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  1. Well I have clearly been off of ARC for too long. Looking fantastic, Oliver! Ray
  2. Well I see you are having fun with this thread, Bryan! Ray
  3. The rotorhead details on the KH kit will blow the old Italeri kit away though. I am wondering how well the Italeri blades could be removed from the rotorhead and bashed together with the KH rotorhead though. Watching the video several times I see KH chose to use the main rotor sprue and weapons and door sprue from the D/H kit. Basically they did the same thing Italeri did in reverse. Since Italeri did the N before the D/H, they just used the N main rotor sprue for their D/H kit. Some good things about the kit include: good detail on the overhead panel unlike the empty one on the D/H kit (
  4. It is a fantastic kit in most respects. I'm sure it will get fixed at some point. Sometimes they just get ahead of themselves trying to get kits out the door. Now I'm thinking about how to fix it. Maybe this styrene strips faired into the trailing edge of the main rotor. Ray
  5. Well ( explitive deleted). Why do I even bother sending them refs when they are just choosing to ignore them! Those are D/H main rotor blades with no variable chord! You can't fix that easily. Sad since the rest of the kit looks great. Oh well, I tried at least. Ray
  6. SVNdowntown827Edite.jpg.983b16bce17975bb2603abbad389be31.jpg


    Photoshop can do wonders with digital shots.  A little Shadows/Highlights can show all kinds of detail.  The CARC paint plays hell with the sensors and film.  I'm in the process of digitizing my shots of 58's and with some shots it's the only way to salvage the picture.


    Any 58 shots you might have, I'd love to take a look at them.




    Bryan Wilburn

    Manassas VA

    720 219-0214

  7. Hi,


    I'm doing a bit of research on 58's.  Is there any way to get a full size shot of the OH-58D you posted in the SPEC Ops AH-6 thread?


    Bryan Wilburn


    AKA BWDenver

  8. I had the privilege of visiting Bell Ozark when the Kenyan birds were being flight tested. The photo is one I took of her in Alabama. Ray
  9. How about these: Bell 427 in PHI markings. Bell photo. Bell 205A C-GREU Advantage Vernon, BC August 2012. Photo by John Olafson. UH-1H N733NA NASA at NAS Moffett Field, CA in July 1985. Photo taken by Tim White. Bristow 212 from the Wayne Mutza collection. A great perspective on a 412. Photo from Bell collection dated 2005. Taken by Sheldon Cohen.
  10. Thanks. I posted it on Scale Rotors as well. Ray
  11. I use pastel sticks form Hobby Lobby. I have a set that has lasted as long as i've been in the hobby and will probably be around when I'm gone. I's a set of earth tones and black and grays. I just scrape some off with an old hobby knife blade into a cup and apply dry with an old brush. I try to mix back plus several dark grays to give it a realistic look. I also learned not to spray clear on it afterwards as it really dulls it back. Yes, it can come off on your hands if you aren't careful, but it looks much more realistic. Also, it goes down well on matte finishes, not so much on gloss.
  12. Ok, Dutch. You are probably better off without it anyway. Ray
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