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  1. Coming down to the end of another year with this last review of the year. Back to figures this week with another Master Box release of their steam punk inspired Irene figure in 1/24th scale.
  2. Taking a look at another car kit for the first time in several years. This week we are reviewing Hasegawa's 1/24th scale 1966 Coup Type I.
  3. Back with another destroyer kit this week, taking a look this time at Pit Road's 1/700th scale IJN Inazuma.
  4. Sticking with Hasegawa this week with a look at another one of their Phantom kits with their F-4EJ Kai in 1/48th scale and in markings for the JASDF 302nd squadron's retirement markings.
  5. Few days late getting this video posted due to some scheduling issues. Taking a look at another figure kit this week with Hasegawa's 1/12th scale Cardigan resin figure kit.
  6. Have another Girls und Panzer armor kit for everyone this week, with Platz's 1/35th scale ARL44.
  7. Back on naval subject matter this week with Fujimi's 1/700th scale Fuso kit.
  8. Doing a mecha kit this week from Good Smile Company with their Strelitzia kit from Darling in the FranXX.
  9. So after a very long time we are looking again at another one of Lindberg's model kits with their B-58 Hustler kit in 1/128th scale.
  10. Returning to looking at figure kits this week with one of Bandai's Figurerise Bust kits, this time of Kanan from Love Live.
  11. Going to be looking at a destroyer kit of the USS Ward, the ship that fired the first American shots of WWII, in 1/700th scale.
  12. We are going to be looking at the first Eduard kit that I ever bought this week with their 1/48th scale Il-2M Shturmovik.
  13. Back on figures again this week with a look at Bandai's 1/12th scale figure of the iconic Darth Vader.
  14. Back to looking at naval subject matter again this week with a look at the USS Laffey from Dragon in 1/350th scale.
  15. Going back to figure kits this week and looking at another one of Volks' Charagumin kits of Joan of Arc in 1/8th scale.
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