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  1. Good plan. So far GWH looks to be a sweet Hog and not a long wait now.
  2. Looking great Curt, almost there - and to me, the fun part of a build. Demo Hog, or much weathering? Sadly, mine's still in the box...
  3. Yay, the GWH kit is looking great so far - and agree the Academy kit is good.
  4. Ah yes, old faithful and cheap $$ here in the States. Just too bad it was never updated.
  5. No intent necessary as there is no misleading due to the fact that the Academy nacelle (Very unfortunately since it is an otherwise exquisite piece of tooling) is as you said, "extremely off the mark" where both inner shoulders are bulged each side opposite of the doghouse. A most difficult fix. Sure, comparison photos are not really needed since the Academy bulges are one of those - once seen, cannot be unseen shape issues. Just good to see that GWH has not done the same. Still waiting to see the inlet, fan, and center cone, as well as the weapons pylons...
  6. Definitely Reno ANG to include their FOD covers, and ECM, perhaps some earlier Euro wraparound. Any jets not already done (some more than once in some scales) on a kit sheet.
  7. A Thanks from me goes to Viperbite for the GWH kit pics since I am not a FB'er. A request would be to see the engine inlet and fan since that is an area I have had to make corrections to for all 1/48 kits so far...
  8. Kit prices are up there for sure, and as you pointed out even this GWH Hog won't be cheap, but AM corrections and time to fix the Trumpeter (enlarged Tamiya kit) roach gets it in the same range. And I would rather pay the difference to save me the bench time. Then again, even this kit will need AM which would of course be carried into 1/32.
  9. Seriously wish they had made it 1/32 scale!
  10. I would guess it to be the C/D next (chuck out the least popular type early on) sure wish they had made a 1/32 B/N though!
  11. A tip when doing any of the "Hill grey" Phantoms is to match the paint color to the decals you are using. I found the light - dark spectrum of an FS grey from any brands bottle varies considerably (wha...?!) at least this was discovered from earlier paints like MM, Aeromaster, Humbrol, etc. IDK of the newer brands. For instance the dark grey (FS 26118) you apply should match the decal tail marking color as note 4 of T.O. page posted above by BILLS.
  12. Thank You Rich, this is what I was waiting for - straight up comparison. A request, and in fairness - a shot of the two bellies would be great.
  13. The ignore it part I agree, the accusation you just made makes you...
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