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  1. Hi Bob. Over the past year I’ve seen them sold for $35-50, even $60+ for limited edition boxing’s.
  2. I’d keep the tension on the antenna from canopy to tail per this photo: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a4.html Later versions seem to have lost the tensioner which allows the wire to hang down over the fuselage. I couldn’t say which versions have the tension mechanism and which ones don’t. I just started browsing photos and came across that A-4.
  3. Was the 190A-4 the ProfiPACK kit or weekend kit? ProfiPACK kits have two decal sheets in the 190 kits. Larger markings of units and balkenkreuzes and a smaller stencils sheet. The large sheet is printed by Cartograf and the smaller sheet by Eduard in house. Hence the larger decals go down with a bit more finesse.
  4. That’s disappointing. It’s unlikely you’ll get the kit but hopefully he’s done with his antics.
  5. Allow me to show my ignorance. What’s the difference between a late F and an early G?
  6. I reserved two at the pre order price through Victory Models. No word about any quantities they’ve received, if any.
  7. Fantastic! I noticed the lack in quality with the canopies as well. Mine don’t have the orange peel but they do lack the clarity of the more recent kits. Good luck on the finish! Love the puttied wings.
  8. The brief history of the Monogram G and the Revell F is that Revell copied most of Monogram’s G. Details are different in that the G has more interior details than the F. However basic shape and dimensions are almost identical. That’s why I would assume the masks for the G will fit the F. The breakdown of the cockpit windows is slightly different though.
  9. It should be very very close if not exact.
  10. That’s my frustration with ARC. I’d have to shrink the files so small that the extra work just takes too much time. Congrats on the build!
  11. I didn’t know that. 190s are more up my alley but it’s nice to learn more about the 109. Wouldn’t the armament be similar across G-14s?
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