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  1. Ranger_Chris61

    1/72 Heller T-28 Trojan Review/Preview

    Looking at another prop kit this week with Heller's T-28 Trojan kit in 1/72nd scale.
  2. Little late getting this posted but looking at another large Hasegawa bird this week, with their 1/32nd scale N1K2-J in markings for the series Shidenkai no Maki.
  3. Ranger_Chris61

    1/350 AMT Klingon Bird of Prey Review/Preview

    I would not say that it is 535th scale, it looks far to big to be in that scale as to compare it to other Trek kits that are close to that scale the BOP is much larger. I will admit I could be wrong but based on my own handling of it and other Trek kits 350th seems correct for the scale.
  4. Getting caught up on posting videos, this time returning to Star Wars models with Bandai's 1/72nd scale Tie Interceptor kit.
  5. Little behind on getting these videos posted so am gonna try to get cought up today. Looking at a little different subject matter than I have been looking at in the past with Tamiya's 1/48th scale M8 Greyhound kit.
  6. Ranger_Chris61

    1/48 Eduard BF110G-2 Review/Preview

    Looking at one of the first kits I ever bought and one I have been wanting to do a video on for several years now with Eduard's 1/48th scale BF110G-2 kit.
  7. Back to looking at Girls und Panzer kits again this week with a look at Platz's T-28 kit in 1/35th scale.
  8. Back again looking at aircraft this week with an older release in the form of Revel's 1/48th scale A-6E Intruder kit in marking from the film "Flight of the Intruder."
  9. Sorry for the delay on posting this, have had alot on my plate the last few weeks and simply did not get around to doing this. As for the review we are going in a much different route this week and looking at AMT's large 1/350th scale Klingon Bird of Prey kit.
  10. Ranger_Chris61

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Review/Preview

    Returning to aircraft subject matter this week with a look at Tamiya's 1/48th scale A6M2 Zero kit.
  11. Going back to looking at Star Wars kits this week with Revel's 1/35th scale First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter kit.
  12. Ranger_Chris61

    1/72 Revel F-22 Raptor Review/Preview

    First new review video of the year. Staying with 1/72nd scale subject matter, this week we look at Revel's take on the F-22 Raptor in 1/72nd scale.
  13. Returning to aircraft subject matter this week with a look at Monograms F-4J Phantom kit in 1/72nd scale.
  14. Ranger_Chris61

    1/72 Bandai A-wing Review/Preview

    Going back to Scifi this week with a look at Bandai's 1/72nd scale A-wing kit.
  15. Looking at another large scale kit this week with Hasegawa's KI61-1 Tony in 1/32nd scale with marking for the series Shidenkai no Maki.