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  1. Hi Marcin! Nice painting job! Especially on this small insignia. pozdrowionka!
  2. Honza, you forgot or lost a few small elements on end sealing plates?
  3. Only two... More about Lloyd C.V: - gallery - in progress
  4. Hi! Some pics of finished M-18 Dromader. Model is assembled and painted by Marek Wierzchowski (designer/developer of model) without PE parts showed in this thread. I did only photos...
  5. Hi, some progress... ... and two parts userful for late versions of F-14.
  6. Bend body of missile in cylinder shape it is about 15 minutes. To make whole Phoenix I need a few hours (soldering, putty and sanding)...
  7. I make PE parts doing same steps as showed here: Click It is not a kit. I use brass sheet and chemicals buyed in market and electronic shop. To make artwork i use Corel Draw and for film I use laser imagesetter.
  8. Brian, please send me drawings or pics of both vents, I try to make it as PE parts. I tried to send you PM but your InBox is probably full... You mind something like this? And here is some more: Click try at: http://www.google.com | photoetching
  9. Thanks for nice words gentlemans! Here some more work done...
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