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Group build section after comp ends?

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I talked with Karl, and what we will be doing, for any build (and mine likely as well Stephen), those that aren't completed, will be continued in the "In-Progress Builds" section of the forum. How eexactly that will be done, I'm not sure. Whether it's ending the threads here, and having new ones in the build thread, or something else, I'm not sure. They may perhaps just continue here. I know that I'll keep my build updated as progress is made.

In short, there is nothing wrong with startinig here... one big central B-17 section...

Hope this helps,


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Cheers. While I have very little time at present, I did get my 1/48th visible B-17 out yesterday. I started making a list of changes that needed to be made in each section of the airframe. This is to correctly represent the 4th B-17G made ( #42-31035 ), and to accomodate the detailing I wanted since I want to do a full cutaway.

With my limited time at present, I can only see small parts being made so far, but doing a cutaway of the wings, tail as well as fuselage, it's going to be a monster long term project.

Knowing how forums work, I'm sure incomplete threads can be moved to a different section by an Admin or Moderator.

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