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  1. I third and update comments, he sent all in strong box, packed for protection, AND put smaller items in bigger item boxes as requested - saved me shipping $$. 👍
  2. Wow Larry, knocked it out of the park! Order arrived Very well packed and just as requested to reduce size which saved me shipping $$ and all items clean & well kept - THANK YOU!
  3. Agreed - Great researching and Thanks! Think it a real nice addition to include the NATC research F-4's, and to scratch the slats in 1/350. About done with mastering them in 1/32 resin...
  4. Nice work guys! But now have two questions... Are there any of these F-4 shots from FC film with F-14 in it too? Or do we just figure they took deck footage same time? And first screenshot the F-4 is parked rear deck - can't get a # from it, and it has chin sensor like a J, but the last two shots are definitely an S with the # and slats.
  5. Shown on deck and from unit that was part of prior cruise. No way it had been REAL broke and been below deck since previous cruise, surely Nimitz had been docked between cruises, etc. Right?
  6. Sweet Build! - Looking at both recent issue & 85-0788 boxings right here - looking to do a double run when I can. Sure gonna use nice post for guidance - Thanks!
  7. Kynda what I was saying, as far as F-4, only kit and Tamiya's plane set # 2 mkgs. And the Tamiya F-4 is an S with Red bolt on black background tail. The Trumpy kit has VMFA-333 & F-74. Kit represents CVW-8 July 7, 1976 to February 7, 1977. I have been purchasing the Starfighter AM decals for next Cruise A/C including F-14.
  8. Right, narrowing hope to find pic (have plethora of Kokufan's to go through) of an F-4 or two from squadron I have the 1/350 decals of - now that's just lazy...)😜 visiting while VF-84 was on cruise. Thanks all!
  9. Nice rundown and pic, so would there have been any visiting Phantoms during a cruise? I know, i'm being like a pitbull & not letting go on this, but since I got y'all here...
  10. Billy in Texas Sent my kits with care - packed as I asked which saved shipping, and good protection as well as communication - Thanks!
  11. Got my kit stack in fine order thanks to your great packing as I requested, and a real deal - Cheers!
  12. For direct replacement you would indeed need the original issue canopies, but surely the easier (as well as improvement) route would be to request the clear sprue from Revell #5994 F-4G Wild Weasel kit since it is the current kit. You would need to remove the molded center side frames and adjust fit, but would sure help the look vastly. The recent Revell canopies aren't perfect, but compared to the originals, no contest. HTH
  13. This one? https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p226855169/h69B3A64F#h6f5d5c3b
  14. Yup, you got me there. Wanting to situate my 1/350 Trumpeter Nimitz to the 1977 transition timeframe - include at least one or two of my little Phantoms, but surely must have my VF-84 Cats on duty. Since i've been grabbing up the markings for the rest, A-7, A-6, etc. as well. Think IIRC the RA-5 was still on deck too(?). Just think it was an interesting period for the Nimitz. Thanks for the insight, back then who'da cared?
  15. Thanks Darren. No combined operations or cruises and surely the F-4 did it's last carrier launch before arrival of the F-14 on deck
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