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  1. We just called it the crew ladder I was just saying internal to differentiate. And I only ever had to change 1. Then E&E blew my lid off during the CPT for the ladder change lol
  2. Both ladders are used every day. The internal ladder is used when you open and close the canopy. Very rarely does the air crew use the internal ladder because its not the safest thing for them to do with all their gear on. The fun part is getting on and off the left intake when the canopy is flat using the internal ladder.
  3. Hi folks, I kind of got out of building for a couple of years due to some issues but its good to be back!!
  4. I want a collection of A-6's like that....
  5. This is amazing!! I read somewhere the cockpit is too shallow. Was that an issue for you?
  6. Came back from depot like that. I think its going to also be black and white splinter, but they threw red isignia on it for right now. Everyone is calling her Black Betty lol
  7. As usual, this is perfection in plastic! One thing you might want to check on is the two tabs on the back of the canopy. If memory serves me right they are seperate panels with 2 screws each and dont always sit perfectly flush.
  8. Only 2 are done so far, in the black and white splinter. I will have to get a photo pass lol. We have security cameras these days.....
  9. I cant find any...... And I need at least 1 each... or more
  10. 90-0233 is indeed the first 229 jet, and yes every jet after tgat has the ram air scoops. Changing the actuators on those doors does indeed suck. I would rather change the cft. I worked 233 at Elmendorf and Mountain home. As far as the centerline tanks, i only saw them on cross country, and for a few monrhs back in 2001 when we werent allowed to fly wing tanks because of pylon hook issues.
  11. If any of you guys want pictures of the new paint schemes as these lawn darts get re painted let me know. Im the dock chief in the phase dock so i have to look at these nightmares every day haha.
  12. If you saw these block 30 intakes im dealing with you wouldnt worry about it lol. They look bad.
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