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  1. Thank you Jakub This is interesting. Actually I am scratchbuilding the tail and the wing root extension. This is really time consuming. So far 45 hours and nothing is really assembled except the engine nacelles. Patrick
  2. Good news for the launcher Bad news about the pylon as it seems very difficult to scratchbuild this part. I am building "El Lobo II" as I have the decals from an Italeri (former-AMT) kit. Patrick
  3. Thank you for answer 2. Could the rotating launcher stay empty or take off? Patrick
  4. Thank you very much. Perfect for my first question. I will chose the six missile configuration as a Cartesian. Patrick
  5. Hello I am building the Modelcollect B-52G kit and I have read the long topic about the -H. I am ready to improve at least the tail, the forward area and the strakelets. As I want to make one of the 7 CALCM equipped "Secret Squirrel" aircraft for the January 17th, 1991 mission I have some questions. - There were 5 or 6 CALCM for each B-52G : so where do they be carried under the 6 position dedicated launch pylon? Three in front or another combination for each side? - I have seen the pylon without any C/ALCM and the least I can say is that is not a flat area. So, are there some plate to improve aerodynamics when there is not any C/ALCM mounted? - Finally, when the rotary launcher in the bomb bay was not used, could it be replaced by some sort of fuel tank to improve the range? Regards. Patrick
  6. Hello Is there anybody to share one of the scheme in the Camouflaged B-29 Iliad #7203 decal sheet? I have an old Airfix kit to do for a friend of mine who gave me the box. Patrick
  7. Hello I am about to start my build and I did not know those troubles. I have to check soon as I bought mine as a second hand kit at a modeling show earlier this year. Patrick
  8. Hello Follow this link and that one Patrick
  9. Hello I have built one from each Creil AFB Squadrons last year and the Valois aircraft was camouflaged with the definitive scheme, that is to say a darker shade for the brown compared to the USAF shades. Pay attention there used to be three different camouflage schemes. I have a big book about the SMB2 and you can ask me. A couple of Azur FRROM SMB2 Patrick
  10. This is a very nice build and I love the green over the dark blue. I remember an F7F with the same colors. Patrick
  11. Hi Derek Good news but I have already built a Special Hobby CH-37C. Patrick http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/268342-172-special-hobby-sikorsky-ch-37c/
  12. Fantastic. I love the finnish and those colours. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  13. Hi Glynn Yes I would do my best to give you information. Send private messages. Patrick
  14. Hello I've tried twice : they are very thin and you should be carefull as they can wrap around the paper when sliding on the kit. Here are a couple of examples : http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/301674-172-special-hobby-nakajima-ki-43-iii-french-air-force-in-indochina/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235022576-172-valom-mc-donnell-rf-101c/ Patrick
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