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  1. I have a 1/25 1999 Chevy kit and it's in 4x2. Is there a conversion to 4x4?
  2. The Italeri kits are good. They take some care and if you don't rush things they will produce good kits for your shelf. The negative side is that all newer ones are boring eurotractors in 4x2 configuration.
  3. Well, disregarding the earthquake and it's aftermath, wouldn't we have seen a notification of the next release by now? What has been the time lapsed between the other 1/32 releases? 6-8 months? I belive that with regards to the earthquake, we will see a bit of distance between releases now, and i belive that the next two or three will be P51D variants. I don't think we will see a new subject until next winter or even late spring 2013. I do hope i'm wrong so we eventually can get a Corsair wich i hope they will do soon. I also belive the speculation about German stuff and i concur that a Me109
  4. I also made that misstake, but since i hadn't built the engine in my Spit mk XIV i could swap them. The engine in the Spit mk XIV and Mustang are the same (Packard-Merlin 266) but the intake airfilter are diffeent, so is the engine attachment parts in the kits. There are also some parts that are for the Rolls Royce Merlin 66 in the Spit mk IX and mk VIII kits. So be very carefull in what parts you use.
  5. I can only agree with you, this is a stunning kit. The parts fit is excellent, even better than the Spitfire kits. Beware when assembling the carburettor/supercharger intake (no not turbocharger, not on this aircraft), the correct parts for the Mustang kit is on sprue V. I misstakenly built a Spitfire mk XVI engine, but i hadn't built my Spit XVI engine so i recovered that one. Use the wrong parts and you can't screw the engine in place.
  6. I too will get Mustang's, lets see, Ferrocious Frankie to go with MH434, one of Chuck Yeagers planes, maybe a CBI one, and of course one or two Swedish J26's.
  7. Hi! You need low temp solder to solder white metal and a lot of "soldering water". Carrs in the UK make both 70*C and 145*C solder.
  8. Been in contact with the De Havilland Museum at Salisbury Hall?
  9. Ohh, but there are visual differences. Edgar could tell you in detail. I know of the header tank for the intercooler coolant and some piping in connection to that tank.
  10. I like the Corsair far more than the Mustang, far far more. BUT, a Mustang means i can build a Swedish one, or two or three, and Ferrocious Frankie as a complement to MH434 and Biltema's Cavalier Mustang. The Packard-Merlin 266 is already produced, in the Spitfire mk XVI kit. And i do hope this isn't an april fools day thing..........
  11. I know about the enforcer. Hmmm, if that is the cousin then the F-51T is the younger brother.
  12. ;) :D I love your (Super-) Mustang. If this is the F-51R whats was it's turbinepowered cousin called? F-51T?
  13. TuveB

    tiger cat help

    Well i don't think money order is available in Sweden.......... It was difficul 15 years ago. Checks are available but costs plenty. You see the banks want us to use cards or direct bank transfers or internet transactions. Postal money order is not available since there are no post offices anymore. The postal service only deliver letters. Parcel is delivered to a third party parcel outlet. I'll contact him and se if a money transfer is an option.
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