peeled off the paint with the finger. I made the same for the yellow identification markings. I saw on the pictures that the metal blades of the propeller were in perfect conditions. The transfers came from two sheets on the subject by Printscale. I say two because the transfers are too thin and after the first I could see the mottle effect through the white and red transfers. Then I bought another sheet to put exactly a second layer of the same transfers. Patrick
  8. Mirage F-1/M53

    Could have been my 41st.
  9. Mirage F-1/M53

    Excellent details for this one-off. "As Patrick l'Arpete wrote..." Are you a connoisseur? Patrick
  10. Mirage F-1/M53

    Hi The Mirage F1 M53, actually with the Mirage 2000 engine, was the contender for the Century Market of some NATO fighters against the GD F-16. Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark chose the F-16A/B. Patrick
  11. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Thank you very much. Here is the other finished Delta in Spanish colours : and the common work in progress Patrick
  12. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Hi It was not so easy especially with the side windows and the Karmann. But otherwise where would be the pleasure ? Patrick
  13. Hello As I told here is my second Northrop Delta. This time this is the Delta 1A of the TWA when used as a mail delivery aircraft. For that reason I did not put either the passenger seats or the window curtains. It could have been a weight saving measure. The main difference with my previous Delta is the engine. The Delta 1C was powered by a 9 cylinder radial Wright Cyclone SR1820 F3 engine. For the Delta 1C it was a 9 cylinder radial Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. Patrick And now both Deltas compared
  14. Hello Here is the first of my couple of Northrop Delta. This one is the Delta 1C, c/n 7, EC-AGC from the Spanish Postal Airline (LAPE - Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas ) in 1938. The work in progress is here : The TWA Delta 1A will soon follow. Patrick