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  1. Hello As I told here is my second Northrop Delta. This time this is the Delta 1A of the TWA when used as a mail delivery aircraft. For that reason I did not put either the passenger seats or the window curtains. It could have been a weight saving measure. The main difference with my previous Delta is the engine. The Delta 1C was powered by a 9 cylinder radial Wright Cyclone SR1820 F3 engine. For the Delta 1C it was a 9 cylinder radial Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. Patrick And now both Deltas compared
  2. Hello Here is the first of my couple of Northrop Delta. This one is the Delta 1C, c/n 7, EC-AGC from the Spanish Postal Airline (LAPE - Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas ) in 1938. The work in progress is here : The TWA Delta 1A will soon follow. Patrick
  3. Hello As my Northrop Deltas are nearing completion I would like to start the 1/72 Northrop Gamma 2E in Chinese guise from the same brand, Azur FRROM. I am dubbious about the colour inside the cockpit as the instruction sheet says "Interior Green". In 1935 it is a little early I think. So if there is somebody here with an idea of the possible colour I would be delighted. Patrick
  4. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hi More pictures and close to the end of these builds. Patrick
  5. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hello Some updating with my Deltas. Patrick
  6. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hello At least I am working again on these models. First the Spannish one with some red stripes and the Republican flag on the ruder : Second the TWA version that will be only natural metal finished : To be continued... Patrick
  7. Hasegawa F-16C Night Falcon

    Neat and nice. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  8. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hi The two seat cockpit version is scheduled but I don't know when. First there should come a Gamma. I tell you more when I'm at Modelbrno. Patrick
  9. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Just finished an RF-101C and a Su-33. Pictures to follow. Patrick
  10. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Thank you. As I have finished two other projects I can now go on with these before my trip to ModelBrno. Patrick
  11. SB-17 G Portuguese Air Force

    Very nice. I like her very much. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  12. Very useful, one day. Thank you very much. Patrick
  13. 1/72 Su-30MKI

    Very nice. Patrick
  14. A couple of Northrop Delta 1

    Hello I worked on my Delta last weekend and here are the results. First the Spannish Delta with every seat and no safety belts. I added the curtains as we can see some on pictures. I glued the fuselage and the wings. There are some gaps to fill and the horizontal tail is to be sanded to get the right shape on the trailing edge. Next the TWA mail cargo with the same work done and to do... This time I chose to discard the seats and the curtains to save weight for the mail bags. To be continued... Patrick
  15. Safety belts

    Thank you. In between I have seen a picture inside a DC2 around the same era without any belt. So I did not add any for the passengers but one for the pilot. Patrick