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  1. RKic

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    Pretty cool! Do any online shops in the US carry this, or do we order direct from you
  2. RKic

    Anyone know this kit?

    I don't know the kit, but the mb-2 is a pretty bitchin aircraft. And 60s era biplane kits tend to be very buildable. Fun scratch-building project too.
  3. RKic

    Vallejo Polyurethane primer

    Vallejo primer works a bit differently from other primers you may be used to. Rather that forming a chemical bond with the plastic, it forns a very thin but pretty tough almost rubbery (polyurethane) layer over the plastic. It's fairly robust and keeps Vallejo paints from rubbing off. But you can't sand it. Since it's essentially a rubber sheet, when you try to sand it begins to tear and come off in ragged flakes. I've used it on a few models and the result was okay. It works very well over brass and aluminum parts, but sandable primers seem more versatile.
  4. RKic

    PT-19A from Parks Air College

    Robopost. 010101101100100110001000
  5. There have been more people on the moon than in some ARC group builds 🙂 This is one of those that might be fun to try something new. Lunar buggy or something. I'd be down.
  6. RKic

    Where are you going modelwise in 2019?

    Back to armor for a while. I always feel this way at the start of the year. Maybe this year that feeling will stick for longer than one model. :)
  7. RKic

    Group builds. really people?

    That forum is a lot more active (in fact it seems to be the last really active modeling forum following the Photo bucket Armageddon. But people there take a much more vibrant approach towards group builds. I don't know what it is, but I wish I could bottle that sentiment and keep it for later.
  8. Oh man 😞 he was such a character here and at MM. RIP, Rex
  9. Have any of you had any experience with this site? Where are they shipping from? Are they reliable? They've got some incredible prices on Eastern Express kits
  10. RKic

    Group builds. really people?

    It's got to be ARC's demographics. Groups builds are alive and well on other forums.
  11. RKic

    Biplanes and/or the Great Air War build

    Lately all I build is biplanes, so I'd be down. But I have an awful track record for losing interest in group builds, so don't base anything on me.
  12. RKic

    Have a seat, a stick and enjoy the ride

    Tamiya's Ki-61 and zeros have well appointed cockpits for their scale. Same with AMK's Kfir
  13. RKic

    WW II vet seeking comrades

    Please disregard. I just learned this gentleman has died.
  14. A gentleman on Facebook is turning to the internet to help him locate surviving members of the 384th Bomb Group. If you can help him, please see
  15. RKic

    Zvezda Acrylics?

    Does anybody know anything about these paints? Are they repackaged Revell Aqua or Vallejo or something?