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  1. dnl42

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    I also have a FICON kit I'm happy to lend. I can also lend you the FICON book.
  2. dnl42

    Airbrushes Question

    Just remembered another place. Art Supply Warehouse., which is also local for me. I got an Iwata HP-CH there a couple of years ago at their yearly 25% off sale, which is some time in the spring...
  3. dnl42

    No Talk Of Solo?

    Just saw this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. dnl42

    Gaging interest: Crowdfunded model kits

    For this purpose, those photos are equivocal at best. And CAD visualization images can only tell you it's not horribly designed... I've found that you good raking angle lighting of the original part, along with primed and then painted, are needed to really understand the detail and surface quality. Here's a photo I took of a part from Attack Squadron's printed rotor head on their excellent 1/48 MQ-8B. Orion Field, can you post some images? I am interested.
  5. dnl42

    Bought a Printer!

    I'm glad to hear you're still excited about this! Did you manage to prime those parts you showed above? Would love to see that.
  6. dnl42

    Gaging interest: Crowdfunded model kits

    I'd snap up a good 1/48 F11F in a heartbeat. But, as noted above, good is the operative word. We already have mediocre in the Lindberg version, which I do have. At least Corky Meyer said it had an accurate shape for the prototype. Can you post any images of previous models, before and after construction? After all, we're all about the "show me the plastic/resin/pe..."
  7. dnl42

    Airbrushes Question

    A highly satisfied customer! And worth a visit if you're visiting SoCal attractions with your family I see you're in Chile. They do ship, but you'd have to check them out at http://www.coastairbrush.com/ to see if that would work for you. Fortunately, they're relatively close by me.
  8. dnl42

    Enterprise and feminism?

    Hm, I thought the saucer-like shape was to relate to, well, flying saucers? In any event, here's the StackExchange rationalization.
  9. dnl42

    Preparation for painting

    If the plastic has a rough texture, I'll rub it down with polishing cloth. An example is the otherwise excellent Roden 1/144 C-47. I always wash the model with 91% isopropyl alcohol. I prime with Mr Surfacer thinned with Mr Leveling Thinner. This is an outstanding primer.
  10. dnl42

    1/48 Glenco J2F Duck

    Wow, that's excellent!
  11. dnl42

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    Thanks! Learn something new every day!
  12. dnl42

    Phone Calls You Don't Want To Get

    I'm glad your daughter is OK. It must have been horrifying for your wife! I do a lot of walking. I've been pushed down the road and skimmed several times. I've learned to NEVER, EVER, trust any driver in any vehicle until and only while you have eye contact. That also means never crossing in front of a car at night.
  13. dnl42

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    That's a CL-415, with its turboprop engines. The 215 has radial engines.