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Found 4 results

  1. 1/48 F/A-18 C/D parts wanted. (seats, wheels,nozzles, target pods) ANY KIT is ok 🙂 I can also use seats from the F-14D - F-15E Have 1/48 parts and decals to trade! See pics, will trade in your favor. I have a F/A-18 Testors Kit I'm building as a D model. Just would like to update the seats/wheels/nozzles/targeting pods/jdams. Let's work something out!
  2. Ehi guys, with the Fishbed finished, its time to move to the next model,taking advantage ( unfortunately) of the current situation. I opted for one of the planes actually confronting the MiG-21 ( and the MiG-23) over the Bekaa,the mainstay of the IDF/AF fighter force,the F-15 Baz. The subject is more than know and don't need any introduction by me, so I'll only add that will be Baz 695 of The Twin Tail squadron, adorned with four kill roundel. So,the mandatory pics,first the box... ...some of the goodies,Aires exhaust, Eduard PEs,Paragon Pyth
  3. Hello guys, finally I can show you my finished Baz. It take a lot of time to be completed 'cause, apart my notorious slowness to build and at some point a loss of mojo, the commission of what is now a full time work with models of various types consume my time almost completely... But now is there! The model rapresent Baz 695 named " Ha'kohav" The Star and with four kills think deserve it ,in the mid to late '80s, so before the various upgrades, comprised the ACES seat. The model is the classic Hasegawa in 1/72, with the following AMs: - Eduard PE detail se
  4. Hi all, Wondering what the correct color would be for the aluminum looking area on the bottom rear of the Strike Eagle. I tried Pale Burnt metal, and alclad steel and neither work well at all. I do have Alclad Chrome I could use, or should I go with airframe aluminum? Want to get that bit right for sure. Open to using any type of airbrushable metalizer paint, Like MM metalizers or otherwise.
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