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  1. DUAS for you and your family..


  2. Thanks to the FEED BACKS, kind sirs.. Sincerely, Farouk
  3. Hi,to all . . I've mentioned this in my thread "Fujimi nose angle" but didn't get any help there.. So I'm posting it here by itself Jorge (f4h1phantom)confirmed the Fujimi's nose should drooped(thanks, Jorge!) and I went with it and patterned the drooped from the drawing But, I can't help noticing the discrepancy of the Fujimi tail to profile/outline in the drawing.. can I assume that the drawing is more true to life than the kit's outline warranting modification to it?!!... Many, many thanks, once again... Farouk
  4. Hi: Here are images of the result of the nose surgery I did on my Fujimi's Phantom kit taking cue from Jorge's example: (Many thanks, Jorge)! and . . . is the profile (outline) in the drawing accurate that it warrants the correction in the shape of the rudder/fin?! Thanks in advance for any confirmation on this... Regards to all... Farouk
  5. Hi, Deke .. below is my version of PhilAF F-8H. The colors were as suggested by SuperHeat (many thanks again, Superheat) Regards, Farouk
  6. Many, many thanks, Jorge!!! Farouk
  7. Thanks so much, Jorge, for settling my doubts, and the superb "how to" correction...I'm taking cue from your illustration to correct my 72nd Fujimi F-4E Phantom.. Also, thanks to everyone for clarifying my doubts... Keep well Farouk
  8. I would appreciate advice on which is the correct angle for an F-4E (for Turkish KARA SAHIN): The drawing show a distinct(?)slope of the nose as compared to the Fujimi which looked (to me!) straight... I can't find side on photo of the real Kara Sahin to confirm the nose angle... Many thanks in advance... Farouk
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! That's very encouraging as I am really going for "45 - Bataan " and would pick from the list of BUNOs you have listed. The "22" in the collage is to establish the locations and sizes of the markings being having the prototype Museum photos (courtesy of Rank11). Here's the draft of the proposed decal: Again, many thanks to all who have help me with this project... Keep well Farouk
  10. Rank, thanks for the informations you have e-mailed me! Here's the outcome of those references: (I have PM'ed a PDF image of the initial/draft of the decal sheet a while ago to you . .) Tank, my thanks also to you . . Regards to all... Farouk
  11. Hi, Rank11,, PM'ed you my e-mail address . . . Thanks in advance... Keep well... Farouk
  12. Rank11, many thanks on your comment . . and, here's an update (revision)following your observastion on the 16440 I erred on the RGB value for 16440 on the previous graphics (not careful enough reading the refs!!) and will go with overall 16440 . . I hope my case on the color scheme would be rested and I can proceed with the decal making/printing. . I am, by the way, using the Italeri HH-53C kit (72nd) as basis (?) for this build . . I would appreciate any pointers on the differences of HH-53 and CH-53, and, what features needed to be "moded" on the basis . . MANY, MANY THANKS!! Rank11 a
  13. Hi, Rank11, Thanks for the info on the color scheme; and, accordingly made out (of, course no weathering treatment, etc): In this color scheme the markings are not so distinct as compared to the picture of the prototype "Bataan", seen at the head of this thread ; and, below... besides, the 16440 does not seem to match the prototype color(as per the same photo) . . . Is the color difference due to light condition or this an exception? I really would like to go with finish shown in the photo as near as possible... BATAAN is a place in the Philippines where the American and Filipino sol
  14. Sir Tank : Due to difficulty regarding matching Buno to Modex/aircraft name, do you think I can get away with out it and still find some correctness?! Please, comment on below graphics - an initial draft toward home-made decal: Does the grey comes as two tone (the way I showed it above) . . or just a single one as I can discerned from the photo of the Bataan at the beginning of this thread? Any comment is appreciated... Best regards to all.. Farouk
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