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Small M16 Subsystem Walkaround

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So last week my wife and I went on honeymoon to San Diego and I had a chance to visit the USS Midway museum. I only took some that were of specific interest to me, not wanting to annoy my wife anymore than I already was by making her walk around the thing in the first place hehe. I figured I'd share the few pictures I did take for any who might be interested.










The aircraft was, according the serial on it, a UH-1B (60-3614). According to Joe Baugher's serial list, this aircraft is on the civil register as N70264 and is indeed the one on the Midway. It was painted up as a HA(L)-3 aircraft. According to the Seawolf Association, this was not an aircraft that actually served with HA(L)-3.

The armament fitted was slightly interesting as well. It was an M16 armament subsystem, with M158A1 rocket pods, but the Sagami-type mounts fitted were more reminiscent of later types used by HA(L)-5 among others. HA(L)-5 never used them on the M16 though, only using the M21. I've seen pictures of at least one other museum piece with these type of mounts. No guns were fitted to the one on the Midway, though there was a very rusty M60D inside the closed cabin.

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