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  1. Bravo! Very cool markings! I'm used to movie posters depicting scenes not in a movie, maybe not even on the cutting room floor. But this one seems to be about a different movie with the same high concept...
  2. Just returned from a trip to Frankfurt, where I stopped in at Modellparadies Frankfurt, Karlstraße 12. Mostly railroad, but they had some scale kits. Most notable I thought were the Italieri 1/72 B-52G and the Heller 1/72 Boeing 707. Don't recall the prices...
  3. Floyd, please 'splain how you did those belts!
  4. Nice choice of markings! You don't often see those them. If you don't find the propeller and hub, Ultracast makes a replacement. Here's a page with their bits as well as some others'. Master (Poland) and Vector (Russia) may be more easily available locally.
  5. You totally rock, dude! Seriously, the Planes of Fame article and photos are excellent! Never saw either site before, and I'm lovin' them!
  6. Particularly for the 232 and 251 birds...
  7. Those self-closing tweezers are grrrreat for painting! While I thought I had a lot, Floyd is clearly ahead...
  8. I've tried that, didn't like the brown tint. My preference is Mr Color Tire Black, #137, which is a dark gray. Vallejo has a similar color, Dark Rubber, #306. They also have a Light Rubber, #305, which I use for WWI aircraft.
  9. Based on the pix already posted in this thread, such a book would be a·maz·ing!
  10. FWIW, Academy claims "blue-gray", which they cite as FS 25526
  11. FYI, SprueBros lists the kit.
  12. Thanks! Mr Color enables a vey smooth finish.
  13. That's fabulous! Your daughter is doing a wonderful job!
  14. Thanks! I saw pix of that aircraft on the Interweb at some point and went searching for the decals. After I found the HaHen site, I just had to build it...
  15. Thanks! While I was concerned about the decals, they went on quite well.