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  1. Eclipse Chasers?

    Those are most excellent photos! I especially love the last! Thanks for posting them!
  2. Eclipse Chasers?

    What he said. I'll try to post a pic later as both the roads and 4G are jammed solid now...
  3. underwing stuff colors Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

    Can't help with your question, but this was a Curtiss aircraft ;)
  4. Eclipse Chasers?

    Good for you! The parents that listened to you should be Very Greatful! There aren't a lot of "casual" opportunities to see a total eclipse in one's lifetime and to miss it would be sad indeed. My wife and I traveled to Mexico for the '91 eclipse. We were on a cruise ship on the centerline; it was just amazing. We plan to see the '24 eclipse, which enters the US in TX, leaves through Maine, and the leaves through Canada's Maritime Provinces.
  5. Eclipse Chasers?

    Wondering if there are any eclipse chasers here. I'm in my RV, dry-camping at Madras airport. There's an aircraft museum I'll visit this afternoon. There will be about 450 aircraft here Monday morning for the event.
  6. Need help fixing some mistakes

    Looks like I'm the one that's confused. The first picture will need filling, filling, and scribing. Was that the cement puddle? The third picture looks like the problem is the kink on the lower left. I would try rebuilding the plastic there. Cut/file away whatever is now out of alignment, glue in some new plastic, either Evergreen or plastic from the kit you don't need, and then fill, file, and scribe to blend in. If that 3rd picture has more damage, then I'm not sure what to suggest. I don't know what the 2nd picture is showing.
  7. Something only gets crushed by depth if it's closed and airtight. While the crew compartments of a B-29 we're pressurized in flight, I would think they were open and depressurized in the event of a water landing.
  8. Need help fixing some mistakes

    For the cement spill, just leave it alone until it dries. The bare plastic will look funky, but it should be good with primer or maybe Mr Surfacer. I've done this more than once... As for the burn crater, you've got some filling, filing, and scribing ahead of you. If you did try to wipe the cement away, you'll need to do the same there.
  9. That's a feature. The default 'new activity' only shows posts you haven't read yet. One of the pull-down menus allows you to choose "unread" or everything.
  10. Also no such problem, on home in Linux Chrome or on the road in Android Chrome. I typically read posts from the new activity page, and use the browser back button to get back to that page to read the next post. There's also a labeled button from the forum software (currently labeled "General Dis...") that takes you to the topic containing the post. That also works as expected from my phone. What browser are you using? What does happen when you hit the back button?
  11. Lost a National Treasure.

    The INDIANAPOLIS survivors suffered a horrible experience. A friend of my father's was a survivor. Like many of his generation, he was very private about the experience. My first inkling of what happened was Larry's extreme aversion to any and all seafood. The thought of it, let alone the sight of it, actually made him physically ill. He never did speak about the event. He passed in the 90s.
  12. Roden 1/144 C-5

    Seriously, you should! Or tell him to pull the pictures and complain to ebay. 1) He's using your pictures for his commercial gain 2) It's misleading as you noted. BTW, great build, love the markings!
  13. Test

    The URL needs to have an image file type, like ".jpg" or ".png". For example, here's a link to a Google photo https://goo.gl/photos/tdWG3ifLetvZHEmR9 Yeah, just a clickable link... Here's a link to that same photo but with the right file type. The forum SW will show you the picture right away if you paste in the correct URL. If it just shows the link, you need a different URL. HTH -- dnl
  14. Paints for WWII USN Ships

    Completely agree with Grey Ghost 531! White Ensign Models started their Colourcoats line for Naval colors. As you can see by the above link, they have the colors you need under the names you're looking for.