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  1. funny sim playlist

    Hahaha yes I've been following those guys for a while. Absolutely hilarious.
  2. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    I'll try to make it simple. It can be confusing. Wing armament on A-6 was increased to 4 MG 151/20 (20 mm cannon). This required a small bulge in the LOWER wing which A-5 does not have. You can use A-5 upper wings but need A-6 lower wing. A-8 had 2x MG 131 in the nose. Required larger bulged cowing. You don't need that for your A-6. A-8 still had 4x MG 151/20. So A-8 wings will suffice for A-6. A-8 did have circular hatch on underside of fuselage that needs to be filled on the kit parts to be backdated to A-6. The hatch is actually located on the lower wing piece, which makes up a portion of the fuselage. So yes you have to fill it. A-8/R2 and /R8 had the outer MG 151/20 replaced with Mk 108 30mm cannon. That is why they have the big rectangular bulge on upper wing. So those wings are not applicable to A-6.
  3. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Fw 190A-8 would work, but not A8/R2. R2 replaced the outer 151/20 with 30mm Mk 108 cannon. The A-8 version had a circular hatch underneath the fuselage behind the wing root. That is not present on the A-6.
  4. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Here is PDF of Eduard instructions for A-6. See the wings. No bulges on top, hatch located on bottom underneath 151/20 in outer wing. https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/8171.pdf
  5. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Nooooooo! A-8 has 30mm cannon in outer wing. That's why the A-8 has the rectangle bulges on the outer wing. The larger 30mm cannon requires extra room. A-6 has 20mm cannon in outer wing (Same as wing root). It did not have the larger rectanglular bulges. A-8 wings won't help your A-6.
  6. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Eduard's 1:48 Fw 190A-5 instructions show removing the teardrop mount for the loop antenna under the fuselage. So to make an A-6, leave the teardrop mount and use the loop antenna in addition to the armament changes in the outer wing.
  7. Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Correct, A-6 had 2x MG 17 in the nose, and 4x MG 151/20 in the wings. Also a loop antenna under the fuselage. I am not 100% sure that was found on the A-5. The loop antenna was mounted aft of the wing on a teardrop mount.
  8. NFL 2017

    Agree. It was good until officials showed up. I expected a little more out of the Colts than what they did in LA. They looked like an unranked college team.
  9. 1/32 FW 190 checker nose appraisal

    Looks like new tool in 2004, with new markings in that box for 2006. Probably pretty good quality kit. I don't build 1:32, and have no idea how much that kit is worth.
  10. NFL 2017

    Another entertaining season just kicked off. Hoping for a great season for the Lions!
  11. Future

    If it's pebbly, let it sit. It will level out. I always clean the airbrush with lacquer thinner. However, in my experience, future is best applied in light coats and let to dry about 15 minutes between coats. It will form a beautiful glossy finish that is rock hard. That being said, I still prefer Testor's Gloss Lacquer.
  12. eBay Fraud

    Glad it worked out for you!
  13. disregard. Wrong post!
  14. Resin cockpit for hasegawa 1/48 f-16

    No WAR HUD available?
  15. Resin cockpit for hasegawa 1/48 f-16

    How about options for the block 40/42 WAR HUD? Is there PE options available or must I buy an entire cockpit set?