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  1. oh lord. Not this again!
  2. What are the dates the export aircraft were built? Was it after the 1942 aluminum shortage? That was about when it became common to use zinc chromate interiors on US built aircraft. Also, I've seen your avatar logo for probably well over a decade now, but for the first time today i zoomed in to take a closer look and realized it is NOT a picture of a styracosaurus head 😄
  3. It looks fantastic. Keep doing what you're doing.
  4. Man, you weren't kidding! I walked out of there with an armload of Promodeler and Tamiya kits for less than $100. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I'll be in town through Thursday. Any other shops in Eastern GA that might be worth looking at?
  6. Sweet! Im heading down to Savannah for a few days tomorrow. I was disappointed that no hobby shops came up during my google search. So I came here and your post is at the top of the list! This is serendipitous!
  7. Zvezda's kit is more accurate, especially with regard to the humps over the tops of the engines. These look too skinny on the Trumpeter kit. Trumpeter's smaller details look more crisp, though. Both kits are pretty easy to build, with Trumpeter maybe a touch better engineered.
  8. And now a question for you: Are you a first time builder? Do you have a specific aircraft you'd like to build in mind?
  9. Let me give you a specific example of why Lets look at the Spitfire Mk I/II in 1/48 scale. You have about 5 READILY available options. New Tamiya, 1990s Tamiya, New Airfix, 1980s Airfix, 19-- Revell/Monogram I would rank them from best to worst 2010s Tamiya 2010s Airfix 80s Airfix 90s Tamiya Revell/Monogram But now lets look at 1/48 P-51D mustangs. Again, there are 5 readily available kits, Eduard, Meng, Tamiya, Airfix, Revell/Monogram This time we get Eduard Meng Airfix Tamiya Revell/Monogram Or maybe you wan't a 1/72 Spitfire I/II. Now you
  10. This! This is what we're all trying to tell you. You can't scale the companies. You have to look at it one kit at a time.
  11. That would be a good choice. So many paint jobs possible. I think it would sell well. Tamiya seems to have pulled back on 1/32 after the Mosquito. The last few were basically updates of earlier kits. They need something universal, like the saber, which would appeal not only to a wide audience, but which serious modelers (and lets face it - Tamiya 1/32 is geared towards serious modelers) might come back to multiple times to get different paint schemes. I don't do 1/32 often for the same reason pointed out by @Mstor. But I picked up a Tamiya corsair last year, and might get a few
  12. did the decals dry clear? They look pretty rough in the pictures.
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