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  1. Hold tight Crazy Snap Captain, I had the same issue on my build. Just insert a shim into the gap between the fore and aft fuselage parts. The gap is the precise width it needs to be in order to fit the top fuselage. A flat sheet, or laminate of thin sheets just glued in there works. Don't even worry about cutting it to shape. Just fit and glue. Once dry, cut the overhanging bits. Kinda like I did here
  2. What are those stands that you're using? Do they just clip on? Since you're doing your quadro-display later, I'm assuming you didn't cut slots into the fuselage bottoms to insert a stand. Or did you?
  3. supremely cool camo job! And its not as what-if as you think. The Germans captured and modified several of the big turret KV tanks. They would have added their own style commander's copula on some, but likely not all. Your model is entirely within the realm of historic possibility, if not likelihood.
  4. beautiful finish. I like the nice light weathering. The figure looks nice too.
  5. Anybody willing to sell a square/angled nose camera cover for the Hasegawa RF-4E in 1/48?
  6. it looks nice and smooth. What do you use for the golden color?
  7. youtube

    Big Modeler has some good ones.
  8. As 1/72 kits become more complex, the scale is no longer the cheaper option that it once was (barring Airfix perhaps). The Trumpy su-24 is worth every penny though. It's a really nice model. And it's not like Hasegawa, where they took a 30 year old model, threw in New decals and raised the price by $10. If you want to look at unfair pricing, look no further than them.
  9. If you're into live music, there might be a good watering hole someplace. I was on a project in central AR and we found a little dive where they had a great country/blues act. I don't love country music, but anything sounds better live.
  10. No, that was great.
  11. A mean looking beast. You did a great job with it. I think the photos look fine. With the bamboo and rattan in the background, this thing looks.in it's element.
  12. Nice job. I really like how the tailpipe turned out. Nice touch with the Zuni rocket tubes.
  13. Wow. I'm surprised there haven't been any replies to this. It looks really sharp. I like the satin finish, and that it isn't so heavily textured, as seems to be the new fad. Cool looking load out too!
  14. Beautiful! Now I'm tempted to pull mine out.