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  1. Happy to hear about this one...a "must have" for me! As you're soliciting suggestions, how about including a "family model" for variety's sake, like this F-104B of the 331st FIS? If you're feeling really ambitious, I'd love to see a USAF F-104 data sheet in the form of maintenance stencils, each set against a rectangular silver background, a style commonly seen on TAC and ADC birds, particularly Starfighters during the 1960s. It made for a distinctive, speckled look as seen here...
  2. Wow, the spectacle continues. My favorite WIP thread just gets better with age. Great work Elmo!
  3. More than likely several, given ResKit’s current practice with wheels and exhausts
  4. How reliable and long lasting are the electric motors provided in these kits? Are there better substitutes on the market?
  5. As far as I know, the only F-111B decals produced in 1:48 were part of this conversion kit reviewed here. Hth
  6. Nice start on your Stuka! I’ve had the Hasegawa kit in my stash for years now. So I’m curious how the new(er) Airfix offering stacks up.
  7. Hi Potez, The best 1:48 Shooting Star build I've seen is this one by Tony Bell. It was featured in the December 2007 issue of Tamiya Model Magazine International. In the article, he mentions a set of F-80 drawings from a 1973 KokuFan publication that were referenced for the rivet pattern. I know this information is of limited value. But perhaps with a little detective work (and luck) you might locate those plans. Or maybe you could track down Tony via email or other social media. I know that he was active on Hyperscale at one point. Rich
  8. Love it...super detailing at its finest!
  9. Thanks Stephen. That’s what I suspected. It’s interesting that neither firm points this out as doing so would expand their marketing base!
  10. Eduard and Metallic Details produce resin exhausts for the second generation Harrier. Both are marketed for the Harrier GR7/GR9. Can I assume they are appropriate for the MDD AV-8B as well? Or did the exhausts differ in the anglicized variants? Eduard Metallic Details
  11. Zvezda 2021 programme - soon online - The Rumourmonger - Britmodeller.com
  12. ...coming along nicely. Are you planning on using the kit provided markings for 67-0308?
  13. John, I really like your approach to kit reviews and builds. The commentary and analysis is objective and helpful, all the while being delivered in a calm, restrained tone, thanks to your pleasant on-screen demeanor. Too many model bloggers rely on hyperbole and other antics to "sell" their brand. So it's refreshing to experience your relaxed and professional style. Good luck with the channel...I'll be following. Rich
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