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  1. Thanks for the info Terry... I was wondering if you could... 1. Give a total sprue count, including the individual weapons sprue's. How many sprue's are there? 2. If you have it, what does the P/E sheet look like? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  2. Terry.. Can you please confirm where the mold lines are on the one piece canopy? It looks like there are two lines on the canopy "top corners" and not on the center of the canopy?? Maybe I'm just seeing things... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  3. Interesting pic of the bladder from under the "swept" wing....
  4. I am almost ready to attach the landing gear doors on my Academy 1/48 P-38 kit. I thought I read (somewhere) that the gear doors have shape problems and don't really fit too good(?). Any advice on fitting these parts? Perhaps trimming the locating tabs off? Thanks. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  5. Hold on.... I thought Sio said that the kit, decals, box Etc. were finished and being shipped to distributors by the end of this month (Aug). From what you said, it sounds like the molds and instructions are NOT finished(?) I thought the instructions were done by now? Did Sio say anything about when they are shipping? Many retailers/distributors are saying an Sept release date... Hopefully, no more delays... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  6. Now Sio is offering "signed" copies of the Tomcat and weapons kits.... https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemodelkits/ Scott CNJC-IPMS
  7. I thought they were going to use the box art with the corrected launch-bar up.... I know it's only a picture, but still looks weird... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  8. Boy, if that's just a "dry fit" without glue.... WOW!!! Scott CNJC-IPMA
  9. I have a parts question... On this sprue... What are the 4 half-rounded/curved/flat parts at the top of the sprue? I noticed there are 6 of these parts on the sprue, two more below the canopy frame. I assume they are the hinges for the stabilizer, but why are there 6 of them? Perhaps for different positions (Up, Down, Level)? The curved part must go around the engine. Looking at these, I don't think the stabilizer is movable.... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  10. According to his profile, SIO was here 18 hours ago. So it seems that he IS watching this thread. SIO profile... Maybe he will have second thoughts and make mold changes to fix these problems before releasing the next Tomcat version? Wishful thinking? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  11. Martin/AMK said (many pages ago) that they would not come back to ARC until the kit is released. (Martin's last visit was November 22, 2018) I wonder if he will come back for comment, or have we scared him off for good... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  12. I need some ideas on how to make the air starter hose for the MD-3 "Mule".. Any ideas on how to scratch-build this hose? Not sure what kind of/size "tubing" to use that is soft and pliable for it to look real. Any help is appreciated. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  13. Thanks! The kit was easy to build, no problems. BMF takes a few weeks to apply, but is worth it in the end. You get a good sense of satisfaction when it's done. Scott Vomacka CNJC-IPMS
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