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  1. That build is incredible. Nicely done! Surely I never would have seen it through.
  2. Amazing! I have your 1:32 F-4G nose and the quality is flawless.
  3. Wow those look amazing! Thanks for the tip.
  4. I bought my first armor kit; a Tamiya 1:35 King Tiger Porsche turret version. The tracks are a vinyl variety and I'm looking for aftermarket tracks for a King Tiger. Which ones can you recommend?
  5. Not that I know of. Yes, in my opinion. Many people can't stand the overstated surface details. However, and again this is my opinion, the detail included in Hasegawa's 1:48 F-22 more than makes up for the "armor" plating. Not to mention academy's shape issues. Hasegawa for me, by far, is the better kit.
  6. The first issue had an incorrect nose shape. Also the vertical stabilizers were too short. Not sure if Academy corrected the vertical stabilizers, but later issues of the kit have a more correct nose shape.
  7. Great to hear! I hope the quality continues in the F-14D kit.
  8. Regardless of what Tamiya is doing... AMK MiG-31 builders: what is the quality of the kit decals included? Can we expect the same (or better?) quality decals in the F-14D kit? I always feel I get extra value from a kit when the decals are actually usable right out of the box.
  9. I also prefer the Hasegawa kit. Under a good paint job, the thick armor plating doesn't stand out as much as it does on the bare plastic. Kit decals are nice too, and better detail (and shape!) than the Academy kit. Academy kit is nice, but none of the wow factor the Hasegawa kit has. And Hasegawa took a ribbing when the kit was released because of the overscaled fuselage plates. Some think the kit is unbuildable. Still, it's impressive and I would build it over the Academy kit every single time.
  10. I have limited subject interests, and probably wouldn't sign up unless it were tailored for my interests, but I think something like $20-30 per month would be reasonable. Depends what's included. Resin? Decals? Photoetch? Weapons sets? For what's out there in after market you don't get a lot of bang for your buck. I could be more helpful if you could elaborate on your idea a little bit more.
  11. I'll be watching!
  12. Nice breakdown. Thanks MoFo; very helpful to those of us who don't understand the hierarchy.
  13. Eduard includes Rote 4 in their 1:48 Fw 190D-11/13 Dual Combo kit.
  14. Still waiting in anticipation! Hope all is well on the AMK front. Any news?
  15. Usually just fit/size issues. Some versions of airplanes may or may not have to use all the bits and details included in the aftermarket set.