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  1. Stunning presentation…thanks for sharing your masterpiece with us.
  2. Good choice. And many, but not all, pictures of Puerto Rico ANG birds show the red beacon installed atop the fuselage.
  3. The red beacon atop the spine was a late addition to A and C models, not appearing until most USAF aircraft had been retired from frontline service. The flush mounted white (formation?) light forward on the spine is correct. Here’s an F-104A with the beacon mod. Also note the fuselage vent configuration, which differed from from the C’s and subsequent.
  4. Awesome! I just placed an order for the Navy Slufs sheet. I grew up near NAS Alameda, at the time home to several squadrons of Reserve Air Wing 30, including VA-303, the Golden Hawks, which feature prominently on this new sheet. Squadron/Superscale had a go of it 10 years ago but there were some hard-to-correct errors on their tail motif. Yours looks perfect though! Thanks for doing these, Rich
  5. A well researched and accurate 3D printed aftermarket option is available from Sparkit… https://sparkit-models.com/en/cockpit/39-mirage-iiieberrd-mk4-erm-ejection-seat-148.html
  6. Aires does an Escapac seat 1/48 for the A-7 Corsair…click here Also these from Wolfpack Design…click here
  7. Great update Elmo. The seats look terrific and will no doubt feature prominently on the finished model, given their visibility. Well done!
  8. Steve, that’s quite an impressive project. Thanks for sharing your work here.
  9. Extremely realistic finish you’ve achieved - very impressive work! Rich
  10. The pitot tubes are a great idea and look terrific, as do the wheels.
  11. Oh nice…great work fasteagle12. Glad it got resolved 🙂
  12. These two long out-of-print decal sheets contain the 405 TTW insignia. Unfortunately, just a single badge is included in each set. The Superscale release also includes the 550th Silver Eagles squadron tail flash. Superscale 48-468 Aeromaster 48-362 Black numbers and letters are more easily sourced, as are national insignia and maintenance/servicing markings. Good luck with your Eagle project!
  13. More outstanding progress. I enlarged the ejection seat photos 4X (to about 1/12 scale) on my monitor…and they still look clean and super-detailed! Amazing work Elmo. Rich
  14. A.M.U.R. Reaver make Photo-etch Speed Brakes for the Thunderstreak.
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