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  1. Just a likely insignificant warning but could possibly help; I got my shipment of books from Squadron mail order and had time to shelve them today when I found a misprint on the book end of their SDkFz-251 walkaround book. It is printed as an SDkFz-231. See, I already have it, but checking my bookshelf before making the order was for not..now I not only am out by NOT choosing a book I don't have, but now have a second one to deal with...ugh
  2. Yes, Thanks to y'all. I would like to "rack up" in 1/32 scale, try something with one of the Tamiya or Revell kits. Although I have two Trump. F-14D kits, would like to modify one into as different a build as I can from the other as a regular D.
  3. Nice enuf reason to make such a purchase - BUT even though you could go straight bottle to do your 454 Chevelle build, the C.E. red is a tad too red for AU Orange match. When I used to work for them on both P-2 & P-3, had to do a touch up job, so Ooops some of the Orange ended up on a 1" x 2" piece of scrap aluminum. I have the Draw sheets and resin RADS II tank (I will correct areas) and did color test. Simply enuf all u gotta do is use (or get a bottle) MM Int. Orange #2022 and mix both 50-50. Then there's scale effect...
  4. Right, the liquid decal film works fine even if years old. Just stating that application of it onto the decal best within 20 min. of applying the decal to kit as bottle instructions say since it can dry too much next day, etc.
  5. If you can see a decent sheen covering images it likely has intact carrier film, but as said always best to test first. AND re-coat whether with brush coat or spray soon before applying so new carrier doesn't dry too long. I thought i'd get the jump and coat all images once, found several hours passed, coating dried too much.
  6. Sweet job and hope you enjoyed the comeback Scratch the forward wheel guards? Looks like it should have a livestock trailer... Thanks for sharing
  7. Email sent as requested for 1/72 Monogram BONE and Trumpy Lightning & Thud
  8. So if one is built as seat tester, you could have the Mk.7 Phantom seat in front, and a NACES seat in back? (odd that I posted this question couple days ago and don't see it ...)
  9. I do have a BBI P-51D Old Crow Green/Grey sealed, which I can add two resin paper tanks, and one 21st Cent. Mig-15. These will be for display, so not concerned with sealed, as long as complete, or easy fix...Thx
  10. Interesting approach. I have been resin casting the three types of projectiles for the handful of real deal shells, now also casting shells as well. Have you been marking the shells with stamped numbers/letters? I also need to experiment getting the color and finish of the shell better.
  11. Incredible shots Gary - the WWII included! Thank you
  12. Excellent work as usual Gary! Appreciate you "getting about" and chancing location there - maximizing opportunity! Cheers
  13. Both Great Must See videos like the prior ones. Thanks for posting...
  14. Follow up that I found the Skunkmodelworks kit and got a 1/48 Mack die cast.The Menards flatbed which will need to be mounted with slight modification for offset cab, but will be quite the additional vehicle to F-4E/G builds.
  15. WOOHOO! Getting 208 with VV art in 1/32 !!!🤩 Thank You Jake!
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