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  1. jester292

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    I will also advocate for an Iwata HP-CS. Sprays brilliantly, very high quality, and easy to clean. Lots of add ons you can do over time (tips, needles, quick release connections) and if you can find one at hobby lobby you can get a great bargain.
  2. jester292

    F-111D Camo pattern

    Wow, great looking ‘Vark! Not enough of these built in my opinion. Do F-111s have their wings extended when parked? Space wise, I’d like to have mine with the wings swept with canopy open. Possible?
  3. jester292

    Tamiya New Tool 1/48 Spitfire I?

    When Tamiya was pumping out 1:32 scale aircraft kits, us 1:48 fans waited a long time for new aircraft. 1:32 will have its turn again, one day or another.
  4. jester292

    Old tool Eduard 109's

    The only ones I know of that had the issue were the initial 109G Royal Class boxing. I believe the molds were updated when the 109 was produced in ProfiPack and Weekend Edition boxings.
  5. jester292

    F-15C loadout in 2001

    Brilliant, thanks again.
  6. jester292

    F-15C loadout in 2001

    Perfect, thanks Murph. Was hoping you’d chime in. Any clue on the timeframe Academy is depicting in its MSIP II boxing for any of the markings?
  7. jester292

    F-15C loadout in 2001

    Saw a YouTube video of Kadena (ZZ) Eagles loaded with 4 AIM-9Xs and 4 AIM-120Cs. This was a 2014 video,and I know 81-0040 is still in Kadena, so I’ll build that one unless anyone can provide further information regarding this tail number. When did MSIP II happen and what timeframe is 81-0040 depicted by Academy? Guess I have more questions than answers.
  8. jester292

    F-15C loadout in 2001

    Building the Academy 1:48 F-15C MSIP II kit. It comes with 4 AIM-9X, 2 AIM-9L/M, 2 AIM-120B, 4 AIM-120C, and 3 600 gallon external fuel tanks. What’s a good load out option or options with what comes in the kit for 2001 time frame? Do C models usually use AIM-120Cs?
  9. jester292

    1:48 LANTIRN

    Going through my Hobby Boss 1:48 F-14D, I see it has a LANTIRN (AN/AAQ-25 as listed in the instructions). Can that be easily mounted on the Hasegawa kit?
  10. jester292

    1:48 LANTIRN

    Hey Andrew. Great suggestion. I didn’t know the Tamiya kit had a lot to scrounge from and still leave a D. What could I take from that kit and add to my Hasegawa B? Im not sure which rails or adapters I would need. Besides the TARPS pod Darren mentioned, it comes with Phoenix pallets, wing pylons and fuel tanks. It seems the Hasegawa Weapons set includes adapters for F-16/-15. Is that the same as F-14? Nice set, Darren. Does that fit the Hasegawa kit as well or just the Monogram kit? Is the LANTIRN set even applicable to a 2000/2001 VF-102 F-14B?
  11. jester292

    1:48 LANTIRN

    Where can I find a 1:48 LANTIRN for the Hasegawa F-14B? I have the VF-102 boxing it comes with some kind of camera pod for under the fuselage. Is that what it should be armed with?
  12. jester292

    1:48 Hasegawa F-16C Falcon Fulcrum

    Thanks! You’re the Viper guru here. Appreciate the help!
  13. Wondering what contents are included with this boxing. Any goodies or just vanilla 25/32 old school boxing?
  14. jester292

    New Bf 109 G-6 and Fw 190 A decals from Exito Decals

    Great sets. Finally a sliver of JG 26 love.
  15. Excellent advice, thanks!