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Rafale? J-10? + MiG-21

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So, after a year I'm back again and looking for a new project... have a few ideas in mind, but two in specific, which I would ask about. How are these kits in terms of accuracy, value/price? Hobby Boss Rafale C 1/48 and Trumpeter J-10?

And the third project in mind is a Ye-2 or maybe a Ye-50 variant; I've in mind to use a MiG-21F-13 body and MiG-19 wings as basis parts. Anybody ever done this? Would be interested in hearing any tips, if someone has. I'd need an F-13 with a narrow vertical stabiliser, but am not familiar with what's available as far as F-13s, apart from the Revell 1/72... any MiG-21F-13 and MiG-19 in 1/48?

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The Trumpeter and the Bronco J-10 kits are worth a buy. Regarding the Rafale, I would take Revell. The Hobby Boss kit is somehow very similar to the Revell kit (you know what I mean) but the details are not that sharp.


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I've built the Revell Rafale and currently have both he Bronco J-10 kits (single and 2-seaters) in my stash.

The J-10 is slightly more expensive than the Rafale, but it has far superior cockpit detail and wheel bay details. It employs more advanced manufacturing technology than the Revell kit - slide molding and mult-colored sprues - to give you a better product that's easier to build. In terms of details and manufacturing merits, the Bronco kits blow the Revell Rafale out of the water. The Bronco kits also give you the option of using a metal pitot tube and photo etch seat belts, as well one 1-piece vs multi-piece canopy.

Both the J-10 and Rafale have bland grey schemes. So if you're looking to build something more colorful, then you're better off with the MiG-21.



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I've seen photos of the "naked" Dragon, and it'd look phenomenal as a model, I think - though perhaps a bit beyond my abilities at the moment. But in future, perhaps.

@loftycomfort: Well, the grey doesn't bother me much, and the next MiG-21 I want to do will be NMF (the early prototype with the MiG-19 wings).

Rafale I want to do as a what-if: Rafale-N of VF 870, HMCS Bonaventure... :D

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