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  1. Wow, that's just an amazing build! I love the details and superb finish. Bravo!!!
  2. Post number (#) in a thread - where is it?

    Just figured out what I think you want. The date at the top of every post is a link. Copy its address, e.g., right-click and select "Copy link address" in Chrome, and then create a link with that address in your post. For example, this link gets to a method to post Google photos into this forum.
  3. google image test

    One thing I noticed, the URL didn't end in an image extension, which I believe this forum SW requires. Here's a method that I've used for Google photos. I did try to just put that "?.jpg" on the end of your URL, and it got the same "failed" icon, suggesting the problem might be Google permissions...
  4. google image test

    Or not. Did you make the pix public?
  5. I've found Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer to be extremely effective for acrylics as well as other paints. I clean all my brushes in this. While it's listed as bio-degradable and non-toxic, it is deadly to plastic.
  6. Revell-Germany 1/144th Scale C-17

    Nice work! A 1./144 M1A1 or an M2A2 and MLRS on your tarmac would look good! It would also provide a sense of scale.
  7. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    The P-40 used the exterior color beneath the canopy behind the pilot. While the extract of this image from the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE US AIR FORCE(TM) appears to show this clearly, I've also read this specifically called out. Makes sense that the P-47 would also use this scheme.
  8. Eduard PE Sets

    Acrylic glues, like Gator's Grip and Formula 560 Canopy Glue, are amazing for PE parts, especially surface bonds as they dry clear, clean up with water, remain flexible. Flexibility is a key attribute for a surface bond to avoid the differing thermal expansion rates of plastics and brass weakening the glue joint. A member of the local club also likes these glues for edge bonds because of the flexibility to prevent breakage.
  9. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    Here's an amazing price on Amazon! F-104G Starfighter Aircraft 1/144 Revell Germany for $1,999! Hey, but at leas the shipping is only $4.99 While this was at the top of the "1/144 aircraft kit" search, there were others almost as nutz.
  10. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    CoulourCoats also has Bronze Green as well as ZCG and ZCY. AFAIK, they're the only source of ZCY (well, perhaps non-acrylic) other than those goofy Testors square bottles...
  11. Not uncommon. Lately, I've taken to adding wire or sometimes plastic rod to join such parts.
  12. Dang, that's just mind-blowing!
  13. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    ColourCoats has DDG