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  1. For me the best reference is the Ht model special issue... ciao Ale
  2. I need a pics of the content of this set...i'm starting to study a huge Fishbed project and i'm evalueting the aftermaket that i need to buy or not... Can anyone put a pics of this big set, in the web i can't find a pics of the content but only of the box and the components already assembled.. thanks in advance ciao Ale
  3. wow nice project! can you tell which colour you've used?? ciao Ale
  4. thanks so much for the pics, they could be a very good reference!!! I checked for the Tiger wing decals in some of the major web-shop but i can't find it... d'oh! thanks a lot to all for the help! ciao Ale
  5. Hy guys i'm building a trumpeter big Shenyang FT-6 in 32nd scale; my original intention was to paint my model in the pakistani three tone camouflage (light grey, medium grey and dark grey) but today a firend of mine suggested me this Bangladeshi one just for discussion Love at forst sight, but: who made the decals? There are other pics o plant view of this plane? I have some difficult to understand the mimetic scheme on the other side of the fuselage and on the wings... Thanks in advance for your attention ciao Ale
  6. I know that a bit of Shenyang J-6 (MiG-19 built in china under license) were painted by the PLAAF to distinguish it from the "normal" Shenyang: those camouflaged Farmers had used to avoid defections of chinese pilots. I read on the Aerofax text that the aircraft were painted in green/tan and sand/tan striped camo; so is this a real camo or a museum one???? JUST FOR DISCUSSION!!! i found only two pics of those particualr aircraft, can someone help me to fin other pics of those cao Shenyangs?? ciao Ale
  7. thanks to all for the answers! ciao Ale
  8. reading the wonderful book "Latin American fighters" by Harpia publishing, i found a pics of this Sabre (Canadair), now sitting as a gate guardian in a Air Force base! Suddeny fell in love with this airplane, i decided to reproduce it! I found a couple of pics on Airliners.net, so i ask some information: a) is this a real paint o a repaint with fantastic colour? B) is the darker colour a darker shade of green, a very dark grey (similar to A-10 lizzard Grey) or a black (NATO black or tyre black) c) it seems the lower surfaces could be in other colour, could it be the PRU blu of the "original
  9. Nice work..i start today my Hobby Boss Tornado and i found immediatly a problem with the cockpit... Trying to assembly it, i found a big hole between the fuselage and the rear blukhead...you also found this problem?? second: can you tell me whic colour you used for your Marineflieger Tornado?? I have some problem with the grey-gree colour: for the grey i use the RLM75 H-69 grom Gunze, and H56 or H42 for the grey-blue...for te grey-greeen?? I thinkit's similare to RLM02 grey or it's wrong?? thanks in advance ciao Ale
  10. Ale85

    Bf-109 Jg300

    thanks to all for the very precious information!!! Sadly i haven't the Eagle's bible!! ciao Ale
  11. Ale85

    Bf-109 Jg300

    thanks to all for the very precious information!!! Sadly i haven't the Eagle's bible!! ciao Ale
  12. Ale85

    Bf-109 Jg300

    For Luftwaffe's experts: i bought a decal sheet form eagle cls to make a 109 of the Jg300; the airplane is Yellow 17... Pleas can you help me with colours: according to the instruction sheet the plane is painted in 74/75 over black, with darker grey zone... I think all the upper urfaces are in 74/75?? The side of the fuselage is normally pianted in RLM76...in this case are they RLM 75 or overipainted with another kind of grey?? thanks in advance ciao Ale
  13. Hi guys! I lost the instruction sheet of the Aires egine set for Hasegawa's BF-109G-6 in 32nd scale... I try to search the instructions on modelchoice but i found only one part of them.. Does anyone has the instructions and can scan them for me??? thanks in advance ciao Ale
  14. My kit also haven't the profiles!!! I have only the Pakistani bird profiles!!! ciao Ale
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