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  1. Me too...the Brothers Sprue right on time as usual!
  2. Most F-4Es that served in SEA were early “hard wing” aircraft. A few slat equipped birds made it to theatre late in the war (1973-74) after the last F-4E “kill.” However, many F-4Es that fought, including MiG killers, had the newer Midas 4 gun blast diffuser, the latter apparently not included in this first boxing by ZM. Rich
  3. Pre-Order now available https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/zkmk29829.htm
  4. Hi friends, The USAF style inboard pylons mount close to the wing leading edge. The attached picture shows this arrangement on an RF-4EJ. For the F-4C & D models, which had full-span leading edge flaps, including an inboard segment above the pylon, how was the interference problem dealt with? Was the LE flap notched so that, when extended, it slid around the pylon?
  5. Elmo, How did you achieve such a brilliant shine on the clear parts? Polish? Future Floor Finish? Rich
  6. Steve, thanks for adding to the discussion...great info!
  7. Dave and Gerry, thanks very much for your replies. It seems that either configuration would be appropriate on a model, depending on maintenance situation and mission ready status. Do I have that correct?
  8. In particular, I'm curious about the Phantom II, and its wing mounted fuel tanks. Here are two photographs of the same aircraft. Note the different cartridge installations. (edit...two different aircraft depicted here. Note the pylon serial numbers)
  9. Hi friends, When depicting a tactical jet on the ground, loaded with ordnance, what is a typical configuration for the paired explosive cartridges (see annotated photograph)? Pictures show them protruding somewhat, other times not.
  10. Elmo, I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of posting some of the recent images from your google album here, as they're just too good not to appear straightway in this thread.
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