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  1. Dave, this looks terrific...I'm definitely in for one. The scans reveal lots of attention to detail, including on the secondary markings sheet. Instead of supplying a set of "one-size-fits-all" marines titles and jet intake chevrons, you've tailored them to each individual aircraft, with appropriate colors, font, and letter spacing. Well done. -Rich
  2. Superb in all ways! Congrats and thanks for sharing. Rich
  3. Agree with Darren. Although Wardog's miracle reworking of the old Revell kit is shaping up to be the best 1/48 scale portrayal of an Intruder...maybe ever! Caution: click on the link below only if you are prepared to be inspired and amazed.
  4. RIO's name possibly....LTJG BOB ALSTON. This is a guess based upon the squadron roster shown in the cruise book Rich
  5. STH, There were two different noses fitted to the F-5E: ...the older "standard" (radar friendly) style with a longer pitot probe (K) ...and the newer (more aerodynamic) "shark nose" with a short probe (C) Hope this helps, Rich
  6. They look great Jeffrey...nice work! Rich
  7. Getting back to the OP's questions regarding decal availability... Microscale just released a couple of Tomcat sheets in 1/48 scale: AC48-0044, which includes early Wolfpack markings And AC48-0039, a full data and stencil suite for "hi-vis" birds (Turkeys?) At first glance, these appear to be re-releases of sheets they did back in 1979. But in fact, they are all new and done to a higher fidelity (see my pictures below). 159461, "Wichita 115," is a Block 80 bird. So it sports a standard "beaver tail" (as Tamiya depicts) and the early radome tip (again, as provided by Tamiya). An out-of-the-box build is not quite possible however, owing to the early cannon vents panel. But Darren (Steel Beach) offers a replacement piece! So there's one option for you early Wolfpack fans...
  8. More details on Wichita 106 from 1976-77 cruise...
  9. From the Big E's 1976-1977 cruise. "Wichitas 103 & 106" with the later gun vents and, it appears, no alpha probes on their (all white) radomes, suggesting late Block 85 birds. If this is the case, then BuNo's would be in the 159612 to 159637 range. I wish I could be more specific. Surely, someone out there must know!
  10. Here it is...
  11. A small handful of (late) block 85 Tomcats equipped VF-1 in the late "hi-vis" days, circa 1976-77. Here's one (note the gun vent)...sorry, I don't know the BuNo. Rich edit: oops, I'll have to post the picture later.
  12. Flush fitting Rick... HTH's Rich
  13. Eduard releasing a full resin/brass cockpit in June... (scroll down to page 17 for a look)
  14. Hi Dan, Sky's Decals do a stencils sheet with these exhaust petal markings... (might be hard to find though). More readily available (at least in the States) is this new TwoBobs sheet that contains them... Rich
  15. Hi CTD, An often overlooked characteristic of Skyhawk wing pylons is that they are angled out approximately 5 degrees. In the case of the inboard set, this was to provide clearance between the landing gear doors and ordnance/external fuel tanks. The geometry is not obvious in most pictures - even head-on or "tail-on" shots - as extended flaps and slats obscure the pylons. When 300 gallon tanks are fitted though, it's easy enough to detect as the tank's horizontal tail fins are not quite parallel with the ground (or one another). Rich