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  1. Since the rivets on the LH forward fuselage appear to be intact, you could lay a piece of clear tape over them and gently puncture the tape above each rivet with a needle. Remove the perforated tape and reapply it over the RH forward fuselage. Now you have a rivet guide. It worked for me on my Phantom build...click here (see second post on page two).
  2. I feel your pain. Scribing can easily turn into a lesson in frustration. Regarding rivet lines, I'm never able to keep them straight or properly spaced by hand. Most of the time, I resort to my Hasegawa Trytool guides.
  3. Indeed, looks great with paint and markings applied!
  4. Super impressive work Steve! I enjoyed watching this one come together. SLUFs forever!
  5. Great looking jet, realistically weathered!
  6. @wardog, @A-10 LOADER, @BuNo02100, @crackerjazz, @Darren Roberts, @BillS Thanks very much for leaving behind such kind comments…much appreciated! Work continues on the wheel wells: most of the structural elements are complete; raised rivet detail is next - luckily, I built up a small inventory of Archer Fine Transfers resin products before they closed shop; and, finally, I’ll install the rat’s nest of hoses, tubes and wires that run throughout this area. I’ll have more to share before the end of the month. Thanks for watching and, once again, thanks
  7. Lucio, I really appreciate your innovative style. I look forward to seeing more, regardless of make and model, or scale. Rich
  8. A close relative is the Escapac IG-2 seat used in the A-7 Corsair II. I like the Aires offering (set #4442). The seat is crisply molded with sharp detail and the head box profile looks good. Install a blanking plate over the recess for the upper D-Ring handle and you’re in business. The shape of the lower side pan (next to the pilots knees) is different, but this area would be much less noticeable on the finished model.
  9. Correct on the overall dimensions of speed brake, but definitely Escapac seats for 73-0111, at least during its “powder blue" days (mid to late 1970s).
  10. Cool subject! Some features pertaining to 73-0111 in its air superiority blue days... Escapac IC-7 seats. These were installed on USAF Eagles at least through Block 17…Aces II retrofit in early to mid 1980s. As already mentioned, metal speed brake with external stiffener plate. Inside structure (see picture below) differed considerably from later composites speed brake. Turkey feathered exhausts (like the F-16) until 1980/81. Dummy (?) antenna pods atop vertical stabilizers: rear section truncated on LH side, pinched on RH side. RH si
  11. RF, welcome to the forum! You’re off to a great start on your Tomcat. -Rich
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