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  1. Late getting this up due to Christmas and spending time with family. Finishing out the year with our last 1/32nd aircraft, looking at Revell's Hawker Hunter FGA.9/Mk.58 kit.
  2. Going back to figures this week with a look at Hasegawa's 1/12th scale Maid figure.
  3. Back to 1/32 scale aircraft again this week, taking a look at Roden's L-19 Bird Dog kit.
  4. Doing a subject matter that we have not done in a while this week. We are going to be looking at Zvevda's 1/144th scale A350-900 kit.
  5. Late getting this posted as I was out of town last week. Looking at another aircraft kit again this week, with Tamiya's 1/48th scale Spitfire Mk.1 kit. This is the older tooling of this aircraft released in the early 90's and not the new tooling that was release in 2018.
  6. Back on 1/32nd scale aircraft this week with another Zoukei-Mura kit with their J7W kit in special Ah! My Goddess markings.
  7. Switching gears this week and going to be going Sci-Fi and looking at Revell's reboxing of Fine Molds 1/48th scale Tie Fighter kit.
  8. Back on 1/32nd aircraft kits this week, taking a look at an Eduard kit with their BF109E Over the Balkan Peninsula release.
  9. Got a big one for you guys this week. We are going to be looking at Revell's MASSIVE HE111P-1 Heinkel kit in 1/32nd scale.
  10. Changing this up this week and going to be looking at another one of Tamiya's small 1/100th scale aircraft kits with their A-4E Skyhawk kit.
  11. Looking at another very large kit again this week with Revell's 1/32nd scale Super Hornet kit.
  12. This week we are looking at a older 32nd scale kit with Hasegawa's P-26A kit, a subject matter and time period that does not get the same amount of kits as other periods.
  13. Sticking with Revell and looking at their Me410B-6/R-2 kit in 1/48th scale from their ProModeler line of kits.
  14. Back on 1/32nd scale aircraft again this week. We will be looking at Revell's new, at the time that this video was recorded, P-51D Early Mustang. This is also the second boxing of this kit, which to the best of my knowledge only has a different set of decals from the first boxing.
  15. Another major change of gears this week and looking at a Star Trek kit again for the first time in a while. We will be looking at AMT's Vor'Cha Class Battle Cruiser in 1/1400th scale.
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