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  1. That is the model in question That's the one! Looks like Trumpeter's version of wings and propeller is a bit different, but the sunburst is certainly that one. Thanks for the help, guys.
  2. I have a trumpeter Mig-29 that comes with some interesting markings. On the tail is a post-soviet Russian flag, and below it a blue flag with yellow sun rays. Can anybody tell me more about these markings? Time period? Significance? Etc.!
  3. Brilliant! And thank you for the concise explanation of your painting process. I really need to give these alclad paints a whirl. I'm just reluctant to use lacquers in my AB, as I imagine cleaning up is a real process.
  4. oh no! :(
  5. That is very true. It's not a hobby if you're forcing it. Go do something else, and don't worry about it. Plastic keeps for thousands of years. Those models will be there when the fancy strikes.
  6. I made a deal with him and within three days had my model. Very fairly priced and well packaged. Do not hesitate to deal with this man.
  7. Ah. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Besides sidewinders, did Luftwaffe F-4Fs ever carry other weapons? Bombs of some kind? I don't think I've ever seen a photo of one with weapons.
  9. Will you be airbrushing or hand painting?
  10. Do you actually have all 170+ (or whatever it is these days) on display?
  11. Well played, sir! Well played. :Lol:
  12. Thanks. I tried my hand at car modeling before, but I just can't get the hang of high gloss finishes. I think you'll find aircraft much easier to paint. We have a car subforum here. If you ever find the time, I'd love to see you post some of your mustangs down there. Again, welcome to the site. You'll definitely get your military history fix over here.
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of aircraft models. What type of modeling did you do before now? The Revell p-47 builds up nicely, and quickly. Here is a cruddy old photo of one I built about five years ago. http://s55.photobucket.com/user/FireflyRK/media/DSC01644_zpsb4d2d483.jpg.html
  14. I'm sorry to hear about the brittle plastic. It seems like an crap shoot with Revell. My gannet had nice plastic (as far as I remember), but I just got a Eurofighter, and it feels like its made from wafers! Could just be all that flash :)
  15. neat! A very fun way to display them!