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  1. The model sat on its tail again for the fitting of the prop, the second last detail to go on. The last part, yet to be added, is the small black aerial on the fuselage spine. The part is already shaped from a piece of scrap sprue and is painted, just awaiting fitting. The end of the afternoon was nice and bright, so I took the Broussard out doors for a few pictures. After adding the aerial, the final stage will be building the A4 frame and mounting the model.
  2. Today, the engine was painted, all three wheels fitted, the step fitted to the fuselage side and the pitot attahed. There were also a couple of small spots of green to touch up on the ends of the wing struts where they were chamfered for fitting. Almost there now.
  3. We managed a rare free afternoon today and did a little more on the Jeep. The grill was fitted, the gearbox and transfer case levers, and the three seats.The clear headlight moulding was meant to be attached to the grill first, but we left that off. Adding it now would then cause difficulties painting without painting on the clear part. The instrument panel was attached to the hood and then the front end of the Jeep was painted a first coat ( still drying here ). When the paint is dry, the lights can be fitted without needing to repaint around them. Once the lights are fitted, then the hood could be attached.
  4. Wings were first, underside, then top side. Next came a start on the fuselage sides.
  5. Thanks. It's a bit of an unusual one, but very attractive compared to many French designs 😉 All gloss coated and along side an old Airfix Sea King, also to be framed. I started to apply the decals today in addition to painting small parts like the struts, wheels, pitot and prop.
  6. I haven't posted much lately, but Broussard number two had its clear coats applied today.
  7. Attaching the tub to the chassis came next and that's where I spotted a problem. I suggested we glue the chassis rear cross member to the bottom of the tub first and once the glue took hold, then pull the front of the chassis in line with the front fenders. That's when I spotted the bumper at an odd angle. At first, I thought we may have glued a twist into the chassis when attaching the axles. However, closer inspection showed the cross member at the front of the fenders was parallel to the top of the fenders and the axle was also parallel to the chassis front cross member. The twist existed in the chassis moulding ahead of the grill position. I decided my daughter could glue the chassis on regardless, as the majority of the chassis was straight and true. Once the glue was set, I would warm the front chassis leg with a soldering iron to soften it and then straighten the twist. I did that today. Here's the tub and chassis as joined yesterday, prior to straightening the chassis today.
  8. We managed to do a little more yesterday. The wheels that were painted on the sprue some time ago were cut free, trimmed and glued to the trailer and field gun. A little later in the afternoon, when the glue had a little while to cure, the black on the tyres was touched up where the wheels had been cut from the sprue. Next was back to the Jeep, gluing in the rear body panel, which slotted in between the floor and rear body handles from below very neatly.
  9. Hi guys, no progress of late. Now that we're into the military vehicle season, I'm away almost every weekend at shows and that leaves me with very little time for modelling. It's not forgotten however, just a slow burning fuse on this one!
  10. I cast another set of parts this morning, then made a couple of new small moulds before the last of the silicone started to go off. Next I masked up the dayglow areas and started spraying in lots of thin layers. The rest of the day was spent working on a pair of 1/35 scale Jeeps in crates.
  11. The second of the two commissioned models is now at the painting stage. It has had several coats of white on the wings, fuselage and wingtips, 'though the tips haven't been painted in this picture. The first model was delivered at the weekend. I should have got a photo of the model with the fullsize while I was there, but that stayed in the hangar all day, so it would have been a bit dark. I must remember to do that with the second model when I deliver that one. Casting the second batch of models is well under way. Once all the castings are done, I'll get all the small metal work cut and then I can print some instructions and box them up.
  12. The first side is attached..... .....and the second side. That was it for the day. Only a small step forwards, but at least it's some progress.
  13. A change in the time table at school is sometimes leaving my daughter tired on a Wednesday, so progress may slow down a bit. Wednesday is the only day we have free for modelling. Today we managed a little work. The trailer and field gun were given a second coat of paint, and put into the curing cabinet to bake. She then began to cut out the parts for the Jeep tub - sides and floor. She was quite tired already, so I knew we weren't going to get much done, so focussed on getting the tub glued so it could harden for next time. The sprue joiners need trimming and sanding here.
  14. Cutting and trimming the very fragile chassis and transmission parts took her a little while and lots of concentration; as did working out which way to assemble them. The springs, axles, prop shafts and transmission support are all one moulding. The spring ends didn't all want to sit on their spring hangers, so I bent some thin sheet lead to add a little wieght to hold them in place so she could apply the glue with a fine brush and then leave the whole thing to dry. Later in the afternoon, after she'd gone out and the chassis had a while to dry, I took the weights off and compared the 1/72 chassis with the 1/35 version I'm working on.
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