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  1. RKic

    Special Hobby 1/72 Mirage III FAMILY !!!

    Fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing test shots showing surface details.
  2. RKic

    Ukrainian Fencer Loadouts?

    Thanks, Paul.
  3. RKic

    Ukrainian Fencer Loadouts?

    Bump. Anybody? @Berkut?
  4. Excluding the ZM kit, the most detail per dollar spent, will probably be the Academy kit. It is also pretty easy to build. Just take care with the ventral plate below the intakes. The Monogram kit is pretty detailed and cheap. Engineering isn't the best, and some parts fit poorly. I like the Hasegawa phantoms. They fit MUCH better than their 72nd scale phantoms, and have the most subtypes available. The kits are about 30 years old now, and some of the details are not at the level expected of similarly priced kits. Testors and Italeri's phantoms (same plastic) are very simplified and inaccurate. If you want a cheap phantom in 1/48 go with Monogram/Revell kit instead. I have no idea what the Entex kit is. This is the first I've heard of it.
  5. RKic

    Tamiya Tomcat yet again

    just some greyish brown enamel wash. I describe it a bit in the link.
  6. RKic

    Tamiya Tomcat yet again

    Thanks for the comments, guys. They say that slow and steady wins the race. But THEY (whoever they are) probably never ran such a long race. The race is becoming dreadfully boring. I'm determined to finish, but I'll just take a little nap first.... More update photos on the blog. Click Here
  7. RKic

    what happened to Academy

    That's heartbreaking. The theft, but moreso that you know who did it but can't get the law to do anything. Sorry to hear.
  8. RKic

    what happened to Academy

    Sorry, I hope my message didn't sound like an attack. Didn't mean for it to. I was commenting on the volume of armor you must have, and curious what portion of it is built. Because damn, that's a lot of kits!!!!
  9. RKic

    what happened to Academy

    Have you actually built any? Or just adding to the stash?
  10. Hello, I'm building an Ukrainian Air Force Su-24M. I've been looking around for photos of these aircraft armed, but most show up without any weapons. I have seen one with a bunch of small FAB bombs on MERs, but I'm hoping to see something with unguided rockets or AG missiles.
  11. RKic

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    This is making my head spin. I was searching for 1/72 build threads to inspire me to return to the scale I used to love most. This thread is inspiring, but also overwhelming. I don't think I can do this level of work, but this is the level I want.
  12. RKic

    1/72 Hasegawa F-16C 162nd Fighter Squadron

    I like the simple but very effective approach you took to the cockpit. I was getting all bent out of shape trying to figure out how to replace the lack-luster seat, but putting the pilot in it, and painting him as sharply as you did, is probably the best solution. Thanks for the inspiration.
  13. RKic

    ICM Mig-25PD

    I think the washes brought things together nicely. It looks really great! Nice touch with the pink fiberglass inaulation, and I love the exhausts. What paint did you use?
  14. RKic

    ICM Mig-25PD

    Goodness! That is cool! I'm surprised there aren't more responses. Your marbling may have a bit too much contrast on the tails, for my taste, but I imagine the wash will knock things down. I love the Ukrainian markings on this beast. They're such a great splash of color against the gray. It is too bad they didn't cooperate very well. You're doing a really great job. Thank also, very much, for the pointers on how to fit the fuselage. This model is on my short list for next purchase, so it's good to know what to expect.
  15. RKic

    Tamiya Tomcat yet again

    Thank you, sir! The radome starts about 19 mm ahead of the first vertical panel line (not the slanted line where the nose cone attaches, but the one right behind it. I know that isn't great help, but place some pencil marks 19 mm ahead of the line around the cone, and it will give you something of a rough guide.