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  1. dnl42

    Phantom F-4C 1/48

    Wonderful work. I really like the finish. Something to aspire to.
  2. dnl42

    1:48 Phantom FGR2 XV408 92Sqn

    Dang, that is most excellent work. Excellent detail, outstanding finish.
  3. dnl42

    Monogram A-6E TRAM 1/48

    Hm, those images aren't showing. Do you need to tell Google they're public?
  4. dnl42

    LF: Attack Squadron MQ-8B 1:48

    Are you talking about those very small cooling air scoops? They took some serious effort to get the base plates thin enough. I did replace some of the PE. I replaced the flat PE pitot tubes(?) with rod for dimensionality. I also had to replace those Itty Bitty hold-down lugs on the LG sponson because some flew off into the ether while I had them in my tweezers. Also, be very careful with the paint. I followed the color recommendation and the decals were nearly invisible. Almost 2 years after I completed it, I will say those blades incurred some serious droop. I'm thinking of bonding some 6 mil ceramic fibre to the bottoms to hopefully introduce some stiffness from the lamination. The fibres should really be on the top of the blades so they're in tension, but that would be too noticeable. I suppose I should try an experiment with some plastic strip. If that doesn't work, I probably need to replace the whole blades.
  5. dnl42

    Have you seen my TPS report?

    Nice work! What colors did you use on the belts?
  6. dnl42

    My new workbench (Dream project)

    Nice work. I see what looks to be a cut-down floor protector mat in your primary construction area. What is the green material?
  7. modelsUA is my primary source for Amodel kits.
  8. dnl42

    tamiya files

    Here are some excellent Swiss-pattern Grobet needle files in 0, 2, 4, and 6 cut. The 0 cut are quite aggressive on plastic, while the 6 cut will polish plastic.
  9. dnl42

    TBM avenger bomb bay fuel tank color...

    As a GM-built aircraft, the TBM used Interior Green for the cockpit areas. I suppose the bomb bay was also that color.
  10. dnl42

    Small PE bending tool recommendation

    Go back to the Small Shop and get their Bug. The head can be turned so any of the orientations can be used as you need. It's my primary folding tool nowadays...
  11. Well, as I have built several Amodel kit, and have more in the stash, this is wonderful! This specific subject doesn't interest me, but experimental 1/48 makes me happy, happy, happy!
  12. dnl42

    Meng B-17

  13. dnl42

    Any good "clear skin" models?

    Revellogram had a "visible" era, with a 1/32? P-51, 1/48 B-17, 1/4? V-8, and a woman. Some Japanese manufacturer did a Wankel engine, but I think Minicraft last had these molds. Haynes has more modern kits of vehicle engines which I believe are similar in construction. Dragon did their 1/144 X-1 with only clear fuselage parts to show off internal components. I seem to recall Tamiya did an aircraft with internal structure and clear fuselage parts, but I'm not certain. BPK does 1/144 models with clear fuselages, but the clear plastic was to simplify glazing, not to show internal structure. On a different level, Eduard has some "strip-down" aircraft, a couple/few in 1/72, but one or two in 1/48. I believe these are complete plastic kits with additional PE parts for internal structure. Jasmine is doing full PE models, including a 1/48 F6F Hellcat and a 1/144 SR-71; I believe there's another.
  14. dnl42

    Mikoyan-Gurevich I-300 1:72 (from MiG-9L "Amodel")

    I'm getting a 403 error (forbidden). So, looks like the URL is broken for us. It may be that it works for you because you own the images and/or are logged into the hosting site.
  15. dnl42

    Blenheim Mk1

    Looks nice! Is it 1/72 scale?