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  1. Good news…although I just started kit bashing my way toward a Golf Model ‘Toom using parts from existing Zoukei, Hasegawa, Tamiya and Academy Phantoms! I’m going to press on as I’m having fun with the project.
  2. Hi DD, I have the Eduard photo etch set that Ben referenced. I won’t be using the dash 38 beam receivers (parts 65 on the fret -see attached photo) as I don’t find them an improvement over Hasegawa’s depiction. But, of course, for the Testors kit anything is an improvement! If you want ‘em, they’re yours for the price of postage, which ought to be minimal, especially if you’re in the CONUS. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested. Rich
  3. Sure, give me a shout via PM.
  4. Hi Mike, I have these parts…and they’re yours for the price of shipping (from the United States). PM me if you’d like and we’ll work out the details. Rich
  5. FS36231 Dark Gull Gray (with semi-gloss black panels)…available from many model paint producers. Some modelers prefer to go lighter than spec, especially if the finish is subject to filters and washes. One example:
  6. Overall, the new Tamiya kit has been well served by the aftermarket sector. But one thing we haven’t seen yet (at least to my knowledge) is additional chin pod options, like the early IRST and the later Shoehorn Mod-3 variations. Arguably, such modifications are well within the capabilities of many, perhaps most, modelers. But then the same thing could be said about the alternative vertical fin caps we’ve seen from at least three different suppliers. And apparently these are being seized upon by Phantom builders.
  7. Eduard have announced a set of 1:48 MB H5 “early” Phantom seats in their Brassin range available January…
  8. Old Man Blog 114 mentions re-stocking of the F-4C and D kits, WooHoo!
  9. Go with the second option, parts R22 for the Thud. It’s possible that, by the late 1980s, the new style (R21) had been adopted by USAF. Here’s a USN Intruder from 1992 with the new style sway pad supports:
  10. It depends…as you can see from the instructions below, Tamiya has you use the original cockpit panels for the VF-32 markings options and the new, upgraded pieces (from spruce U) for the other jets, which represent F-14A’s toward the ends of their service lives. Quinta 48048 for the Tamiya F-14A is an early configuration cockpit appropriate for some, but not all, of the choices offered in the new Tamiya kit. I don’t know if Quinta have plans to release a “late A” cockpit. Others here might have more information about the cockpit configuration change: when it took place a
  11. Thanks for chiming in guys. I’m happy to be corrected. It helps explain why Aires don’t market these seats by themselves, at least not for the Tamiya kit.
  12. Yes! Here’s an example from the Aires resin cockpit set… …from this blog post. The Eduard seats are nice too.
  13. Another informative and entertaining update…some great creativity and innovation at work here. Rich
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