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  1. RKic

    WW II vet seeking comrades

    Please disregard. I just learned this gentleman has died.
  2. A gentleman on Facebook is turning to the internet to help him locate surviving members of the 384th Bomb Group. If you can help him, please see
  3. RKic

    Zvezda Acrylics?

    Does anybody know anything about these paints? Are they repackaged Revell Aqua or Vallejo or something?
  4. If any members from the Baltic states are members, can you PM me? I'm thinking about planning a trip to the region and would like some advice that ISNT coming from a travel website.
  5. RKic

    Tamiya Panther Ausf. A

    LOL. Manther panther. I do want to add, that in the photos, the face painting on your figures looks really good.
  6. RKic

    Tamiya Panther Ausf. A

    That's a pretty good start. The sheen on the tank looks fine, but I would add a dead-flat finish to the undercarriage and wheels. The contrast between a touch of sheen up high, and dead flat down low really goes a long way. Also certainly add flat to the commander's uniform. He looks like a BDSM leather-daddy right now. :)
  7. Is the seller named something something Tornado something or other? He's legit.
  8. Yeah.... Is there anything you want to tell us, Holmes?
  9. RKic

    Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear + tracks

    I think there is more nuance than that. The clean track may have a semi-dulled black metallic look, but contact surfaces would quickly be worn down to a brighter sheen. Add dust, grime etc, and you have a palimpsest of black metallic , with various earth tones in recesses and bright metallic highlights. I like to paint them black then.gice them a very heavy dark brown wash, then drybrush with Humbroll oily steel.
  10. RKic

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Like Alvis and others said, the drop-off in traffic* is not due to any bannings. It's the ease of posting on FB. I can upload pics directly from my phone. No third party photoboucket style BS. With phone cameras becoming so good now, I can take a better pic with my phone than with my real camera (I know you DSLR types will not think the same way. Just settle down, I'm talking about myself, only), and with one click its online. With the rise of FB Groups, and the ability to form one's own blog-style pages which do give you SOME of the archival capability of a forum, it seems forums have to offer something that FB can't. It isn't going to be ease of communication, or sense of community, as FB's instant communications do that better. What do forums have? There is the archival quality: provided that photo hosting sites don't ruin that with asinine sharing policies. What about legacy? A place like ARC (or MM) has been around for a really long time. There are people here whom I have been following since 2005. I've watched them improve and evolve as modelers and as people. I can look back on my own posts and cringe at some of the dumb things I said as a 20-something in 2005, or look at my old work and realize that even though I'm not a great modeler, I'm better than I used to be. I've built friendships here. I've witnessed old friends have kids, and have even learned of the deaths of others. This once again relates back to the forum's archival quality. Maybe this is the place for the old timers to go? I don't know. That could be an angle to play up. As for abrasive types, and heated threads: I think they actually increase traffic. As one of you pointed out above, this has been one of the most active ARC posts, in a long while. For every dumb comment made in a heated thread, there are 10 times as many that are thoughtful. And it is thoughtful conversation that attracts traffic. So maybe the mods should let arguments run their course. If somebody is being an absolute jerk, spewing hate and not counter-argument - then by all means ban them, but let the threads run. They're informative, and much of the time, entertaining. Most of us here are adults, and can handle it. And the kids - well it's not like they don't know that kind of talk as it is. *I don't think the drop-off is universal to all forums. Places like BM are still very active. Maybe the Brits have better retained the attention span necessary for forum posts.
  11. RKic

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Oh yeah, that guy kicked a$s!
  12. RKic

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    There were a lot of great and not so great people who passed through this forum. I like the Facebook groups, but I kind of wish we could go back to the hey day of this forum, 10-15 years ago. This place is only as good as its memberahip. I do wonder what it would take?
  13. RKic

    Hey folks! Still around, sort of....

    Glad you're good, but I thought you left for the same reasons 75% if the rest of this crowd has left.
  14. RKic

    Special Hobby 1/72 Mirage III FAMILY !!!

    Fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing test shots showing surface details.
  15. RKic

    Ukrainian Fencer Loadouts?

    Thanks, Paul.