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  1. Didn't AMK announce a Fiat a few years ago? 2015? It was on their FB page header for the longest time... I wonder if AMK abandon the project and gave it to Kinetic..? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  2. I am going to need a paint rack for all of my MM 1/2oz paints sitting around the bench. Has anyone used this rack? GameCraft Miniatures Paint Rack - 32mm Model Master It says it also fits Testors 1/4oz bottles as well..? Good, Bad? Thanks for any info you can give me. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel?fref=photo A surprised release will be carried out in next week. Deadline for submission is March 31, 12:00AM UTC. Prize: one free kit of this particular release per person who's guessed it right. Rules: - only one entry must be submitted; if more are given, all contestant's entries will be ignored - entry submitted by person familiar with the project will be ignored - "like"s of the right answer will be ignored - all final result is at Kinetic Model's discretion ______________________________________________________________________
  4. I wrote Doug and here is what he says... _____________________________________________________ Hi Scott, Thank you for your email. I am open and taking orders. I just haven't had time to update the site because of computer issues. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and have a great day! Cheers, -Doug _______________________________________________________ So it looks like he is open for business! WOOHOO! Scott CNJC-IPMS
  5. Does anyone know if Royale Resin is still open? http://www.royaleresin.net/ The web site says this: "ATTENTION: The web store is closed temporarily. We moved into a new house, and I am still setting up shop from scratch. I am delayed, waiting on contractors. I am hoping to open the store again by early 2020. Thank you for your patience during this time. As always, thank you for your patronage! Cheers, -Doug" Has anyone here made an order from them recently? I thought I would ask here first before I contact Doug.
  6. Well, I found a satisfactory solution to the "grip" problem... I had a roll of "blue painters tape" that I got in the dollar store on my bench. The tape has a rough texture on it, so it has some "grip". So I cut a small piece and wrapped it around the glue bottle cap.... Now I can grip the cap firmly without slipping. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  7. Thanks again Richard! I'll look into this "friction tape". Great tip! Scott CNJC-IPMS
  8. I would like to thank RichardL for suggesting the Plastic Magic cement. It's great! When I got it, the first thing I did was open the cap and take a sniff... NOTHING. No fumes or smell at all. WOW! And non-flammable to boot! I then used it to assemble two wing tank halves. The glue dried to the touch in a 1/2 hour. It was ready to sand in about an hour. I then sanded the seam and the glued joint was smooth. My only complaint about this stuff, is that the cap is too smooth and it is hard to get a grip when opening and closing. My fingers would slip easily. (A
  9. I need the GBU-38 parts from the 1/48 Kinetic F-16 kit (Any boxing). I need a total of 4 bombs. Parts (M8, M9, M18). I want to use the kit parts because the holes are already lined up for the locating pins on the kits TER. That way I don't have to drill any holes in the wrong places. If anyone has this kit and can help me out, please send me a PM on this forum. Thanks. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  10. F-16

    Flying Tigers

    To my eye, it looks like those colors have a hard demarcation to them, not a feathered edge...? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  11. If you still want to use the online paint chart, it is here: Ultimate paint conversion chart online (Flash needs to be working on your browser) Scott CNJC-IPMS
  12. Here's something else that I just noticed.... I just opened the bottle and a small plastic O-ring seal fell out of the cap in three pieces...broken. If this O-ring has been broken for the past three months and not sealing the cap, then the glue would have evaporated and now has lost it's "bonding" properties...? Does this sound reasonable? What do you think? It's possible..right? If so, then I will probably trash it and get a new bottle. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  13. I recently purchased this Tamiya liquid cement. I assumed it was "Non-toxic". It has a nice "orange" smell to it. Tamiya Limonene Cement Extra Thin However it has been giving me problems. It seemed to be acting funny. Let me try to explain.. I first applied the cement to a piece of thin sheet plastic and left it for 24 hours. The next day I noticed that the cement did not dry or evaporate at all, and was still liquid. It did not even thicken up. I could wipe the cement off completely with my finger with no residue left over. Next I tried to attach
  14. I wonder if anyone uses plain old Washi tape? I know it is similar to Tamiya, but would Washi be a good back-up tape? Masking Tapes, Tamiya Vs Washi Tapes review I use Tamiya as my main tape, but wonder if the Washi is good enough as a second choice? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  15. This is my latest build of the 1/48 Monogram A-4E kit. The only additions were a set of resin wheels and a resin "cranked" refueling probe. I painted the model (with a brush) using Model Master acrylics. Decals are from an old Microscale sheet. I really enjoy building these old Monogram kits. They can turn out great with a little extra work. Hope you like it. Scott CNJC-IPMS
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