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    Mostly 1/32 Modren Jets, but I do have kits from other scale and subjects.

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  1. Nice work Steve. I love the multiple subjects on a single sheet. I always though this was the best approach as it covers more then one kit. I’ll grab one for sure. BTW, do you know there are not any decals on VA-128 A-6E Golden Intruders in low-viz markings from 80-90ies in 1/48 and 1/32. I have looked high and low and did not find any in these two scales. Food for thought.
  2. Oh man, another must have sheet. I don’t suppose you have thought about 1/32 of this? It will be a dream come true having all your Test jet marking in 1/32.
  3. Another great idea as the old Microscale sheets are way to old. Another vote (not that we are voting here) for 1/32...please!
  4. If may add a suggestion about C-130 into this thread. What a AC-130 or C-130 need is stencil markings in 1/48 and others. Especially, high viz markings. The kits need these bad as most what’s in the kits in no good.
  5. Oh brother, here comes another begging for these markings in 1/32. I’m sure many would love these in 1/32 especially the black/white jet.
  6. If you do this I will buy it, especially Pave Low markings.
  7. I’ll echo what Collin is saying. A basic marking sheet will go a long way covering several aircrafts. I guess I’ll be the first to ask, any thoughts about making these into 1/32? Please, don’t make me beg lol.
  8. I order couple off F-15 exhaust and all I can say is what an awesome product. Both exhaust nozzles are the best I have so far. I hope to see more 1/32 product from KA-models.
  9. Hello Guys, I'm in need for a 48-415 cutting edge DC-130 Pinocchio Nose. I tried to win it on ebay few time with no luck. Auction ends while I'm away from computer or working. Anyone here has one extra and willing to sell then let me know how much. Thanks and happy modeling. Mike bowentouch(AT)YaHoO(dot)CoM
  10. Nice to see this one finished. You did awesome work and the final result shows. Now, to find a display place for it without getting dusty...hmm lol. That is a challenge we all face. Especially as big as this kit. Thanks for share and cannot wait to see what comes next. ;) Mike
  11. Good Lord, this is incredible work. Unfortunately, my ipad is getting old and I cannot see all of the photographs, but nonetheless, the little I do see is amazing. I hope to follow along and see it to the end as there is wealth of information to gain. So, thank you so much for sharing your inside secrets :) Keep up the good work. Mike
  12. Nice work Pappy, I would say what scotthldr said works. A friend at local club had similar problem with canopy but after it was glued things went on much easier. Looking forward to you next update.
  13. Great work John. I had done similar on Italeri F-117 bay but ended up stopping when Trumpeter kit came out. You can sure see the huge difference between the two. I was hoping Aires would up size their F-117 stuff for this kit, but they stopped at the cockpit. As always, It will be pleasure to follow along and see the great skills at work.
  14. John, good to see the journey has come to an end. And what an ending it is...making of a butterfly from the beginning to taking on its wings. Bravo sir!! I would say having a book is always good especially when it has your name on it. However, I'm not much of an ebook type of guy. I'm sure it will be a hit though. So, what's next? :D sorry could not resist asking :)
  15. Ben, Red, thanks guys for kind comments. It's always is pleasure deal with super guys as yourselves. 😉 Shadoweng, I have paid my fair share in pp fees via eBay sales. Beside, my selling policies aren't like Obamacare, I'm not shoving them down anyones throat. You don't like it then don't buy it. It's that simple. Anyway, thanks for your comment. 🙂 Brestt, you have PM sir.
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