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  1. I need the control stick (part # D7) and the seat belt decals (153, 154) from the 1/48 Tamiya F-16 kit. I need two sets for an upcoming project. If anyone has this kit and can help me out, please contact me by e-mail. Thanks. Scott vomacka@aaahawk.com
  2. Thank you all for the wealth of information. I appreciate it! Would it be safe to say that both the Aca and GWH kits are "easy/putty-free" builds? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  3. WOOHOO!! 😍😍😍 I was wondering if you could include the two small red/green lights on the intakes as decal stencils. Kinetic has them but Monogram does not. These light are very viable on the finished model, and should be included on the stencil sheet. Also, will you have enough stencils to do more than one model? (Like two or three models?) Scott CNJC-IPMS
  4. I'm thinking of getting a 1/144 B-52H kit, but I'm not sure which one. I'm trying to decide between the Academy, GWH and Revell. I think they are all the same in breakdown of parts. Details/accuracy in this small scale is not that important for me. What I'm looking for is a good/easy fitting kit that won't give me trouble. I have read a few build/kit reviews and can't decide. Everyone has there favorite. How are these kits to build? Any trouble? Thanks for any suggestions you can give me. Scott CNJC-IPMS P.S. I was also thinking of getting the Minicra
  5. Most of the articles on YouTube say to use Tamiya Extra Thin for making Sprue Goo. However, I wonder if Tamiya Limonene Cement Extra Thin can be used instead? I assume both have the same ingredients (except the "citrus" ingredient). Would it also make it smell less toxic? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  6. I am unable to load any images from https://www.luckymodel.com/. This is the error message.. "res.luckymodel.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 11:39 PM. The current time is Friday, December 2, 2022 6:40 PM. (Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE)" As a result none of the images load. Just a blank "square" placeholder. Is anyone else getting this? Before trying, please clear your cache. This is only using the Firefox browser. I don't use any Chrome or any other browser. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  7. Thanks for the info jonwinn. I have always though that the hot water from the tap is not hot enough to soften the plastic... Because the wing is very long, I was thinking of laying it down in a pan/tray and weighing it down flat with a piece of wood or something. Then add the hot water.... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  8. I have a 1/48 Revell B-1B (1983, original boxing, white plastic) that has a wing problem. One of the wing halves is warped badly. I tried to bend it by hand but was afraid it would snap in half. I have heard that soaking the wing in hot/boiling water helps. (?) This is my last hope right now. If this does not work I may have to bin the kit for parts. Has anyone done this to fix a warped wing? It sounds easy enough to try... Scott CNJC-IPMS
  9. Hows the F-104 sheet coming along? Almost ready to post profiles? Scott (Waiting patiently....) CNJC-IPMS (I'll take two sheets..)
  10. I need the (3) instrument panel decals (91,92,93) from a 1/48 Hasegawa F-104C kit. My kit is missing them. If anyone has this kit/decals and can help me out, please send me a PM on this board. Scott CNJC-IPMS
  11. What about FS36270? Ammo/Mig Acrylic color FS36270 Is this close enough? Scott CNJC-IPMS
  12. Yeah I guess your right. The plastic is old and yellowed. No telling what the HP would do to it. Might make it more brittle... It looks like I have to invest in LOTS of white primer... Thanks for your help everyone! Scott CNJC-IPMS
  13. 15 tree/sprues? Is that all? The AMK 1/48 Tomcat kit has over 56 sprue trees. I just re-counted them. And 3 decal sheets. Scott CNJC-IPMS
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