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  1. I think it says something that, for the most part, everyone here agrees the movie was worth seeing. We all know this can be a tough crowd for movie reviews, so that should be worth something. TAKE THAT ROGER EBERT!
  2. Concur with everyone so far, the flying was pretty Star Warsy, but nothing that made me feel like I wasted my money, they stuck with the chain of events pretty well, I was even happy with small things, like the B-26’s getting some screen time, the Pearl Harbor layout looked pretty good as far as ships, even Joe Rocheforts dungeon looked pretty good, hell, even John Ford was In it. And nobody took their girl for a joy ride in a P-40, lol. I feel it was a Good Friday night.
  3. A lot of Joe Rocheforts efforts in the build up to Midway really started to take form in the aftermath of the intelligence failures leading up to Pearl Harbor, so I'm glad to hear they started the movie to allow for a sort of build up of events. I'm curious to see how well its done, your starting to give me hope. At a minimum, it'll be something fun for the wife and I do on a Friday since I actually have one off from work.
  4. The Kracken attacks and scatters boats everywhere!
  5. I think I'm going to cave and see it. You can never really expect a movie to be a historical lesson, lets face it, at that point it becomes a documentary and it ends the hopes for producers to achieve the next great blockbuster. But if a movie can spark interest in at least some people, and spark the desire to buy a book and learn more, that's a small win. I remember the first time I saw the good old Charlton Heston Midway, my friends and I spent weeks 'dogfighting' on our bikes, 35 years later I own more books than I have room in my house for. From the few previews I've seen, you can catch a quick glimpse of a ship and recognize it as a Yorktown class, or the Yamato, so there's some hope that it might be worth checking out. I first caught wind of this being made maybe two years ago, and I honestly had chills thinking how bad they could mess it up (Pearl Harbor).
  6. This sounds like it could be the beginnings of the best worst B movie ever made!
  7. Fortunately the Combined Fleet and Task Forces 16/17 weathered the storm, but Midway was rotated to an east/west facing, lol
  8. nope, that was a visitor in one of my clubs display cases at a museum.
  9. The ways your models can get damaged is just endless, fortunately mine were able to outmaneuver the Kraken!
  10. The VEN on the 400 and 402 is driven with oil. When the engine shuts down, the system depressurizes, and the ven actuators draw back in and close the nozzle. Usually when they stay open, there is either air in the system, something bound and got jammed, or someone did maintenance and didn’t close it when they finished which isn’t a big deal. When the motor cranks on the next start, the vpu while drive it closed, then it will reschedule.
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6924650/videoplayer/vi1647098905?ref_=tt_ov_vi discuss....
  12. The AO’s used O when I was a Blaster, and they use O at 106. It depends on the the squadron. If you scroll through the hornet weathering thread in jet modeling, there are a few in there with O. I rarely post here anymore, I don’t even remember how to post pictures anymore, lol.
  13. You notice that every in NATOPS about squadrons states for cranial markings, ‘squadron designator’, 1P, 2E, 3D, 4O, and so on.
  14. The number identifies the squadron, 1 for the 100 series, 2 is the 200 series, etc. P is the Line Shack, D is powerplants, M is airframes, C is corrosion, Q is QA, E electricians, T avionics, O ordnance S safety, L supply.
  15. So, these days, squadrons have to have the side numbers for the first three events of the next day, including the sides for all the alerts turned into the CAG FDC by around 0100 or so, about the time the night check yellow shirts are coming back up from midrats. That way they can set the deck accordingly. Usually the alerts stay the same for the most part, especially the tankers. If take a bird is getting low on phase hours, its a good way to manage specials so you don't get backed up. There's also a TTLR, (turning tanker) on deck for final final; its one of the tankers that recovered on the second to last recovery, it gives the option for more airborne gas. So now there isn't a good package check until they get airborne and passes gas, once they call in sweet, they are good until they shut down, so the recovery tankers will hot pump hot switch 3 to 4 times before shutting down, usually around the ops shift into nights. The two ARS squadrons swap the primary and secondary tanker lines. Cut checks are only done when the ARS is installed or on R/C's, but the hose is pulled out nightly as part of the daily or the 112 day.
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