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  1. It would be fun to build a historic cross-section of one of these squads. From Corsair/Hellcat through Hornet. Lord knows, there isn't enough time in GB to do that, but its fun to daydream.
  2. I wont pick on kits from the 50s and 60s, but of the more modern toolings one of the biggest disappointments was the 1:72 Sword Banshee. I was really expecting something nice, as I heard a lot of good things about Sword. When I opened the box, the parts looked nice enough, but upon assembly I realized that those pretty resin parts did not fit, and worst still was that the chord length of one of the wings did not match the chord length of the wing stub on the fuselage. Not an easy fix. What made it even more annoying is that the problem only occurs on one side. The wing stub on the other fuselage half has the correct measurement, and matches the wing perfectly. Just bad QC during the tooling design. Another was ICM's original1:72 Dornier 217 line. Waaaaaaaaayyyy over-engineered. Some of those landing gear components were thin as stretched sprue, but had chunky sprue attachment points, and assembled largely by end-to-end joints. Just one big fragile mess.
  3. Hey, what happened? You seemed to generate a good deal of interest.
  4. I hate what that term has come to mean.
  5. Is it possible to manually turn down the sensistivity of Ad blocker? Sites like MM (and many more) rely on ad revenue to keep the afloat. Scott pays for the rest out of pocket. Can you rejigger ad-blocker to allow ads from some sites but not others? I've never tried the software, I dont know.
  6. Yes. Is it in your power to make that happen? Some other forums using a similar software package have them. Really? I'd love to add them if possible. Anyone got any info how to do this?
  7. Agreed. That Drewe's tomcat is a nice model. It isn't done in the artistic style currently en-vogue, but so what? Its a question of style, not of talent or quality.
  8. My comment applies to your whole group. Either critique work within your own circle or get permission first. Whoever it is that brings in the work should just ask. As was stated above: some people appreciate critique. I'm on the fence about it. Sometimes I appreciate it, but other times I'll post a model that I'm really proud of, only to have somebody nitpick a manufacturers inaccuracies or some a shade being off two microtones. The worst is a trend I noticed on some Polish forums where those effers will backhandedly "complement" somebody's work as "nice sci-fi" Then when called out for being an ahole they say it's critique. Sadly those kinds of shenanigans is what passes for critique all over the web.
  9. It may be legal, but that doesn't make it okay. Seriously, why can't you ask people before you critique their work? You're a member here now, so contacting an individual shouldn't be difficult. And if they say no, then you leave it alone.
  10. I like this idea. If there is a moderator who encourages participation and makes it fun, I would be down for it. Just please not 103. So sick of seeing the skull and bones. How's about some VF-142 love, eh? Yellow stripes on tomcat tails look so good!
  11. Robert, if Jim is actually remorseful for what he said, maybe he should come on here and say so. It would extent an olive branch and soothe a lot of frayed nerves.
  12. Now I know you're delusional :p :) Sorry, I'm trying to lighten the mood a bit. I think you guys should be commended for trying to make right, but I did want to make you aware that some of the things y'all say (on the FB group, but maybe moreso in personal blogs - which I get it - they're personal) can be extremely hurtful. My own work has never been reviewed by your group, but a close friend of mine posted a model recently that he was very proud of. It was his first build, that in his opinion came out neat and tidy. His work was critiqued by the FB group. It was done in a generally neutral way, but some of the commentary was dismissive, and the many likes for the dismissive comments really took the wind out of his sails. I understand the whole thinking about publicly presented work being open to scrutiny and critique. But it sucked to see a guy who was so proud of his work that he finally felt comfortable sharing it, getting knocked down a few pegs. I don't know, there is no easy answer. Just remember that there are people who built those imperfect models, and they felt good enough about them to post them on a public forum. They probably didn't think their photos would be spirited away to a facebook page where hotshot modelers, who are much more skilled than them (and more skilled than guys like me as well), go over the shortcomings of their work. Just keep it in mind, and maybe ask before you critique? Again, no easy answer. Critique is good - not everything is made equal, and critique can make one grow. I know, I know. What is the middle path here?
  13. That is fair. However, if the picture on his blog is of somebody else's work, he should remove it. Perhaps replace it with one of the 90s box-side pictures he does not like?
  14. If I started going on about people I do not like, and linked a picture of you, would you not presuppose that I am speaking about you or the kinds of people that you are representative of (for the record - I do not dislike you, as I do not know you)?