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  1. Nice looking Hornet Eric...the paint and weathering are superb! Rich
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fisher-Model-Pattern-Douglas-A-1E-Skyraider-Conversion-Kit-1-32-Scale-Ref-3240/224018606794?hash=item34288caaca:g:LK8AAOSwnlRexvcp
  3. All over dark blue paint jobs: so simple, yet so difficult to pull off realistically. You nailed it! Rich
  4. All over black paint jobs: so simple, yet so difficult to pull off realistically. It looks like you nailed it! Rich
  5. Elmo, It's great to see that progress on the Intruder has resumed! But I too am having trouble viewing the images - only two pictures came up. I tried various browsers (IE, Chrome and Safari), but in every case, all but two photos came through. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled to see some new content from you - the images I can view reveal that your recent work is is up to the incredibly high standards of workmanship that have characterized this build from the beginning. Congratulations on conquering a difficult challenge - it must feel good to get that troublesome windscreen behind you. Stay safe and stay healthy, Rich
  6. In an earlier post, Jim correctly states that 73-100, the 34th single seater, was the first F-15A delivered in two tone grey. And 74-137, the 10th two seater, was the first B model (then referred to as TF-15A) delivered in two tone gray. Regarding Joe’s inquiry, this would imply that 73-103, with the orange and white stripes, was in fact two tone gray, not Air Superiority blue. Correct? Here it is parked beside an Air Superiority blue jet. Rich
  7. Outstanding work Lucio...a very informative and entertaining thread you have here. Rich
  8. Hi TrietCam, Eduard market several photoetch weapons and armament sets, some of which contain fuel caps. Here is one such set... It comes with 10 modern style fuel caps... I plan to use one on this 1:48 F-15 Eagle fuel tank. Here it is temporarily set in place... HTH's Rich
  9. 30 years ago Yukio Suzuki produced a superb set of 1/72 scale technical illustrations for Bunrin-Do's Famous Airplanes of the World feature on the Thunderchief (Number 4 in the series). The 5 view drawings, which depict a late F-105D, are very detailed and seem to accurately capture the subtle ogival radome profile alluded to above. Here’s a look at the book’s cover... hope this helps, Rich
  10. Amazing; awesome; sublime; superior; stupendous! I’m running out of superlatives to describe your work, as I suspect others are too. Heck, I don’t even know what half those words mean! 🤨🙂 Super inspiring stuff Elmo...a real treat to behold. Rich
  11. Brilliant! The scratch building effort really paid off in my opinion. Your hinges look much better - in keeping with the fidelity to detail of the overall project. Question: are the hinges cemented in place over the wing’s grey primer coat? Or do you first remove paint over the contact area?
  12. Fantastic stuff Elmo! Your patience, execution and attention to detail are second to none - really inspiring work. Rich btw: I think that the purpose of those wing leading edge spikes was to grab the barrier net during an emergency landing aboard the ship. Others might know for sure.
  13. I can’t offer an informed opinion on the paint, but another decal option exists in the F-104 NASA boxing released by Hasegawa in the early 2000’s...https://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/preview/hasegawa/09427.htm It might be hard to find, but the Cartograf decals included in this edition appear to be very well done and provide markings for early bare metal finish Zipper. Rich
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