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    Mostly 1/32 Modren Jets, but I do have kits from other scale and subjects.

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  1. Gene, I might be able to help. Let me check tomorrow and get back to you.
  2. I sure would love to agree with other but for some reason I cannot see the photos. Only empty boxes.
  3. Wow, now that is one hot looking cobra! Well done my friend as your end result is sharp and eye catching!
  4. I ordered from you guys for the first time around Thanksgiving/Christmas 2020 and I am fully pleased with the result. Order was well packed and was revived fast and safe. I will be back for more cool service and hot new deals 😀
  5. Any love for1/48 C-130 basic Navy, USMC, & AF. If you go other nations then it’s endless.
  6. Glad to hear that you have funds returned. Is it a loss that you cannot get PHR parts? Maybe or maybe not. We all though the same when we could no longer get cutting edge products. So, with time and technology things change for the better. In the end it will come down to you...a consumer. Have a good day.
  7. Sundowner14, I’m sorry about your experience. It does happen to the best of us. I too have had to wait patiently with nothing to show. I don’t know Mike Reeves and I’m not defending his action here, as I too am waiting on my order that I placed on Black Friday sale last year 2020. Mine was not $100 but hopefully it will turn up soon. If not, I will let all my friends and local model club member know to “Beware” before purchasing his products. There are few really bad apples in our model industry that we need to be aware off. And I’m hoping PHR is not one to include themselves in this.
  8. Nice to see your new progress and since you have figured out the photo posting i hope you will post what is missing from your previous updates as your work is top notch and I am learning a lot. 🙂
  9. Jensen, I hope you are not hold your breath while asking such question here...as it is pointless. You will just get disappointed.
  10. I have a Revell 1/144 Space shuttle w/ 747 kit and I would love to have something similar for the Buran kit. So, I’m with you Walter as we sure can use a An-225 mounting conversation. Now that we have not one but two 1/144 An-225 kits. Let’s hope someone here with 3D skills and printer will think about similar idea.
  11. Bringing this one up again as I was wondering if you have any interest in doing this for 1/32 A-6A/E? TiA.
  12. Nice work Steve. I love the multiple subjects on a single sheet. I always though this was the best approach as it covers more then one kit. I’ll grab one for sure. BTW, do you know there are not any decals on VA-128 A-6E Golden Intruders in low-viz markings from 80-90ies in 1/48 and 1/32. I have looked high and low and did not find any in these two scales. Food for thought.
  13. Oh man, another must have sheet. I don’t suppose you have thought about 1/32 of this? It will be a dream come true having all your Test jet marking in 1/32.
  14. Another great idea as the old Microscale sheets are way to old. Another vote (not that we are voting here) for 1/32...please!
  15. If may add a suggestion about C-130 into this thread. What a AC-130 or C-130 need is stencil markings in 1/48 and others. Especially, high viz markings. The kits need these bad as most what’s in the kits in no good.
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