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Need some information regarding which panels need to remove from the Hasegawa 1/48 09685 RF-4E IAF!

I'm not a Phantom expert so every tip will help me build this kit full of goodies.

Thank you

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Excellent stuff!

What version of Sidewinder was use on the RF-4E? Same with ECM Pod.

Which are the best colors for IAF camo?

My goal is to build a jet (489 or 497) which featured a field modified radome to accommodate a Zeiss camera, so any picture is good!


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Your looking for the F-4E(S).

Standard IDF/AF camo colors, and Aim-9L

Lt blue FS35622

Green FS30219

Tan FS 34227

sand FS 33531

Who's conversion set do you have?

I've got the AEF Design set, not the most accurate but cheaper than a Cutting edge version....


F-4E(S) 498


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Looking for 489 or 497 note 496 and 498.

I have the this set on plan and also manage to get Cutting Edge, but Isradecal is my first option.

What ECM container was use on IDF RF-4E and when all Hebrew stencils appeared on the aircraft?

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Hi Caesar,

I suggest you try and get a copy of Volume 2 of the AirDoc/Double Ugly series on the F-4 Phantom ISBN 978-3-935687-82-9, for example see here: http://www.bookworldws.co.uk/israeli-phantoms-vol2-p-3588.html.

This covers the RF-4E in IDF/AF service and has lots of information on both 489 and 497 with the "Citrus" camera nose. This and Volume 1 are probably the definitive books on the Kurnass. Although expensive I think they are well worth the money for the amount of information they contain.

To answer your specific questions:

The ECM pod was the short ALQ-119 on the right inner pylon, often with a QRC-490 chaff/flare pod on the left. This configuration is also seen reversed.

AIM-9D were initially carried being replaced by the AIM-9L in the early 1980s.

Hebrew stencils appeared during Depot maintenance and repaint in the early 1980s. Interestingly 489 remained in the standard fighter scheme but 497 was repainted in the 'Compass Ghost' greys FS36320 and FS36375 sometime before 1993.



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Thank you Jonathan!

And order for this books was place... :woot.gif:/> It will help a lot in order to complete this project.

What to you think about this configuration: 489 with ALQ-119 (were do I find one) + 2 AIM-9L + all Hebrew stencils?

I have all the goodies in order to star this project.


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