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  1. Since the windshield’s center pane was molded with curvature, I wonder if it’s possible to achieve a U-2S “look” by sanding away the interior frames (deep enough to eliminate the fastener detail too) followed by a polishing routine to restore clarity? Granted, we shouldn’t need to go to such extremes with a contemporary, new tool kit. ☹️
  2. Wow, your product line looks great! And items are reasonably priced! Rich
  3. The awesomeness continues…love it! Rich
  4. Interesting, informative and valuable information…thanks Bill!
  5. @Mr.Happy, thanks for the kind words! I must say that your presence on the forum is a most welcome one: always positive, always supportive, always appreciative of others. We are lucky to have you! As you point out, we are also lucky to have such enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributors. This project has benefited immensely from the generosity and collaboration of others here. I’m truly grateful! ☺️
  6. Another great installment…thanks for all of your hard work in putting this together!
  7. Looking forward to this! Good timing too, as Detail & Scale Publications is set to release a new title on the Shooting Star. Rich
  8. https://www.caracalmodels.com/cdb48002.html http://www.hobbydecal.com/detail.cgi?number=tc48025v1 Both In Stock at SprueBrothers Edit…might have misunderstood you at first. Sounds like you’re looking for reference material, not markings sources.
  9. Illustrated update further addressing questions about upper wing mod. The dark gray plastic insert is from Zoukei Mura F-4C kit. Re-scribing will take place once the wing is finished and things are more sturdy. A layer of epoxy putty in between the upper and lower wing halves, along with Tamiya’s spar insert, should provide plenty of strength and rigidity.
  10. Gravity? 😜 Seriously, I'm seeing the same thing Gene. Those lower antennae also appear to be affixed to a beveled mount, resulting in somewhat of an outward tilt, one that does not quite correspond to their fuselage "clock" positions. Many thanks to you and Jens for diving deeper into this subject, one that I'd not yet fully explored. I ordered a set of those Wolf 3D Resin antennae...At the very least, they will be a good starting point. There are several former EF-4C airframes on static display around the world, but the azimuth antennae were removed long ag
  11. Jens, Wow! Thanks very much for the link. Externally, these antenna housings look identical to those used on the EF-4C. Great find! Rich
  12. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Amazingly realistic finish! Rich Edit: I didn’t realize D&W are doing a landing gear set for this one. Big fan of their stuff!
  13. Gene, To this point, the upper wing sections have been sanded smooth, but not yet re-scribed. It was more work than I anticipated as the Zoukei Mura and Tamiya wings have different airfoils. Of course, this is to be expected in the area where the wing bulge resides, after all, it’s the raison detre for accomplishing this modification in the first place. But contour differences existed outside this zone where, theoretically, they should not have. I didn’t notice this until after the Zoukei transplant was complete. Consequently, a fair amount of filler was needed to build up
  14. Different variations, ADC and TAC… from International F-104 Society & Warbirds News websites
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