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  1. 1/48 Pilot Replicas J21 A-3 Review/Preview

    Another review I managed to not get around to posting but, this week kit is one that I have been looking forward to for some time as I am a big fan of pusher aircraft. That being said this week's review is of Pilot Replicas' 1/48th scale Saab J21 A-3 Kit.
  2. 1/72 Minicraft PV-1 Ventura Review/Preview

    So I somehow forgot to post this when I initial uploaded it, mostly due to my work schedule that week being very hectic. Anyway looking at another Minicraft kit this week with their 1/72nd scale PV-1 Ventura kit.
  3. Looking at another small scale kit this week with Minicraft's TU-22M3 Backfire C bomber in 1/144th scale.
  4. Looking at a special release F6F-5 Hellcat kit from Hasegawa in 1/48th scale with marking from Leiji Matsumoto's series "The Cockpit."
  5. Back to looking at armor kits this week with Platz's 1/35th IS-2 kit in Girls und Panzer markings.
  6. 1/48 Minicraft P-38J Lightning Review/Preview

    Looking at another P-38J kit this week with Minicraft's version in 1/48th scale.
  7. 1/32 AMT Avanti Sport Coupe Review/Preview

    Taking a break from the normal list of subjects I cover to take a look at one of AMT's more recent re-releases of their 1/32nd scale Avanti Sport Coupe.
  8. Looking at Platz's boxing of Dragon's Jagdtiger in 1/35th scale in Girls und Panzer markings.
  9. Taking a look at a classic, with Hasegawa's 1/48th scale RF-4E Phantom kit in Hellenic markings.
  10. Another Girls und Panzer kit this week, looking at the 1/35th scale Tiger II kit from Platz.
  11. Another Girls und Panzer kit this week. Looking at the Platz boxing of the 1/35th scale M3 Lee kit.
  12. Hasegawa TBF Avenger Egg Plane Review/Preview

    Late getting this posted due to a couple of hectic work days back to back, but this week we have an older boxing of Hasegawa's TBF Avenger egg plane.
  13. 1/32 Matchbox BF109E Review/Preview

    Late getting this posted, but this week has us looking at a very old kit from Matchbox of the BF109E in 1/32nd scale.
  14. 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-3 Late Review/Preview

    This week we are back looking at another prop kit again, with Trumpeter's Mig-3 Late kit in 1:48th scale.
  15. 1/48 Fine Molds KA-14 Review/Preview

    Looking at a rare prototype subject matter this week with Fine Mold's KA-14 kit, as featured in the film "The Wind Rises."