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  1. Mr. Cement S extra thin question

    Try an acrylic glue, like Gator's Grip Glue or Formula 560 Canopy Glue. Check your LHS. An RC place will have the Formula 560. They're both flexible, so they manage the different expansion rates of plastic and PE. They're also great for gluing clear parts.
  2. Airfix Mustang

  3. Brilliant idea. I could have scanned all my book covers when I cataloged them in a Google spreadsheet. I used that so I can refer to it at home or when I'm out and about.
  4. How to Fix Broken Off Landing Gear

    Prepare some brass pins about 1/3 the diameter of the struts. Length should be at least 8 diameters. Choose a brass rod where you have a drill to match. Test drill a hole and make sure the pins slip easily into the hole but are not sloppy. Carefully punch center holes in both parts. This is the most critical part, as alignment of the parts strictly depends on this operation. Using a small enough drill (the web should be smaller than the punch hole), drill into both pieces. This is the next most critical part, as you need to make sure you've aligned the drill with the strut. Get a larger drill that is still small enough that the web fits in the hole, and enlarge the hole. Continue until you use the drill that matches your pins. Mix up some epoxy. Coat 1/2 of the pin with a thin film of epoxy, and insert into the strut. Coat the other half of the pin and the broken face of the strut. Insert pinned strut into the stub in the fuselage. Et voilà! I used this process to fix a misaligned rotor head on a helicopter. The difference is I made a smooth cut with a razor saw, so those first pin punches were easier than your task.
  5. Tamiya vs Vallejo vs Mr Color Acrylics

    Mr Color is a lacquer; it's my fa·vor·ite paint! You have to learn to spray close lest it dry in-flight, even with Mr Color Leveling Thinner, which has a retarding agent. But, once you learn, it's just wonderfully thin and amazingly smooth. The thinness of the paint means you need to pay attention to surface prep. Mr Hobby does have an acrylic line.
  6. Looking for reference pics of F-14 intakes.

    Does this help? I can't find the picture I have from Estrella Warbirds Museum of their F-14, but I did find this among the 3k F-14 pix I've collected from the Interweb. Google helped my find whence it came... https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1975_F14-A_Tomcat_(4283369392).jpg
  7. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    Getting that hand-painted look is HARD! I did that on the red warning markings on a 1/144 A-90 Orlyonok ekranoplan.
  8. 1/32 Revell (Matchbox) DH 82a

    Oh, be still my heart I have a complete jones for golden era aircraft, and the DH82 is pretty much top of the heap for me! As you note, the only 1/48 DH82 is universally described as horrible. I have an Amodel 1/48 DH60M and Planet Models 1/48 DH85--they'll have to do...
  9. Diorama-"Return to England"

    Must be me... I don't see your images in this thread. When I clicked on one of the links, I got an error claiming "www.moxing.net" cannot be found (DNS error, actually). BTW, the term for your combination of 1/72 and 1/144 is called "forced perspective".
  10. Landing gear hydraulic lines

    UMM has lead wire in small sizes, down to 0.1mm. Very easy to manipulate.
  11. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    Spraying the masked color also works quite well. Especially when you're not ready for a clear coat.
  12. How to Fix Future Pool

    Since Windex made it worse, I suppose you sprayed Future atop acrylic... I don't use future for the various reasons cited above. I do use Mr Color Clear, Tamiya Clear, or Model Master bottled lacquer as they work so much better for me. Bottom line...the following is pure supposition on my part. Perhaps a fine sanding stick would work?The key would he a rigid backing so the pooled future would be abraded, not the surface. You'd have to be very careful to only get the ridges and not get the paint. Frequent checking of the abrasive surface for traces pf color should help you recognize when you went just too far. Once it's smoothed, I'd switch to very fine grit to polish the finish. For the polishing, you'd want a backing more pliable than a sanding stick, like one of those polishing sets with the stiff sponge. As suggested above, try on a test piece first. Also, don't dare mask the decals to "protect" them...this is direct experience
  13. Any 1/48 AIM-9P or 9N?

    Meng claims they're 9N or 9P. They don't show any external differences.
  14. I vote you go with it! That is a fabulous backdrop! Your model looks quite good against it. I'll have to remember that if I ever put a model in it's own case.
  15. ARC Search Engine

    The site-specific Google search syntax is simple. For example, site:www.arcforums.com fullback