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  1. RenShape I used for the canopy was 5030. I also used 5030 plus sheet stock to scratch build this hood for my 1951 Chev Corsa V12 kitbash. The link to that in-progress build: http://s119.photobucket.com/user/Plankwing/library/1951%20Chev%20Corsa%20V12?sort=6&page=1 I used 5045 to make the bucks for scratch-building the early F-84 Thunderjet pilot seat. Hairoldcut used my master to cast some for me. Seat in cockpit of F-84C ORANG backdated using Tamiya plus AMS Resin parts.
  2. RenShape sampler is what I bought. http://freemansupply.com/MachinableMediaSam.htm It seems like whenever I get to the task of getting the site back online, something comes up that gets in the way of accomplishing the task. I have the domain and a host, except the host's "features" limit me to a max of 1024 files per folder and all my over 5000 pages are in one folder. I don't have the time to go through and recode the html to "fit" the folder max as I estimate it would take me six to eight weeks to recode everything. And that doesn't include some 2000 more possible pages to add to the site.
  3. Okay, okay, you shamed me into enlarging the tail. After I pondered the matter for a bit, I figured I could add sheet stock to the leading edge and tip of the tail to enlarge it by 6" in scale front and top. Used pounce wheel with paper pattern to create cutting line on .020 sheet stock. Cemented the sheet stock "up and over" to the leading edge and tip of the kit tail. Squadron Green putty to commence shaping, have since filed/sanded to shape and primered. I discovered the problem, I was copying the wrong "link" window from PhoBuck, needed to copy the IMG window instead. Frustrati
  4. Fuselage was lengthened equally fore and aft so CG should be fine. It was already a hassle getting the fuselage contours to look right so too much work to make "slight" changes to enlarge tail for this "what-if" bash. I may be "the masochist modeler" but I do have my limits ... :salute:/> I am EXTREEEMMMMLY frustrated with trying to include photos in my posts. No matter what I do, including following the "instructions" in HELP, photos will not "post" (notwithstanding that I posted some photos back in March when I started this thread). Most often, after inserting the URL in the "insert ima
  5. Link to "in progress" of this model. http://s119.photobucket.com/user/Plankwing/library/F-84%20Kitbashing?sort=6&page=1
  6. Link to photos of completed model. http://s119.photobucket.com/user/Plankwing/library/F-84%20Kitbashing?sort=6&page=1
  7. Plankwing


    Ah, yes, better late than never ... :-) Link to photos of Revell+Tamiya+many aftermarket detail parts as F-84G-16-RE 51-10306. http://s119.photobucket.com/user/Plankwing/library/F-84G-16-RE%2051-10306%20Model?sort=3&page=1
  8. I have scratch-built a canopy mold for vacuforming using RenShape. Paper pattern on prototyping foam. This foam was too fragile so part broke. I switched to a different density of RenShape to make the canopy plug. Half of the plug shaped. Rough shape done, view from top. Primered and sanded several times, finish sanded with 1500 to 12000. Using .010 strip stock to add canopy bracing. The short of it is, I could find no way to get the strip stock to stick to the smooth paint surface, so since have removed the strips and will add the bracing with decals. Done that before, can do i
  9. I posted a build update at this thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=268825&st=20
  10. I posted a "build" update at this thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=268825&st=20
  11. I posted a "first look" review of the Hobby Boss F-84F 81726 48th scale at this thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=267320&st=0&p=2534372&hl=hobby%20boss%20f-84f&fromsearch=1& I failed to include in my review that the KIT DECALS are for F-84F-30-GK 51-9432 and F-84F-45-RE 52-6675.
  12. I can add some first-hand information about this HB F-84F kit as I just got two of them in the mail today. First thing I did was got to Hairold's place (he of AMS Resin) so we could do a thorough look-see and compare it to the other three F-84F 48th scale kits. I left one of the kits with him so he can evaluate his current parts to see which will fit "as is" and which may need revising "to fit." Here is the "first look" in brief. General overview: There are six gray sprues, one clear sprue, one PE fret, and two decal sheets. The HB is pretty much copied from the Fonderie F-84 fuselage and H
  13. I proly posted some photos of this on another thread, but have decided to be "specific" to this build on this thread. Basis of the build is a Tamiya 48th F-84G backdated to F-84C. I have used the same fuselage that was the subject of my "How to" backdate to F-84D which is at www.craigphoto.smugmug.com. I will post more photos and more details later, but for now, this photo is of the fuselage buttoned up just this evening and with a "mock-up" of my PhoSho decals as a test fit before printing them on ink-jet decal media. All the Squadron Green is to fill in panels which were not present on the F
  14. Got the F-84C pilot seat done. Very thin parts in the seat means very thin casting. So flexible I was constantly having to be careful to not break it and to keep from twisting or otherwise distorting it. Two views in one photo - ain't PhoSho wonderful!
  15. I created sub-categories, moved the photos to a sub-category, checked the links and they worked. Why did they "die" later? Only the hoseknows.
  16. Mr. AMS his own self was bugging me only this last Thursday to do a backdate to "early" F-84 as in "D" (XP-C have totally different wings, wheels, and main-gear doors). I've already done that deed (make the XP-C wing masters) which Mr. AMS has in his possession to make some castings for me for my "on the workbench" F-84C build using ... tada ... the Tamiya kit shown in the photos with the intake correction. I have also made fuselage masters from a RMPM (Revell, et al) and Tamiya bash for any XP-D backdate; those masters will also get the intake correction treatment (last part of the "bash" to
  17. Gracias, and exactly my view of "why" to do this!
  18. Plankwing


