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USCG HH-60J Jayhawk

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I recently learned that a friend of mine is retiring from the Coast Guard and I want to build him a 1/48 Jayhawk as part of his retirement gift. I normally do jets, so I'm a little unfamiliar when it comes to the better helicopter kits. I've only seen 2 Jayhawk kits so far, the Skunkworks and Hobby Boss offerings. Anyone have an opinion on which is the better kit, or are they the same kit reboxed?

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I agree with Phoinix. The HB and Skunkworks kits are both mediocre at best. They are soft on details and still missing some key parts. The Cobra Company set is really good, and along with Fireball Modelworks decals, will make a great Jayhawk.

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I definitely agree that the Cobra Company detail set is a must to make a really nice Jayhawk.

The Skunkmodels Jayhawk kit is essentially the same as the Italeri HH-60H Rescuehawk, but it does have (some) very useful "J" items included.

Skunkmodels has a nice PE rescue basket, and some clear styrene pilot doors (if you want the doors closed...if you want them open use the Cobra Company doors)

How much detail do you want and how much $ do you want to spend?

If you really want to trick it out:

This what I used on mine.

- Italeri HH-60H Rescue Hawk (but you'll need and an SH-60 engine cover thingy..so as I mentioned, use the Skunkmodels HH-60J kit)

- Cobra Company detail set

- Cobra Company F.L.I.R. (if the one you're doing has one)

- Cobra Company SH-60 PE set

- Eduard interior and exterior SH-60 PE sets

- Fireball Modelworks decal set

- Model Alliance decal set: US Coast Guard Choppers Pt.II

- M-240 machine gun from Black Dog Resins (if you're doing a MH-60J)

Don't forget to relocate the Port side APU exhaust as Italeri has it in the wrong place.

And, install the antenna wire on the Starboard fuselage.

Here are some crappy photos of mine.

I'm gonna re-shoot it with better lighting effects someday.


There are a lot of good photo references out there too.

Here's one of the better ones.


Good luck on your project,


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