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  1. Nice job. How do you do the white gaskets around the glass?
  2. You did a nice job on this. I tried this kit years ago and fsiled. Did you replace the glass parts? If I recall, they didn't fit.
  3. One of my favorite models. No, I'm serious! It's a neat little kit, is fun to build and has many unique variants.
  4. Or just get a smug mug subscription. Cheap as dirt and you wont have to worry about the rug being pulled out from under you (or your pics).
  5. top notch work, as always. I love watching you create.
  6. I'm really sorry to hear that 😞 I hope you can get treatment for whatever is ailing you.
  7. I build a bit of everything and in all scales, but my favorites are 1/72 aircraft and 1/35 armor. most of my builds are WW II or Cold War subjects. Favorite manufacturer is Tamiya. I wish they would do more in 1/72. Eduard is a close second. I don't think I have a favorite kit.
  8. No, he didnt actually build any models. He just talked about doing it. He was one of those say much, but do little types.
  9. I have no idea what that means. I was referring to a guy who used to hang out on arc (bit never ever built models) and would play dressup as a JAG. He kind of just vanished from the site one day
  10. What ever happened to that blurry duck doofus Jag cosplayer guy?
  11. That is most excellent. But kamikaze? I'm assuming this is not in reference to WWIi kamikaze?
  12. Did you come up with a solution for the big step between the front and rear fuselage halves? When I attempted this build some 10 years ago, I remwber it being very pronounced in the belly of the aircraft. Maybe it was just user error.
  13. Very nicely done. Nice work on the aircraft. I found my eye drawn to the crew figures. They look great. Resin?
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