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  1. you and me both. Good luck.
  2. And if anybody has the Superscale 48740 sheet illustrated above, I'd be interested in purchasing it. Have been unable to find it thus far.
  3. Curious if there are stencils (or decals) for WWII era US Navy type font. Specifically I'm after two sizes of the number "21" in 1/48th scale to build a VC-42 Avenger off the USS Bogue (see upper right, below).
  4. I'm really sorry to hear each of these. How awful. Yeah, its just stuff, but its stuff that carries a lot of personal and sentimental value.
  5. My Forums Are On Half The Page

    Are you on an Android device? This happens to me when I have a notification or PM in my inbox. Just swipe to the side at the top of the screen to check them.
  6. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    Lack of interest is what made them shelf-queens in the first place. :)
  7. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    With that two-bit shill JJ Abrams involved, I don't see it turning out well.
  8. Really? A lot of their newer stuff is REALLY nice. the new 1/48 spitfires, hurricane, defiant, P-40, in 1/72 the Whitley, F4F, B5N, Gladiator, Swordwish, He-111 and beaufighter series all spring to mind.
  9. The PC Gaming Thread

    Man, I'd love to try out some of these new flight sims that let you play online. But all I have at home is a laptop, and not a particularly powerful one. Heck! I don't even own a joystick anymore, nor would I know where to find one. The last sim I played was Pacific Air Combat or some-such. Probably about 10 years ago. I remember how awesome it was when I dove on a zero in my wildcat, led a bit, squeezed the trigger for less than a second, and watched him explode into a ball of flame. Which I immediately flew into and died! :) These Aces High and Rise of Flight games look awesome.
  10. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Wow! This is really great. Was it a challenging build?
  11. Corsair heavy weathering

    I would venture that it was a bit of column A and a bit of column B. It would depend on length of service, location of service. Do you have a particular aircraft in mind? Photos to go from?
  12. I'm on the hunt for a set of markings for a B5N2 in 1:48. I don't have anything particular in mind, but preferably a camouflaged bird. Maybe one of the Pearl Harbor raiders. I'd be happy with a set of kit decals from one of the Hasegawa boxings, or from the Aeromaster Tora Tora sheet. The kit I have is missing its decal sheet. Please PM me, if you've got something to offer.
  13. Giving up beer for a month

    5-10 beers a week is NOT a problem. That is a very moderate amount.
  14. Display Cabinet Ideas

    Looks like they would be much harder than the Detolf to hack.
  15. The voodoo that I do

    Surging ahead today. I installed the interior, nose gear bay, weapons bay and wing. The missile pan fits poorly so I first glued it to the lower wing and then stuck the whole thing on. Fit of the wing isn't great, but also not as bad as I thought it would be.