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  1. I ordered a few kits from Dora Wings. They have a banner at the top of the website that essentially says all funds from sales go to an account of the Ukrainian Army. I ordered in mid-March maybe, they haven’t gotten here yet, but I really don’t care when or if they do, it’s seems like a small thing to do.
  2. It was 10€. Total was 46.93 USD including shipping and handling.
  3. I received my AT-9 this morning, ordered directly from Dora Wings and shipped to Virginia. 18 days wasn’t a bad wait considering I wasn’t in a crunch to get it.
  4. It’s cheaper to order direct from Dora if you don’t need it right now.
  5. I ordered on directly from Dora Wings website this morning and had a tracking number about 5 hours later.
  6. The trailing edge of the TEFs and ailerons on Rhinos and Growlers have caps on them that can be changed (I don’t remember the actual nomenclature, I’ve been retired for a little bit and brain dumped that), but they are really, really sharp and will split your wig quick. When I was in, we didn’t have actual red gear, supply opened purchased boxes of pool noodles and we’d split them half way lengthwise.
  7. Crap. I just bought a tube because it was all the LHS had, and I was out of my other putty. What’s wrong with it before I use it?
  8. The Hobbytown in Virginia Beach carried some. Sprue Bros ships it pretty fast and has a good selection.
  9. I thought about that after I hit the save button, but oh well, nobody’s perfect. I should have said Bremerton or someplace like that, I know better, but it was late, lol
  10. So the strike on the Pearl Harbor attack force is recalled, just like in the movie, and a dash is made for the worm hole. But at the last moment, heart breakingly close it snaps shut, trapping the ship in 1941. Ironically, at the same time, a fire broke out in the ships library, incinerating the Encyclopedia Brittanica and all of its knowledge of dates and times of WWII. In the time it takes the ships leadership to figure out what to do now, the Japanese had already turned west and headed back towards Japan, totally clueless to the presence of the Nimitz. Not going to get into details, caus
  11. I’m working on a scenario, nothing special, or highly detailed, just a few paragraphs, but plausible. But, right now I’m a watching tv, so it might be a day or two before I do this. Don’t get your hopes up, I’m sure this will be full of holes, lol. So far by August 9th, 1942, nothing much has changed other than names and dates.
  12. If I was playing this game from the role of Admiral Yamamoto, and I lost carriers from aircraft from the Nimitz, whether modern aircraft or if I had intel that they came from some new, unknown ship, I would completely rethink my strategy, at least until I knew what I was up against. Or, what if the American counter strike had happened during the Indian Ocean raid when Shikoku, Zuikaku, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu weren’t in Japanese waters from the end of March to like mid April I believe, so the couldn’t have been sunk. So Coral Sea may never have happened. But at the same time Japanese streng
  13. Interesting point. But by the end of Midway, the Japanese had lost 5 carriers and one severely damaged if memory serves, so the numbers are about the same in roughly the same time frame, just the details are different and the Americans wouldn’t have lost Lexington and Yorktown. But that’s not to say the US couldn’t have lost a carrier(s) someplace else in this strange universe. The IJN was still immense following Midway at least in number of ships and aircraft. This makes me think of an interesting idea. If their carriers were in port like you propose, were their aircrew on board, if
  14. How long could the modern air wing could have remained effective after the initial strike had been recalled? Let’s say for arguments sake the Japanese managed to slip away, disperse, whatever, and it took some time to bring another large scale contact involving lots of capital ships that could be damaged, would the modern aircraft still be effective by that point? Would too many aircraft be NMC for parts, would the ship be too low on remaining JP5, there’s a million obscure reasons why the aircraft could be replaced with contemporary aircraft, making harpoons and such pretty much useless.
  15. I would feel like as the modern air wing was used up through attrition, probably because of supply, the air crew would be rotated to Pensacola for flight training, maybe not from scratch, but at least platform specific. I would just think as a contemporary air wing came on board, there would be zero need to put someone in a piece of machinery they’d never used, with life or death consequences, when they would already have their full compliment of qualified personnel assigned. Things were bad at that point, but I don’t think we’re at the ‘Heres the keys, good luck’ point, lol.
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