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  1. So if one is built as seat tester, you could have the Mk.7 Phantom seat in front, and a NACES seat in back? (odd that I posted this question couple days ago and don't see it ...)
  2. I do have a BBI P-51D Old Crow Green/Grey sealed, which I can add two resin paper tanks, and one 21st Cent. Mig-15. These will be for display, so not concerned with sealed, as long as complete, or easy fix...Thx
  3. Interesting approach. I have been resin casting the three types of projectiles for the handful of real deal shells, now also casting shells as well. Have you been marking the shells with stamped numbers/letters? I also need to experiment getting the color and finish of the shell better.
  4. Incredible shots Gary - the WWII included! Thank you
  5. Excellent work as usual Gary! Appreciate you "getting about" and chancing location there - maximizing opportunity! Cheers
  6. Both Great Must See videos like the prior ones. Thanks for posting...
  7. Follow up that I found the Skunkmodelworks kit and got a 1/48 Mack die cast.The Menards flatbed which will need to be mounted with slight modification for offset cab, but will be quite the additional vehicle to F-4E/G builds.
  8. WOOHOO! Getting 208 with VV art in 1/32 !!!🤩 Thank You Jake!
  9. Yes, appreciate you enduring the cold, made for opportunity, and crisp shots! Cheers
  10. Well Y'all been some good help, I found copies of the Smoke Trails Mag. as advised so will order up! The links prior with photos in flight, etc. were also helpful, good stuff! Cheers.
  11. Yeah Dutch, sometimes the old Magazines do get their day, I try to tell her that too often. I think you would have a pair of Hens teeth there. Any scans would be a big help sir. And Jackman, I see that is 1/72 (not that there's anything wrong with that) I do have both Cutting Edge nose sets in 1/48 and 1/32. The best "Walkarounds" of Peace Jack were on the big resource website (sorry, can't recall the name!) but very large closeups except the cockpit. To my eye, the CE sets have it. I recall there was also something done with the FWD sparrow bays.
  12. Remember the (finally) good walkaround closeups posted years ago, but anyone know of cockpit shots, or know what panels, etc. would be in there? It was a converted E wasn't it? Did they modify with RF panels? Thanks
  13. Well first, Thanks for informing me this kit exists! I must get it. Sure wish it was scaled up to 1/32, then the Revell Snap Mack kit could be easily used. For 1/48, there are Mack's, but a Die Cast, so rough on detail, and a good Dremel would be needed to get the sparks flying.
  14. Well, looks like I can buy the rear mounts only at this time? Seriously missed out on all the other items, this Click 2 I never knew existed! Guess i'm back to where I was in fabricating it all myself...
  15. Hello, Yes actually have two 1/100 Piggyback builds. Myself, and a friend. We are only as far as the kits, and Draw Decals for the 747. Myself, I want to do the (1988 or 1989?) version as I saw it pass overhead walking into work near Edwards. It is too bad the humorous stencil wouldn't show up in this scale. I have "cleaned up" raw 3D printed masters before, it seems best to use 400 and 600 grit paper cut to size needed, and superglued to toothpicks. For radii, I use the sandpaper in strips, or the bow type flexifile. As long as you know the type of rubber you are using does not adhere to the 3D part, primer is not always necessary. See nowhere in thread to attain these items... Thanks.
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