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  1. Somehow, the kit still has not arrived in Europe, or did I miss something? At least for Germany ordering in Asia would make this kit more expensive than buying it fron a local dealer, so this is not an option. At Lucky Model the kit is 108 Euros including shipping and I would have to pay another 19% VAT at customs.
  2. I would take two sets. One for the B and one for the C. Thomas
  3. You should also consider a partner in EU Europe. On Jan. 1st 2021 the UK is completely out of the EU. Not the best position for making business with Europe. I would suggest Aero Spezial or Shop of Phantoms from Andreas Klein of Airdoc as partners in the EU. Thomas
  4. Haven´t built it yet, good to know.
  5. Intake trunks are available. I have them, very nice. D-Mold
  6. On this picture posted on FB you see the issue very well IMO, when compared to the original.
  7. Raymond, I really appreciate that you come here and explain some of the the background of why things are as they are. Maybe you should consider some more publicity with the CAD´s here, before the tool cutting starts. Here are many, many more eyes who might see issues. I will get the TF-104G kit, because I believe that you put great efforts into it to get it right this time. A little bitter sweet taste stays, because the single seater remains with the shape issue. The reason behind you made clear. Maybe there will be a possibility to get F-104A/C fuselage parts for adapting it with
  8. I am not the best red line handler, the intake duct "bulge" on the fuselage ends too early on the Kinetic kit. r...
  9. Dear Raymond, I also really appreciate that you are coming here to defend your kit (your "baby") and I am also happy to hear, that you address the shape issue on the TF-104G and a coming F-104A/C. The shape issue might also caused a problem with wrong panel lines in the transition between fuselage to the rear wing connection. The rest of the kit looks superb, as some other people already mentioned. I cannot check the dimensions of the Kinetic kit, as I don´t have it. Generally, I really like you kits and I have some (CF-188, both AMX, Mirage 2000, Super Etendard, Sea Harr
  10. Thanks all! Seems, I could avoid the trouble with the wrong windscreen, if I would go with the Yak-28P interceptor from Hobbyboss. Thomas
  11. Raymond from Kinetic mentioned in the FB thread on the forthcoming release of the TF-104G kit as he was asked by a member if the fuselage shape issue will corrected, that it will happen. Unfortunately it is unclear, if also the single seater parts will be addressed. When you google Kinetic F-104 you will find some builds, where the shape issue pops out, like this one from Kitchecker: When you compare it to the original it is so obvious: And while researching the issue, I got the impression, that the Revell 1/72 has a similar issue with t
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