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  1. Back to Hasegawa figures again this week with Claire in her SF suit in 1/12th scale.
  2. Staying on aircraft this week and looking at another airliner kit with Zvezda's 1/144th scale Tu-154M kit.
  3. Doing a scale of aircraft that you don't typically see this week with Border Model's 1/35th scale, (no that is not a typo), BF109G-6 kit.
  4. Going to be looking at our first Airfix kit in a long while with their 1/48th scale Defiant Mk.1 kit.
  5. Late getting this up due to combination of Orangecon here in Socal and my monthly IPMS club meeting. Returning to figures again this week with another one of Hasegawa's 1/12th beauties with their Round Girl
  6. Last part is finally up and viewable
  7. Going down in scale this week and looking at Zvezda's 1/144 Tu-134UBL kit
  8. Finished photos of the Amusing Hobby Me262 HG III. Built OOB and finished with SMS paints; went with them as their color blend is closest to photos of late war Messerschmitt camo colors.
  9. Next part is now up, covering the build and detailing of the engine
  10. Returning to 1/48th scale aircraft this week and looking at a kit from Wolfpack with their P-35A
  11. It has been a very long time since I was able to get to do work on this video series but I am in the final push to getting it done. Here is the next part where we finish up the fuselage and paint this kit.
  12. Back to figures and looking at another one of Hasegawa's 1/12th scale figures, and a sequel to one we previously looked at, with their Blond Girl Rider Vol. 2 figure.
  13. Staying on aircraft this week and doing our first paper plane kit with Amusing's Me262 HGIII kit in 1/48th scale
  14. Switching gears and going back to aircraft this week, taking a look at a kit that I have wanted to get for a long time with Tamiya's 1/48th scale Do335B-2
  15. Staying with figures and looking at Hasegawa's 1/12 Egg Girl Tora figure
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