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  1. what if things dropped in YOUR carpet, materialized in OTHER modelers' carpets? 😵
  2. RKic

    Silly week on eBay?

    Ah. Got it. I'm not an expert on the type, but it did look like things were too busy under the wings.
  3. A friend of mine has found a nice Japanese photo publication that shows you how to build Hasegawa's 1/72 F-14, step by detailed step. Is there anything like that out there for the 48th kits? I stalled out with my build after everything started coming out...janky.
  4. RKic

    Silly week on eBay?

    Other than the A-6 cockpit in the last photo, it looks like a MiG-29 model. I don't understand.
  5. RKic

    The future of group builds?

    I was going through my stash in anticipation of a home move coming later this year, and I've got more Revell/Monogram than I remember AV-8A A-26C Su-25 F-84G F-84F F-106 F-5F and the sublime 1/72 scale F-105
  6. Hot off the bench. For more pictures and full build reviewCLICK HERE
  7. RKic

    1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet, VFA-86 Sidewinders CAG, 2006

    Dang! ARC is just swimming with fantastic Hornet models lately. Very nicely done.
  8. RKic

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C VMFA 212

    Beautiful! The finish is really well done. It looks like you really have a good handle on this technique
  9. No; you've just got good taste in classic kits. Damn, I miss those days!
  10. RKic

    The future of group builds?

    Lets do it! @Neo How do we put things in motion?
  11. That's a fun question. If I can find an early boxing for a fair price, I'll go with it. Chances are that the tooling, back when it was still fresh, had less gunk in it, and so less flash and other junk on the parts. That said, I build older kits mostly for the sake of nostalgia, and so I look for the boxes I remember from the time I built them as a child. I was thrilled when a fellow on ARC sold me the Monogram AV-8A with the box art of the plane taking off against an orange sky, and the SU-25 in the Monogram gray box. Nothing particularly outstanding about either kit, but they reminded me of back to school clothes shopping with my mom in 1990, and Christmas of 1991 respectively. I miss those times very dearly. I'll probably never build either of these kits, but I treasure them and whenever I pull them out to look at, they bring a great smile to my face.
  12. The model is nice, but it feels like the photos aren't doing it justice. Turn off the flash, and consider more lights. Two clipon work lamps from the home improvement store will go a long way, and not break the bank. I'd really love to see some more photos of this, because even with these photos it looks like a really nice job.
  13. RKic

    The future of group builds?

    I wish we never started the Facebook page. Many may argue that is has separated the wheat from the chaff, but that isn't really true. There are a lot of talented builders posting stuff there, and not here. And if it was here, it would become a more or less permanent archive. There it just vanishes in the noise. Too bad.
  14. RKic

    The future of group builds?

    Don, your two cents are worth a thousand bucks, in this case!
  15. RKic

    The future of group builds?

    I like the idea of a Revell-Monogram memorial GB. Another with broad appeal might be a 1970s themed build. Squadrons in 1970s markings (any Nation) And finally; since it is the centennial, a WW I build. Might help some get over their fear of biplanes. TL;DR version: -Revell-Monogram Memorial -It Came from the Seventies -The Great War