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So here is a last minute entry, a replacement for my crashed P-40 Tomahawk. As th subtitle say it's a Razorback, featured in the documentary Thunderbolt from 1943, made by William Wyler, famed for the documentary Memphis Belle.

The kit is Tamiyas 1/48 Razorback with Eduard ZOOM cockpit set and placard set. The Decals is Eagle Strike's (formerly Aeromaster) Best Seller Thunderbolts 5. The paints used are: Tamiya spray ca, Alclad II, Gunze, Tamiya Humbrol and Testors MadelMaster.The kit was started in November, but photos are taged with the date 2001-01-02, the kit wasn't even bought at that time!

I havn't taken many pictures during the build, but here are some of the cockpit.







More Later.

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Looking good. This one's going to go right down to the wire!

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Well. I did finish it in time but my computer didnt upload my reply :o Got home today after a twoday roundtrip and saw the mess.:cheers: I reuploaded my photos to photobucket as that seemed to be the fault. Anyway here are the photos of the finished girl :D I hope they didn't arrive to late now, well enjoy anyway guys, it's this years first finished model :boohoo:



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