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  1. Hello all, is it me, or is there no visible difference in the parts of Aires´early and late Rafale B cockpit sets except for the display of the parts on the pictures? How accurate are they, anyway? early late Thanks for watching.
  2. It would be great, if they would react on emails, when there is an issue with an order.
  3. In the meantime.... I asked mid September, when the kit was already out for months, but not available in Europe. Where is this shop?
  4. Somehow, the kit still has not arrived in Europe, or did I miss something? At least for Germany ordering in Asia would make this kit more expensive than buying it fron a local dealer, so this is not an option. At Lucky Model the kit is 108 Euros including shipping and I would have to pay another 19% VAT at customs.
  5. I would take two sets. One for the B and one for the C. Thomas
  6. You should also consider a partner in EU Europe. On Jan. 1st 2021 the UK is completely out of the EU. Not the best position for making business with Europe. I would suggest Aero Spezial or Shop of Phantoms from Andreas Klein of Airdoc as partners in the EU. Thomas
  7. Haven´t built it yet, good to know.
  8. Intake trunks are available. I have them, very nice. D-Mold
  9. On this picture posted on FB you see the issue very well IMO, when compared to the original.
  10. Raymond, I really appreciate that you come here and explain some of the the background of why things are as they are. Maybe you should consider some more publicity with the CAD´s here, before the tool cutting starts. Here are many, many more eyes who might see issues. I will get the TF-104G kit, because I believe that you put great efforts into it to get it right this time. A little bitter sweet taste stays, because the single seater remains with the shape issue. The reason behind you made clear. Maybe there will be a possibility to get F-104A/C fuselage parts for adapting it with
  11. I am not the best red line handler, the intake duct "bulge" on the fuselage ends too early on the Kinetic kit. r...
  12. Dear Raymond, I also really appreciate that you are coming here to defend your kit (your "baby") and I am also happy to hear, that you address the shape issue on the TF-104G and a coming F-104A/C. The shape issue might also caused a problem with wrong panel lines in the transition between fuselage to the rear wing connection. The rest of the kit looks superb, as some other people already mentioned. I cannot check the dimensions of the Kinetic kit, as I don´t have it. Generally, I really like you kits and I have some (CF-188, both AMX, Mirage 2000, Super Etendard, Sea Harr
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