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  1. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    Now it was time to fit the wing top skins..... .....and then the bomb doors. They needed a slight sand along their top edge and the same on the fuselage/door hinge line to allow them to sit nicely together.
  2. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    With the fuselage fully cured, I added the formers at the front and rear and then the bomb bay roof. The excess plastic on the formers would be sanded after they had hardened up. Back to the wings and the mountings. The inner skin was rouged up with coarse sand paper and the M3 nuts expoied into the top of the nacelle.
  3. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    At the start of November, this is how the model looked. Before the front mounting bolts could be fitted, I needed the landing gear installed to make sure the bolts would clear the leg and drag strut. Some sanding of the nacelle joints had been done by this time.
  4. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    While both aircraft will sit on their landing gear, they won't be attached to the diorama via the gear. For that I wanted something a bit more sturdy. The models would be attached to the base via M3 studs, one in each wheel well and one under the tailplane. An M3 nut was glued to either side of the tailplane to allow the studding to be screwed in when needed. With the tailplane fixing complete, I was then able to join the fuselage. In the background, the inner nacelle joints have been filled and await sanding.
  5. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    Once the landing gear legs were cut to the new length, the nacelles halves were joined and the inner nacelle was glued to the wing lower skin. The outer nacelles were left off for now, to allow the inner nacelle joint to be filled and sanded without any obstructions. The wing top skins weren't attached yet. More of that later. While the nacelle joints were hardening, I turned to the fuselage and decided I wanted the aircraft posed with the bomb doors open. It took a bit of careful grinding with the minidrill to thin out the fuselage skin enough to allow the doors to be cut free with a scalpel. It was a long job and the Lancaster drew first blood!
  6. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    I've had the kits in the queue for some time, but it was only at the end of October that they made it onto the bench, Lancaster first. The tall landing gear mentioned previously was to be the first modification on this build. I have a good Lancaster book with a 1/144 scale drawing in the back. Careful positioning of the inner nacelle, wheel and landing gear leg showed it to be about 4mm too tall. The kit wheels are also very thin, a long way from the big balloon like tyres of a real Lancaster. After quick search in the spares box, I found a pair of wheels which looked far more appropriate.
  7. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    I've framed a number of previous models for people, and most fit a 1.75 inch deep box frame. Before ordering a frame, I wanted to make sure both models would fit. I had previously made a template to check other models, so this is why the fuselages, wings and nacelles were cut from the sprues on both kits and laid out to check clearances.
  8. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    Both models will be mounted in a small diorama within a 16 x 12 inch picture frame, along the lines of the image below, although the exact layout hasn't been finalised. Here's my daughter's Spitfire diorama framed in the same beech 16x12 inch frame. The frame is 1.75 inches deep and makes a nice way to display models and protect them.
  9. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    The Dakota kit. Generally better mouldings, but it has issues with the wing trailing edge. Here's the previous C-47 build.
  10. This is a build for a friend, which was started at the end of October. The Crown Lancaster is a very old kit, the Minicraft Dak a bit more modern. I've built both of these kits before and the different ages of the kits show in the quality of the design, mouldings and fit. This is the Lancaster kit unboxed and partly cut from the sprues to check on sizes for another part of the project. Here's the previous Lancaster build, an accessory on an N scale model railroad. The kits has its shape flaws, and particularly over long landing gear, but still builds into a nice representation of a Lanc.
  11. 1/72 Ryan PT-22 Recruit G-RLWG ( PT-20 kit with resin conversion )

    Between work projects today, I gave the Ryan a dust over in primer. The various seams and joins all look pretty good.
  12. 1/72 Ryan PT-22 Recruit G-RLWG ( PT-20 kit with resin conversion )

    With the model weighted down to keep it still, the tailplanes were positioned on the supports. Tiny drops of cyano were added to the joints from the top, and once set, the model removed from the jig and additional cyano added to the bottom.
  13. 1/72 Ryan PT-22 Recruit G-RLWG ( PT-20 kit with resin conversion )

    I got a little further with the Ryan today. The rear of the fuselage is open structure, showing the fin post/tail wheel leg support, so I've opened up the hole in the rear of the model. Having removed some of the wood at the tail end of the jig, I made some new supports for the tailplanes to allow those to be attached. With the fragile resin tailplanes needing to be attached with cyano adhesive, I'd only get one go at the correct place.
  14. 1/35 Scale 'Flying Control' Dodge WC51

    This thread has now been updated to replace the pictures lost in the great Photobucket imaged hosting scandal! Seven years on, I still have the original Jeep, the Dodge and a second Jeep, a Ford GPW.
  15. 1/35 Scale 'Follow Me' Jeep

    I've just replaced all the photos in this thread that were formerly on Photobucket. I haven't yet done the Dodge thread that is linked from the end of this one.