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  1. Most helpful information. Thanks!
  2. Very Nice! Which colors did you use on the AMRAAM?
  3. There was a thread about problems with the aftermarket set. I believe the first sets cast came out much the way you describe and people were given replacement sets. I never bought one and didn't pay much attention to the issue. But maybe someone can help point you in the right direction.
  4. Exactly my thought. A kit I wish we would see built more. Very nice job; and thank you for sharing!
  5. If you have a specific markings choice in mind we can (probably) tell you which kit/configuration it is. Likewise if you know which kit you want to build, we could point you in the direction of relevant markings.
  6. Any more progress Alf? Loving this build!
  7. Gotcha.
  8. Would a newer boxing work for your needs (besides decals)? They're more available and contain all the parts you need, and then some.
  9. Anywhere between $25-50 on eBay is what I've been seeing. Most are going for the $30-38 range. Some of the Asian suppliers are offering free shipping on $18-30 boxings of the newer F-16D Advanced/I/F. I picked up my F-16F for $18.50, free shipping from Japan that took just over 2 weeks.
  10. I'll have to look more closely at my references. I can still weather the nose if needed. Thanks for the tip! Love the missile rails. Nice score!
  11. Wow looking great! I had no idea the Hornet weathered so much on the nose. The Desert Storm A model I'm building didn't seem to have nearly as much on the forward fuselage (according to pictures). Where did you get the dual missile rail?
  12. Decline in the hobby? Never would have guessed with all the kits and options that are coming out.
  13. Just reserved 2 through Victory Models.
  14. Sorry to piggyback, but which kit numbers are the "new" Tamiya 1:48 Zeros and which are the old? Everywhere I look I seem to only find the 1970s boxings.
  15. Thanks for the heads up Berkut!