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  1. Ian, As you can see here, the AH-1G has a pretty clean belly. This is the only pic I have the really shows much of the belly. It's the G model at the US Army Aviation Museum back when she was displayed on the front fo the Museum. I hope the pics of the tail give you the detail you need. Ray
  2. Gary, You musta been with the wrong gunners then! Or else you were in a slick in which case the M60D is not meant to be fired from the ground and while possible is not something you would usually take time to remove form the pintle mount. By the way, the reason these guys have the rods on the barrels was to keep them from swinging the gun inside the cabin while they were firing. This was NOT a common mod but some units did it. Ray
  3. John, Loach doorgunners never used the pistol grip strapped to the side of the forearm. That was exclusively a HAL-3 Sewolves mod as far as I can tell. Here's a pretty typical Loach M60A setup from Joe Crockett. The factory A model buttstock was replaced with the rear piece from a M60C. I also added a pic of the Vietnam era M60 family photo for those who don't know the different models. Ray
  4. John, I have thought about doing a Huey book. Mike Verier and Alexander Ludeke have very nice recent books on the Cobra. This is a backdated G model made from a Mod S. However, the cockpit looks very good. The orange hose should be black though. Also, I think the gray is a bit too bright. HTH Ray
  5. Let me know if you need anything else specific, John. I should be able to help you out. Ray
  6. John, You know I got you covered, buddy. This is AH-1G 71-15090 at FT. Rucker. One of the last original G models. That grubby Fingers walkaround is a chimera so i wouldn't rely to heavily on it for accuracy. Ray
  7. I just wanted to put the exclamation mark on this amazing build by sharing this FSM comment about Oliver's amazing build from a 25 year Navy veteran Lt. Commander. I cannot imagine a higher compliment or a more ringing endorsement of this piece. Congrats, Oliver! Ray
  8. Well I have clearly been off of ARC for too long. Looking fantastic, Oliver! Ray
  9. Well I see you are having fun with this thread, Bryan! Ray
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