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Well, the title pretty much says it. I hooked up my airbrush tonight for the first time in...maybe 10 months...and when I try to use it, only air blows out. I thought I cleaned it really good, but maybe not?

I have the airbrush/compressor combo kit from harbor freight. I would imagine it has something to do with it...but I don't think it would break after one use.

I've only got about a week to get this kit done, and I'm really hoping I'm not SOL on it. Any help would be appreciated on a diagnosis.


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It was the needle! Got it cleaned and its now working! I got the first coat of paint down on my model.

Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for getting back to us. The Harbor Freight should do a nice job for you if you take care of it. Check out my review. I always pull the needle and wipe it with solvent when I clean, and that helps prevent sticking. Also, if you are going to store the airbrush for some time, it might be a good idea to leave the needle a bit back from the nozzle.


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