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  1. French to deploy on US Carrier

    those reports also account for aircraft that are assigned too, but not in custody off, i.e. PMI 1 or PMI 2, depot, ect. Also not accounting for helo's that are detached to small boys in the battle group, but are still reported up-line by the ACC. Try looking at AMSRR. I'm done, I'll post again in another year or two
  2. French to deploy on US Carrier

    So CVW-8, on the 17 deployment had 65 aircraft on board, 10 C's, 34 E/F, 5 G's, 4 E2-C, and 12 embarked helo's. I worked in Flight Deck Control for work-ups and the whole deployment.
  3. B-17G Super Mouse

    Just finished building this to go in a diorama my club is making for the Military Aviation Museum.
  4. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    Ready for decals. More to follow........ Bill
  5. Completed Builds

    Thanks for following along!
  6. Mk Vb Trop Spitfire

    I know it sounds weird, but doing things like that make me do a better job at being careful with an unfinished model. I'm calling this done, I'm going to do some light touch ups with the pastel, then I'll take better pictures to post in the display case. Thanks to everyone who followed this build! Mic drop Bill
  7. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    They've been fixed, I'm just not posting as many step by step photos. I was a little shocked a Tamiya kit had such big gaps. A little CA fixed it right up though.
  8. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    Thanks Jim. Here it is, ready for paint this afternoon. More to follow....... Bill
  9. Mk Vb Trop Spitfire

    Wash is done, next up is some light touches with pastels, then on to the bits and pieces before the dull coat final weathering. More to follow........ Bill
  10. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    I forgot to take pictures of the cockpit before I put it in, so they are a little hard to see, but it's pretty basic anyway. More to follow.......... Bill
  11. Landing craft

    navsource.org is pretty spectacular. It would be a good starting point at least
  12. Mk Vb Trop Spitfire

    Stencil data on top is finished. Later today I'll finish the bottom, then it's on to washes and dirtying it up. More to follow........... Bill
  13. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    I got it from a friend who was able to have Mr Römm sign it back in the 80's
  14. FW-190 D-9. Ossi Römm

    I'm in with a 190, I'll be building Oskar 'Ossi' Römms aircraft from February to March of '45 while a Gruppenkommandeur IV/JG 3. During this time he was credited with two IL-2, 2 P-39's, an LaGG-3, and a Yak-3. To make this a little more interesting, I have an Ace of Spades with his signature on it, so I'll be making a nice display base for the plane and place the card and a brass name plate with it. More to follow.......... Bill
  15. Mk Vb Trop Spitfire

    The big markings are on, I don't feel like messing with stencil data tonight. More to follow......... Bill