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  1. As nice as that would be, I would prefer Eduard make a ProfiPACK and some limited editions.
  2. I have the Eduard 1:48 P-40M which is the Mauve kit. Can I build the N from this boxing? It has the N canopy and cut down rear deck piece. Would just need decals unless I need to do something else to the fuselage/armament. Thanks for any tips.
  3. We do, however, need a new 1:48 P-38. Something by Eduard would be most welcome. As would an offering from Tamiya. Even a new generation from Hasegawa would be leaps and bounds ahead of their already pretty decent lineup. Just my opinion of course.
  4. You’ll find it soon. When caught up on quality, just remember completion, not perfection, is the goal. Have fun!
  5. Don’t see many of those! Is it worth picking up? great build!
  6. Wow! Revell kit? No way!
  7. Wow, I’m surprised. I have to say that the original Eduard A kits have been a joy to build. Detail is excellent and pieces fit like a glove. Only filler was on trailing edge of wing to fuse for (by the flaps because the gap was too large). The tail is too think where it meets the spine but other than that they are gorgeous kits. And for the price the detail is unbeatable. Alignment can be tricky but you know how the saying goes: if you take your time it’s a real gem. I know nothing about the Dragon/Trimaster kit but detail looks decent. I highly recommend the Eduard A kits (and all the other Fw 190s they make).
  8. jester292

    Best 1:48 P-40?

    Appreciated, thanks! I’ll check out the Airfix B and Hasegawa E.
  9. jester292

    Best 1:48 P-40?

    Educate me on the P-40. What’s the best 1:48 kit out there? I know of Monogram B, Academy C, Hasegawa E and N, and Mauve M/N (which Eduard reboxed).
  10. Thanks guys for the replies. I thought it over and decided to purchase the Eduard limited edition “Goodbye Tornado” F.3 ADV. Its the Revell kit with some extra goodies and a very nice decal sheet. Thanks again for your opinions and information.
  11. How are the Tornado kits from Revell? Detail? Fit? Engineering? Decals? Shape? I know nothing about the Tornado but looking at the F.3 ADV. Cool looking, would like to buy one! Not considering Hobby Boss; Revell only.
  12. I also had to publicly call him out here. It took a long, long time but he eventually met his end of the deal.
  13. Normal wear and tear, but in my experience tougher than paint (won’t chip or peel), and it’s designed to be walked on (for floor application). It may not be designed for model making or airbrushing but if you can pin down the variables (pressure, thin coats, etc) it sure works rather nicely. The hard part can be getting consistent results. But it works and sprays beautifully. Seeing as most military aircraft don’t have a high gloss finish, it’s unlikely that Future is your final coat of paint anyway. Edit: Not to mention that Future is “self leveling.” That’s due to the electronegativity of the ammonia I believe.
  14. Curious to know, chemically, how Future would oxidize. Can you explain? I’m going way back here to my college days, but I don’t think anything in Future would react to exchange electrons (either giving away exothermically or accepting from another element) and go through any oxidization or redox reaction.
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