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    Mostly 1/32 Modren Jets, but I do have kits from other scale and subjects.

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  1. Good Lord, this is incredible work. Unfortunately, my ipad is getting old and I cannot see all of the photographs, but nonetheless, the little I do see is amazing. I hope to follow along and see it to the end as there is wealth of information to gain. So, thank you so much for sharing your inside secrets :) Keep up the good work. Mike
  2. Nice work Pappy, I would say what scotthldr said works. A friend at local club had similar problem with canopy but after it was glued things went on much easier. Looking forward to you next update.
  3. Great work John. I had done similar on Italeri F-117 bay but ended up stopping when Trumpeter kit came out. You can sure see the huge difference between the two. I was hoping Aires would up size their F-117 stuff for this kit, but they stopped at the cockpit. As always, It will be pleasure to follow along and see the great skills at work.
  4. John, good to see the journey has come to an end. And what an ending it is...making of a butterfly from the beginning to taking on its wings. Bravo sir!! I would say having a book is always good especially when it has your name on it. However, I'm not much of an ebook type of guy. I'm sure it will be a hit though. So, what's next? :D sorry could not resist asking :)
  5. Ben, Red, thanks guys for kind comments. It's always is pleasure deal with super guys as yourselves. 😉 Shadoweng, I have paid my fair share in pp fees via eBay sales. Beside, my selling policies aren't like Obamacare, I'm not shoving them down anyones throat. You don't like it then don't buy it. It's that simple. Anyway, thanks for your comment. 🙂 Brestt, you have PM sir.
  6. Ok, not to keep the drama going but I just want to post a quick update for folks that might have gotten any bad ideas about my listings. The YF-12 kit has been returned, The guys and gals at the post office took few extra day but they came through for me. I do not resell my kits to third party for higher bids in a deal. I'm old school, if I said it I'll do it even if I'm in the negative. Funny thing, I was going to send the original buyer $20 back for the trouble I caused...oh well. Patiences is the key and we can all use more of it. 👍🏻
  7. The principle of the matter is I refunded what I was paid in full. The fee PayPal charged you is not my responsibility to pay. If you had added the 3% as you say, I would have received it as $93.94. But, I only received $91.00 what has been paid to you. I can make a good guess why you were charged fee...it's because you didn't have funds in your pp account or your bank account to which your pp is connected to. So, you used a credit card that is not on your pp account. As for the kit, no it was sold to anyone else. You asked me to pack it in a small box as you wanted to build it not collect it. Thus I added it to a smaller box similar to the size in which I placed WnW Gotha in. My mistake I didn't write any note on the outside the box to let me know which was which. I mailed first kit thinking it the Gotha and upon returning home I realized I mailed the wrong kit as I had not writen any address on the second box. As I checked it it was gotha. Luckily the YF-12 was sent to a friend who lives in Southern Calif. I contacted him to return the kit. As mention above, the post man picked the package from his house on Mon 4/17. Why have not received it yet is beyond me. Also as mentioned above, a local postmaster has been told about the situation and he is looking into it. As as for the conversation, it's a send and receive every time. I have all emails that I replied to or sent. When I said "I will contact you soon I receive the kit and send you the tracking numbers" what more could have I done? I even offered you the refund before you asked. So, I don't understand you keep saying there was no conversation and krickets from my end.
  8. Ok fine, my story dosen't hold up, you win. As for the PayPal fee. I sent you the refund in same manner, friend/family option, with a proof of photograph via email showing you that paypal didn't charge me any extra fee. So, you need to check with PayPal about this clarification. You paid me $91 and you were refunded $91. End of story.
  9. John, if you decide to cast them and sell, then I'll grab a set from you for sure. I have this kit and would love a set to fix this problem as well.
  10. Thanks for your positive comment here. I gave you no excuse at all. I was clear from the beginning when I realize that I made a mistake and sent the kit to wrong address. Luckily, it was an individual that I know very well and he assures me the kit was picked up be the postman on 4/17 to be returned to sender. Unfortunately, as of today I have yet receive the kit back from usps. So, I went to the post office to see if the post master can look into it. Anyway, locating the kit is my problem not yours and you've been given a refund which I suggested few days ago. Things happen and we make mistakes. My mistake, I packed two separate packages in similar size box and I quickly grabbed the wrong box when sending the kit down south.
  11. Friendly bump as there are still few items i like to move. Thank you to all that purchased recently. It all went to a good cause 👍🏻
  12. Ps: if the HazMat decide to up scale this in 1/32 then it will blow the Kitty Hawk kit out of the water. So...hint hint 😜
  13. Wow, look at all this detail and it's going to be all out of the box kit 😯 Totally cool Chris 👌
  14. Hey John, yep it's me. It has been a while. Busy with work, family, and academy. Plus, my old iPad does not work properly with this new ARC forum 😞 It's getting old and needs help 🤕 So, when I'm on my desk top computer is the only time I can comment here, thus my lack of comments. Btw, you are right about both decals but short in their stencil markings...especially zotz. Your LG looks super and the extra, even bit squiggly white text, looks awesome. Beside, not ever one can read every single stencil markings on every decal sheet. As usual, you are doing great bro. Keep it up and I'm saving every bit of it 😉 Mike
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