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  1. Last year, we decided to get a new carpet in parts of our home that still had carpet. So, it was a moving chaos. My build models were all over the place and I was not sure what to do anymore. Several were already in safe boxes but still others need to be moved or throw away. A light bulb moment, I have several neighbor kids that I talk to from time to time to see how they are doing. So, I approached them and asked if they like military models and problem was solved. 1/32 F-15E, 1/48 B-25, 1/35 armors…problem solved and kids are motivated to get into modeling
  2. Very useful list of information. So, did the pilots use their personal call signs while flying?
  3. John, you are right about the widows on currently active beavers that are flying in Northern America and Canada. I have been watching many YouTube clips on them and not two are alike any more. Make me wish I need to go buy a lottery and forget the model just purchased 1:1 as they look totally cool 😆
  4. From what I have read now those extra bumps on the Aurfix kit are UK mod. Also, those 4 windows above the cabin.
  5. Don, thanks for your opinion and information. I did look into the reviews online over the last few days and much to my surprise, and it goes with what you are saying, the Hobby Craft issued theirs with clear fuselages. There has been many kits molded with clear fuselage sections but I much rather deal with regular plastic. In my experience, they do crack as easily. You are right about Airfix going heavy on the exterior detail. Good Lord, those rivets should be on an armor tank..😄 I too am leaning on HC kit. I’ll just have the careful with those clear fuselage half’s. Thanks
  6. Guys, I am thinking of purchasing a 1/72 DHC-2 Beaver w/ floats for a future project and I mostly build or have 1/48 to 1/24 aircrafts. However, I do have some 1/72 stuff but the smallest aircraft I have is EC-121. I think anything smaller will just get broken in my hands. But, I need one in this scale so I’ll try to be gentle. I just noticed Airfix released their older DHC-2 kit and Hobby Craft is still available for cheap. So, my question for those that have build both of these kit…which is worth buying? Your input is very much appreciated. TIA Mike
  7. Beautiful work. Nice to see you are giving this a white glove attention. Your landing gear fix looks super. I have this kit so I’ll keep an eye on this thread. 🍿 Mike
  8. Hello, Time to sell few items. All are complete and unassembled. Most are open but with sealed bags. Shipped will be at cost depends on location. I will take PayPal (Friend/Family) or USPS money order. PM or contact me via email at bowentouch AT yahoo DOT com Or pm and I can share my # to chat or text. I can also send photos of the items. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful 2024. Tamiya (sealed) 1/32 F4E $200 Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27UB w/ Wolfpack Su-30K full conversion and WD32003 IAF Special Marking Decal $400 Hobbyboss 1/32 P-61B w/ Av
  9. Any of you guys have the British publications called Warpaint series No.5 C-130 Hercules book? It suggests there is a foldout with detail drawings. I wonder if it’s worth purchasing. Saberjet, thanks for the tip. I’ll try google and see what I can find.
  10. Guys, thanks for your inputs. Dutch, I had forgotten about Draw decals. Last I had read on these forums that the owner was having health problems and thinking about close his shop. However, your link shows otherwise. Might have to purchase that JASDF Blue scheme Hercules in 1/48. Since it has those yellow doors and propeller cautions lines. I have DC-130 that I am going to build. Whitey51 build one few years back and I want to copy that dude as that was a cool looking Herk. In fact, he was very helpful with parts and information. Also, thanks for the tips on the books
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