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  1. jester292

    New compressor recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation. Is it pretty quiet? Would it keep family awake or otherwise be an annoyance while airbrushing?
  2. jester292

    F-16A RNIAF

    Looking good! Nice work with that afterburner and no alignment keys. That can be frustrating for sure.
  3. jester292

    Bf 109F and G differences

    The schemes included in the Royal Class boxing are fantastic; it was more of an “can I get an F and a G instead of two Fs?” idea. Thanks!
  4. I’m looking for a new compressor, and seeking recommendations. I’m interested in a small unit with variable air pressure and quiet operation. My budget is $400. Anything less is helpful. Im not up to current models or trends with regards to compressors so any suggestions, tips, and reviews help. Thanks!
  5. jester292

    Bf 109F and G differences

    Thanks for the replies. I didn’t realize it was so convoluted. I have the Eduard Royal Class Bf 109F and was hoping I could squeeze out a G-2 instead of two Fs. Fw 190s are more up my alley; 109s are muddy water. 😄
  6. jester292

    Bf 109F and G differences

    What’s the external difference between the Bf 109F and G? I’m not up to speed on 109 versions.
  7. jester292

    #3 for 2018 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 Dora

    I’m no expert but JG 26 is a special interest for me. I wasn’t aware Schlageter had a D with non-standard fuselage crosses. Where was this based and who flew it? Lovely build! That is a nice looking kit and you finished it well!
  8. jester292

    A little air brushing help please....

    To give another opinion, I too use MM Enamels. I use paint thinner from the hardware store. Works well for me at about 50:50 ratio. I use lacquer thinner for cleanup. 12-15 psi, depending on the day.
  9. jester292

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    Eduard SMT ProfiPACKs are on eBay frequently. Better out of box decals, and PE details. I purchased the SMT kit while in Prague the month it came out. I highly recommend the Eduard boxing over the Revell (without having seen the Revell kit).
  10. jester292

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    I was referring to Eduard’s 1:48 MiG-21SMT kit. I have no clue what’s in Revell’s boxing. Parts and decals is my guess. No clue which markings. Probably not much more than that.
  11. jester292

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    Fantastic kit.
  12. jester292

    Boeing 777 question

    100% correct. 757 Flyer speaks the truth!
  13. jester292

    Boeing 767-300 Omni Air colors

    PM sent.
  14. jester292

    What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Details where?