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  1. Mirage F-1/M53

    Could have been my 41st.
  2. Mirage F-1/M53

    Excellent details for this one-off. "As Patrick l'Arpete wrote..." Are you a connoisseur? Patrick
  3. Mirage F-1/M53

    Hi The Mirage F1 M53, actually with the Mirage 2000 engine, was the contender for the Century Market of some NATO fighters against the GD F-16. Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark chose the F-16A/B. Patrick
  4. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Thank you very much. Here is the other finished Delta in Spanish colours : and the common work in progress Patrick
  5. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Hi It was not so easy especially with the side windows and the Karmann. But otherwise where would be the pleasure ? Patrick
  6. Hello As I told here is my second Northrop Delta. This time this is the Delta 1A of the TWA when used as a mail delivery aircraft. For that reason I did not put either the passenger seats or the window curtains. It could have been a weight saving measure. The main difference with my previous Delta is the engine. The Delta 1C was powered by a 9 cylinder radial Wright Cyclone SR1820 F3 engine. For the Delta 1C it was a 9 cylinder radial Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. Patrick And now both Deltas compared
  7. Hello Here is the first of my couple of Northrop Delta. This one is the Delta 1C, c/n 7, EC-AGC from the Spanish Postal Airline (LAPE - Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas ) in 1938. The work in progress is here : The TWA Delta 1A will soon follow. Patrick
  8. Hello As my Northrop Deltas are nearing completion I would like to start the 1/72 Northrop Gamma 2E in Chinese guise from the same brand, Azur FRROM. I am dubbious about the colour inside the cockpit as the instruction sheet says "Interior Green". In 1935 it is a little early I think. So if there is somebody here with an idea of the possible colour I would be delighted. Patrick
  9. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hi More pictures and close to the end of these builds. Patrick
  10. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hello Some updating with my Deltas. Patrick
  11. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hello At least I am working again on these models. First the Spannish one with some red stripes and the Republican flag on the ruder : Second the TWA version that will be only natural metal finished : To be continued... Patrick
  12. Hasegawa F-16C Night Falcon

    Neat and nice. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  13. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hi The two seat cockpit version is scheduled but I don't know when. First there should come a Gamma. I tell you more when I'm at Modelbrno. Patrick
  14. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Just finished an RF-101C and a Su-33. Pictures to follow. Patrick
  15. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Thank you. As I have finished two other projects I can now go on with these before my trip to ModelBrno. Patrick