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  1. Siphon feed lol. Idk why I couldn't rember the term. Thanks for the advice guys. I hate to do it but I'm going to have to use acrylics because I'll be painting inside my utility room.
  2. What do you guys prefer? I am about to start building again after a several years break so I'm out of the loop on current brands and type etc....
  3. I didn't even know this model kit existed!!
  4. Thats a great paint job and weathering!
  5. LOL yep, that would be bad. We could walk on the horizontal stabs, but only in that little box area that you can see lined off.
  6. I closed an airman up in one of those from the bottom picture one time.......
  7. The majority of the staining on top of the wings in the middle are years of people walking on top of the jet. Not all squadrons make you wear booties.
  8. Are they any different than the travel pods the USAF uses? looks about the same.
  9. This is such a bind blowing build.
  10. Thats really cool, I thought it was in front of a mirror at first......
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