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Adam Baker

Testors 1/35 Sturmtiger

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I thought I'd posted up this build here before, but apparently I didnt. I started this build several months ago, got the basic construction done, and then put it aside to work on other builds. And then about 3 weeks ago I pulled it back out and started working on the painting.

The kit is Testors 80th Anniversary boxing, which I'm told is a reboxing of the old Italeri kit. Overall its been a pretty good kit. A few minor issues here & there, but good overall.



And now the painting. Colors are all Testors Acryl colors, thinned w/ Future & airbrushed w/ my Iwata HP-CS.



I wasnt entirely sure I liked the paint job after the 2nd color was down, but the 3rd color really tied it all together and I was really happy. Once the 3rd color was down, I then went through and added colored dots all over the place, and happy w/ the look. After adding the dots, the whole thing got a good coating of Future in prep for weathering.



Tracks were assembled and painted w/ Testors Rust. I then dry brushed them w/ Testors Oiled Steel and washed them w/ Pro-Modeler Black Wash. Happy w/ the look, but I should have chosen a different color for the base. Have been told after painting that German tank tracks had a high manganese content, which prevented must in the way of rust forming, but oh well, live & learn.




And then I moved into weathering the tank. First thing I did was to wash the whole thing w/ Pro-Modeler Black Wash.


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After the detail wash, I then put down 3 coats of MIG Filter for Tri-Tonal color, and was really happy w/ how it toned down and blended together all of the colors.

And then this morning, I put down an oil paint dot filter, and blended it all together using mineral spirits.






About ready to call the weathering done. I still have to paint the inside of the barrel, probably using Testors Oiled Steel, and then I'll hit the outside of the barrel w/ some thinned flat black paint to look like soot from the rockets firing, and then I'm thinking about doing some light chipping & rust streaking around the ammo loading hatch, and then the weathering will all be done, and then on into final assembly.

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