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  1. Looking at an older Revell kit this week with their 1/32nd scale F3F-3 kit
  2. Changing things up and going big this week with a look at Takom's 1/72nd scale HMS Hood turret kit.
  3. These were then painted with a lighter mix color focusing on the high areas. Lastly I painted the goggles and oxygen masks. Aside from a few touch ups the figures are done and I can star work on closing up the fuselage.
  4. This was then drybrushed with a lighter mix to catch the highlights. I then moved on to the flight caps and gloves.
  5. I then moved onto working on the uniform. For the base I am using Blue, however it did not come out as dark as I wanted. So I will be looking for a darker blue tomorrow to try and do a thin over coat to tone it down. I then worked more on the uniforms, painting a base khaki color.
  6. After this had dried I then made a 50/50 mix of Basic Skintone and Light Flesh and did a heavy drybrush. Finally I used a light drybrush of just Light Flesh to finish his skin off.
  7. Spent most of today working on the pilot figures so we can finally close up the cockpit. For figures like this i am using Vallejo as that is what i have available. Started with doing a base of Medium Flesh Tone on the B/N, only figure in the crew with exposed skin, which I unfortunately did not grab a photo of. I next did a rough 50/50 mix of the initial skin tone with Basic Skintone. This was applied a little more conservatively sticking more to the high areas of the face. After this I used just Basic Skintone keeping even more to the high areas then before.
  8. Yeah Minicraft did a series of kits like this, most of them were variations of different historical airlines on 777s. Worth it if no other reason then the fantastic box art.
  9. Looking at an interesting kit this week with Minicraft's 1/200 H-4 kit in TWA markings.
  10. Last bit is a major change of plans. I initially planned to use the kit's parts for the rear turret, but the more I looked at them the more I knew they looked like crap. So I was fortunately able to find some stl files to print the rear guns. These parts also came with the supports already placed so I was able to just place them in the slicer software and go. As a precaution and save time and ensure my math was right I printed a couple extra at slightly smaller size. These were ultimately not needed as the initial size worked perfectly. After check
  11. Next I moved back to working on the fuselage. Main thing this update was getting the side windows installed. One of them required a little more work to get it fitting correctly, but it did eventually fit into place.
  12. So here is the Blenheim progress from the last couple days. First I started work on the turret. I removed the bit sticking up, which the instructions did not show as being a locator plug so will make due when it comes time to attach. I the attached the barrels from the last update and the locking peg to seal it all in.
  13. Looking at another one of Hasegawa's Egg Girl figures this week with their 1/12th scale Ami in her Bikini
  14. Lastly, was the base coat of black on the instrument panel. Will drybrush the dial details once the black has fully set up.
  15. Next was the yoke which receive a coat of paint on it.
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