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  1. F-16

    OV-1 Mohawk???

    Can't find much info on this one... http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/Grumman-OV-1D-Mohawk-G-134/184641/L?qsp=eJwtjD0OwjAMRq%2BCPMOAQAzd4AIwcAEr/kSrtiSyLdqo6t1JCtv7fvQWCvHtmP2ZE6ghA2toaU%2BJlUejZqEeeYoqhSl%2BDkfZjbHlqS8fi%2Bq3XHphxzUEJIf8%2B7sKtE6wsOleVX%2BuCH380ulSonSWBt4scO4GWtcv0ccxMA%3D%3D Scott CNJC-IPMS
  2. F-16

    OV-1 Mohawk???

    How about this scheme.... http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/Grumman-OV-1D-Mohawk-G-134/2399520/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAQBL8iczaHIHjILX5AD35g2GlMSOIus4PJEvJ3x8VbUd3UTiG%2BDZs9SwJ1lMEaBjpTYuUlU7fThLJGFWeKn6aV0xIHXif/5Kh2K%2B6FDX0ISAb5%2B7sK9Dchh5p7eb51gD4q0%2BXqXsacZq4NGI8zHccXfHQw6Q%3D%3D Scott CNJC-IPMS
  3. Has anyone here used this anti-static brush from Tamiya? _____________________________________________________ Craft Tool Series No.78 Model Cleaning Brush (Anti-Static) Item No:74078 【 Dust Be Gone! 】 This new Model Cleaning Brush has been specially designed to help keep your display models looking sharp. Its fibers not only remove dust and debris, but also static electricity to prevent dust build-up. The long fibers of the main brush makes cleaning around delicate parts easy, while the mini brush lets you get to those hard to reach areas. This brush is not just perfect for maintaning the look of plastic models, it's also great for cleaning other household items. Organic conducive fibers (the slightly shorter ones) eliminates dust-gathering static electricity while fine PBT resin fibers gently clean around delicate parts. Long fibers can reach into nooks and crannies to thoroughly clean any model. Mini brush with PBT fibers is conveniently located within the brush body. Great for removing scrappings and other debris during assembly. ________________________________________________________ How is it for removing static from a model in preparation for painting? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  4. Do you have any further pics of your completed Mohawk? It's been many years since this build was posted. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  5. Yeah, I noticed those "dark" areas on the wing as well. I'm not sure if they are "paint overs" or just shadows/dirt. I went through my decal stash and found an extra set of "105" decals that I can use on the flaps, so that's solved. Oh and yes, Microscale only gives you one "105" decal for the right flap. Why? Who knows. Just poor research I guess. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  6. Thanks for the pics. I assume that 148684 is not a CAG bird, so maybe I should just leave off the center wing numbers and letters. I may also just leave off the flap number as well, since there is only that one for the flap. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  7. I have Microscale sheet AC48-0054 F-8 Crusaders. My question is on the upper wing markings for the VF-111 scheme. Take a look at the instruction sheet for the top-side markings (Second page, last one on the bottom) for VF-111. Microscale VF-111 F-8 Instructions Microscale shows only one number(105) on the upper right flap. I'm not sure if this is correct or not? I always thought that there should be numbers on both upper flaps, not just one(?) Also, the plane is shown on the sheet as having a large "05" on the main inner wing panel and large "AJ" on the outer. Is this correct? Wouldn't both of these markings be on the outer wing panel? The aircraft is VF-111, number 148684 "AJ". "105" is the nose number. What I need is some kind of pics that show this type of marking on the upper flaps and wings. I assume that there should either be numbers on BOTH flaps or none at all(?) I am starting to dis-believe Microscale's research for this one. Any pictorial help would be appreciated. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  8. F-16

    OV-1 Mohawk???

    I was just going over the Roden OV-1D decal sheet, and noticed that many decals are missing or not used. For example.. What happened to decals 5,6? These are the stencils for the weapon pylons in steps 22, 23. They are missing on the Roden sheet. There are many decals that are not used. (82, 83, 86, 87,91 and others) I assume decal 85 (Round target circles) are the fuel filler cap location for the external tanks? They are not mentioned in the stencil instructions The wing-walk decals are not that great. What we need is a walkway decal that is a solid gray color, not just a "outline". Rodens decal/stencil diagram does not include a "bottom view". If you wanted to do the IDF version, they don't say where to put the national markings on the bottom of the wing. I'm sure I will find more errors as I examine the sheet more closely. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  9. F-16

    OV-1 Mohawk???

    I am looking to do these markings.... Or these.... How about OV-1B prototype markings? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  10. I made two complete fuselage half's by attaching one tail half to each forward fuselage half. Then I was able to sand the seam easily. The wing/fuselage seam was harder to fill. I had to fill the gaps with plastic shims, then filled the remainder of the seam with CA glue. Then sanded to shape. Then I re-scribed the panel lines that got removed. The engine had to be ground down until it fit the fuselage, it is too wide. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  11. Here is my latest build. The model was built with markings from LF Models, Hobbycraft and Revell. The model was painted MM Acrylic Steel. I also used a set of RATO packs from a Monogram F-84 kit, and a modified ladder from a GWH T-33 kit. Hope you like it. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  12. I need the decals from the Monogram 1/48 F-80 (85-5311). If anyone has this kit and can help me out, please send me a PM. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  13. Once you get the hang of applying foil it gets easier. I used Bare Metal Foil on these builds. Articles here... Trumpeter 1/48 F-100F Academy 1/48 F-86F Revell 1/48 F-84E Scott CNJC-IPMS
  14. Here it is in the new Doyusha boxing... Academy 1/144 B-1B Lancer Doyusha boxing Scott CNJC-IPMS
  15. I cant have the center pull tabs. I plan on screwing the bottle lids on after the plug is inserted. It looks like the "CPT" range has pull tabs... Scott CNJC-IPMS
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