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Found 8 results

  1. Here is a 1/72nd scale E-ing kit that I make. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QJ66gsy3oviXuhePD5_jZdFG-3rUXLi1/view?usp=sharing
  2. Finished just over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to getting some decent pictures up. Both of these Bandai kits fit like a dream and I've barely used any glue on either. No need really! I went Rogue One, Blue Squadron look on the X wing, but not going for movie accuracy. Paints are all Model Master. I'll probably build a different base as the Death Star look, it's not right. BB-8, I sprayed an orange pearl on all of the orange parts, which made it darker than it should be, and also sprayed aluminum on the silver. The white is the bare plastic, with Flory Model wash to highlight the small fasteners and panels. Comments are always welcome. I'm not great at weathering and working on it more and more (Takom King Tiger on the bench, it REQUIRES weathering!). Thanks all!
  3. Hi everyone After completing the Enterprise C (okay, during final completion) I started on this 1/72 X Wing kit. Compared to the AMT/Ertl Enterprise, this thing is a dream. Everything fit's perfectly, no gaps and glue really isn't need.....everything fits that tight. I've mostly finished the cockpit, though the plumbing needs more detail and the pilots seat needs weathering....and a pilot. I haven't painted figures since I built models in back when I was 10 (so, 25+ years ago) so I'm not really thrilled about that. But, I have made a good start on the wings. I've gone for a similar scheme to the Blue squadron from Rogue One, though I'm sure it won't be an exact match. I've been painting each panel one at a time, to hopefully make them look...well, like panels. More to come as progress is made. Feel free to comment. Cockpit area.....small. I'm used to 1/48 or 1/32 aircraft, so this is TINY to me. Wings. I tried to use Micro Mask to obtain chipping results, but after spraying a light coat of Floquil UP Armour Yellow, the stuff wouldn't rub off. Maybe the lacquer paint ate into it? Guesses? Chipping with pencils for now; first time I've tried this, I suppose it looks okay.
  4. Getting caught up on posting videos, this time returning to Star Wars models with Bandai's 1/72nd scale Tie Interceptor kit.
  5. Going back to looking at Star Wars kits this week with Revel's 1/35th scale First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter kit.
  6. The last trailer mad me very nervous. I feel like they are portraying Luke almost as a loser. He says there not 1 but 2 mega powerful force users out there. I am used defining Luke as the most powerful Jedi for more than 30 years. I am not ready for this. Hope they do not destroy Luke. Mark Hamil's interviews make me nervous he says Luke is nothing like he envisioned.
  7. Going back to Scifi this week with a look at Bandai's 1/72nd scale A-wing kit.
  8. So want to get this posted before I post the new video tomorrow. Doing something a little different this week and are looking at an older snap kit from MPC of the venerable Y-wing from Star Wars.
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