    I am updating my PhotoBucket, their servers seems to have gone FUBAR ... so will have to post photos later.
  19. Plankwing


    Uh ... Olive DRAB not Olive Green. Do I qualify for the next space-cadet seat? :bandhead2:/> FWIW, the non-national markings on the FS-428-A were done on PhoSho and an Alps printer.
  20. The Tamiya and RevMonProMod 48th scale Thunderjet kits were engineered without correctly modeling the smooth intake runners. Photos are of an F-84C, F-84G, a photo of the kit parts showing "before and after" and a pattern "in scale" for scratch-building the parts to correct the intake runners to "smooth" as on the 1:1 Thunderjet. Last photo is of my F-84G build with "smoothed" intake runners. F-84C at March Field Museum, Riverside, California. F-84G at Hill AFB Museum, Roy, Utah. The "before and after" kit parts. The pattern for the sheet styrene "correction" parts. The patterns ar
  21. Plankwing


    Nicely done. Not sure why you think it is not well done ... ?! But, being my own worst critic, I can identify ... :D As for the spine decals that came with the kit, they are not close to correct color. I've attached a photo of my build done FTB, kit provided to me gratis by Revell for review when the kit was first released. To compare, I've attached a photo of a Tamiya build I did with correct anti-glare Olive Green. Thunderjets had either Matte Black or Olive Green anti-glare. Revell F-84E 48th FTB Tamiya F-84E 48th (kitbashed to F-84D ... which is incorrect for this S/N ... oooops!)
  22. This has been rattling around in my skull for over ten years. A couple nights ago, I couldn't sleep. Three hours later, this bash magically appeared. Then I woke up to discover I had been sleep-modeling. TF-84G-31-RE 51-16974 71st Flying Training Wing. Two 48th-scale Tamiya F-84Gs kitbashed, FTB kit for comparison. Now I have to finish it. I elected to "rename" my what-if bash from YTF to TF as it will be done in a Flying Training Wing scheme.
  23. Nine months later ... it would be nice to have some communication about the progress ... or lack thereof.
  24. I sent a request to Erik to return my canopy, via "Return Receipt Requested," which he signed for two weeks ago. Still no response. As no Have Blue kit is forthcoming and I now have no canopy for me to continue on my scratch build, I regretfully have to conclude "caveat emptor."
  25. Which kit? Which decal sheet? There are many. Why hi-res? I have scans of about 60 decal sheets for Thunderjet series ...
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