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    Mostly 1/32 Modren Jets, but I do have kits from other scale and subjects.

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  1. How is the quality of the printed markings?
  2. Good God man, you are an animal and chewing up this fine detail like it’s nothing. We’re not worthy…
  3. Beautiful work you are doing there Logan 5. I too have this paper models kit with attention to build in similar fashion. It will be very interesting to see how you will approach the track system. Plastic or 3D printed? It will be completed part of this build. So, where is my popcorn bucket… 🍿 😁
  4. These look nice. Thanks for sharing the link.
  5. Wow, this is some serious work you are putting into this project. I like it a lot 🙂
  6. She is looking nice. Your mistake to my eye looks perfection. I was looking over the ejection seats again and I like to ask how or what colors did you use to do the cushion/padding? Are the belts painted gray? TIA Mike
  7. Thank you for answering the rivet inquire…again. It has been few years, but I remember you sharing your rivet creating method/knowledge. I don’t remember what kit it was but the result were just as good as above. So, thank you again for the tip.
  8. That is a nice build indeed. I am sure the new owner is enjoying it.
  9. Can you share a link of your friends wip?
  10. I thought the G and H fuselage are the same?
  11. Sounds great. I hope you will consider the Israeli jet with all those test markings.
  12. Arnaud, I understand where you are coming from. After all you have you think about business. 1/32 is great to have but compare to 1/48 or 1/72 it’s sales are down. I was in your website but found not find your email. Perhaps viewing on my iPhone might create limitations. So, can you provide email addy so we can continue to chat off board? TIA
  13. Hey Arnaud, I was wondering if there is a consideration of making QF-4 conversion and F-16 Anti-spin chute sets in 1/32. To be honest, I would love to have your F-15 (Next Gen, NASA) sets in 1/32 as well for the Tamiya Eagle. Anyway, thanks for doing odd stuff that no one else is touching. 😉
  14. Looking great. These weapons will sure make this jet stand out.
  15. Thank you for the information and clarification on the wing root guys. Very unique concept for sure.
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