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Alley Cat 1/48 GAF Jindivik

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As I noted in the intro thread, first up is an Alley Cat 1/48 GAF Jindivik. The is really an outstanding kit!!! You can build every variant of the Jindivik Mk 3 & 4 made.

This is where I left it about 9 months ago


Here's the aircraft itself--I set it aside because I completely horked the paint


This was the first time I used Humbrol enamels, and I expected it to be more opaque. Unfortunately, I didn't do a clean final primer coat, and it completely shows through. I also made a mistake in a little clean-up when I used isopropyl with masking tape applied; the isopropyl reacted badly with the enamel, adding further insult to injury. :bandhead2:

Anyway, I'm making N11-496, Jindivik Mk. 203A. RAN performed first range acceptance flight from Jervis Bay, Feb 7, 1967.

I'm quite happy with the trolley though. Just a few more bits to add and some more details to paint:


First up on the punch list is to strip the paint. I usually use Easy-Off Oven Cleaner on plastic. But, before I do that on resin, I'm going to use my Google-foo to make sure that's not a disaster in the making. I suppose I can try it on some of the pour plugs.

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What a cool aircraft. I've never seen this before.

As for stripping, I've had excellent results when using Simple Green. Got enamels stripped off no problem.

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A progress report.

Tested a pour plug in undiluted Simple Green; no damage. So, put the model in a stainless container and submerged. After 24h the orange and white enamel was nicely wrinkled. Scrubbed it under running water with a tooth brush, getting most of the enamel and some of the lacquer primer off. Put it back in clean batch of Simple Green and hoping to get most of the primer off.

Definitely nicer to handle than Easy-Off!

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This looks like all I'm going to get with soaking in Simple Green and brushing with a toothbrush. I think I can get the rest with a toothpick and maybe some lacquer thinner.



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