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  1. dnl42

    Metric drill bits

    Micro Mark has this metric drill set and that metric drill set. MSC is my goto source for tools, here's a smaller set.
  2. dnl42

    F-4 Phantom Drawing-Blueprint

    That site is amazing! Pretty good timing for my current build...
  3. dnl42

    3D printers

    Seems to support my point...
  4. dnl42

    3D printers

    MoFo gave some excellent advice. Short story is, while 3D printing has been around for decades, and commercial aircraft are flying today with printed metal structural parts, home-use by individual modelers is still a specialist topic. Having written that, for an excellent thread on something affordable today, see niart17's Bought a Printer thread.
  5. dnl42

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    Wow! That is a big boy, even in 1/144! Nice job on that cockpit! I always paint the glass black.
  6. dnl42

    paint leaking behind eclipse hp-cs paint cup?

    I don't have that airbrush, but take a look at Don's Airbrush Tips, particularly his Troubleshooting page.
  7. dnl42

    Metric drill bits

    Perhaps convert metric to inch? mm * 0.0393701 = inch
  8. I do the same thing. Also works for LG doors, floats, struts, &etc.
  9. dnl42

    1/48 Monogram F-4J

    Nice work! Are you just going to do USN aircraft? Hopin' the Academy B I'm working on looks half as nice.
  10. dnl42

    Best lighting?

    Daylight LED fixtures are readily available in big-box stores. I have a Luxo lamp on my desk with a daylight LED bulb in it. In addition to excellent lighting, it isn't hot, which matters when I'm working in close with my Optivisor. I use a long daylight LED fixture in my garage where I do my painting.
  11. dnl42

    Hubley Metal 32 Chevy.

    That's a CL-415 firebomber. It's a 1/144 Amodel kit.They have fantastic subjects, which are also great for improving your modeling skills.
  12. dnl42

    Hubley Metal 32 Chevy.

    Looks great! I have fond memories of my uncle building these kits.
  13. dnl42

    Revell Flying Saucer Model Recalled

    There's quite a fascinating analysis of the Allied thinking on fuel production as bombing targets in Masters of the Air by D. Miller. I highly recommend the book.
  14. That is OUTSTANDING!!!