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  1. You sir are a mad genius. Your skills at a fabrication are amazing! Ray
  2. rotorwash

    Completed OH-58A 1/48 ESCI

    Nice work, Charlie! Ray
  3. rotorwash

    Bell beauty shots

    How about these: Bell 427 in PHI markings. Bell photo. Bell 205A C-GREU Advantage Vernon, BC August 2012. Photo by John Olafson. UH-1H N733NA NASA at NAS Moffett Field, CA in July 1985. Photo taken by Tim White. Bristow 212 from the Wayne Mutza collection. A great perspective on a 412. Photo from Bell collection dated 2005. Taken by Sheldon Cohen.
  4. rotorwash

    1:72 Italeri UH-1N Twin Huey

    Nice work on this one! Ray
  5. rotorwash

    1/72 TAH-1G Finished

    Thanks. I posted it on Scale Rotors as well. Ray
  6. rotorwash

    1/72 TAH-1G Finished

    I use pastel sticks form Hobby Lobby. I have a set that has lasted as long as i've been in the hobby and will probably be around when I'm gone. I's a set of earth tones and black and grays. I just scrape some off with an old hobby knife blade into a cup and apply dry with an old brush. I try to mix back plus several dark grays to give it a realistic look. I also learned not to spray clear on it afterwards as it really dulls it back. Yes, it can come off on your hands if you aren't careful, but it looks much more realistic. Also, it goes down well on matte finishes, not so much on gloss. Ray
  7. rotorwash

    What's out there for a USN TH-57 in 1/48?

    Ok, Dutch. You are probably better off without it anyway. Ray
  8. rotorwash

    Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Nice work on the engines a transmission, Oliver. Ray
  9. rotorwash

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    This is just insane! I can't even comprehend hos much work you put into this project, John. Fantastic stuff! Ray
  10. rotorwash

    What's out there for a USN TH-57 in 1/48?

    You can post your originals to Facebook, Dutch, and then just copy them into the thread like i did the ones above. Ray
  11. rotorwash

    Special Hobby CH-37

    John, You should have sent me a message as I have collected more CH-37 images since these old posts. Is you work in the form of a book for purchase? Thanks, Ray
  12. rotorwash

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey

    I wish they would release them all in 1/72! I have a feeling you'll see your 1/48 AH-1G before that happens though! Ray
  13. rotorwash

    What's out there for a USN TH-57 in 1/48?

    Here you go, Dutch. Just "copy image" and the paste it here like this. Ray
  14. I get you Bo, but the 212/UH-1N has WAY more international appeal than the Cobra (although both Floyd and I would love a new tool Cobra). There are a lot of differences but there are also similarities between the H and N. Just look at the Huey II. It started life as a UH-1H and after adding 212 drive train, tailboom and L703 engine, viola a new bird. So the fuselage is good, but, ironically, the seats are not. USAF and Marines used totally different seats form the US Army. If you looks at the layout of the KH kit, you can see they planned for lots of updated parts for the N model. If they do it right, there will be a LOT of updating! Ray
  15. I think that's pretty much all the ones i have from Dan as well. Like I said, Dan is the man regarding these ALQ-144 birds! Ray