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  1. Super impressive build…quality work through and through! Rich
  2. Spectacular! Paintwork is among the best I’ve seen! Rich
  3. One of the coolest models I’ve seen…and built with such accuracy and precision. Well done Steve! Rich
  4. So sorry. It may come as cold comfort, but many of us here can “feel your pain,” having experienced similar modeling disasters. I hope you find the resolve to repair it. It’s such an impressive build! Rich
  5. Hi Gene, First off, thanks for the kind words (and clever photoshop work) from last October - much appreciated! Been jamming away on this: It should be finished in a week or two, at which time I’ll post a comprehensive update. Again, thanks for your interest in the project! Rich
  6. On a related note, Phase Hangar Resin just released several different ESCAPAC seats for the Skyhawk family in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. https://phasehangarresin.com
  7. Precision modeling at its best! Great work! Rich
  8. Home stretch indeed. Looks great Steve! Rich
  9. Thank you! Ordered these last week…eager to see more 1960s and 70s figures. Rich
  10. In many respects, it’s an improvement over the old Italeri U-2. But, like a lot of other Hobby Boss kits, it’s let down by too heavy-handed an approach to surface textures. All in all though, I’m happy to add this one to my stash….planning a NASA ER-2.
  11. USAF Museum F-104C Hope this helps
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