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Simple Times GB Banners

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Seeing as we don't have an official forum yet, let's start collecting our banners here for use. I haven't made one (maybe tomorrow), but if someone is willing try including Airfix, Matchbox, Monogram, and other "childhood classic" brands that capture the purpose of the GB. Thanks!


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I really love that mustang one you have now

Thanks Neo. It seems that banners are my main contribution to the forums lately. Could it have something to do with the absence of a Crtl+Z command in model building?

Here's what I could come up with. You'll notice they're arranged in a sorta chronological order: '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s... I'll edit this post if I can do something suitable for the '80s.





I'm posting this one only as a reminder that sometimes, in spite of my best intentions, the final result just sucks:


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Heh, diff'rent strokes I guess then. I find that the writing doesn't match the picture, and the boxes below create too much clutter.

Call me anal but I feel that the lettering is an important part of the banner. Eg in my Mustang one, I only used "vintage" fonts from the 40s, and in the Sharkmouth one, the font is taken from the JAWS poster...

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