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  1. Anyone who regularly uses terms like "butthurt" is hardly elitist.
  2. Going to get me a couple. Very nice.
  3. Excellent!
  4. My issue is with teeny little parts on the sprue. Like a radar altimeter..... Why can't they just put a few more on the sprue??? You are going to lose them or break them.....
  5. I find your lack of fanaticism to be disturbing
  6. It may not make the best seller list but a 32nd Val or Kate would be very interesting.
  7. Fake My Prime Minister said these would never fly! Nice try.
  8. You are attaching logic and experienced management techniques to a situation where those do not exist or are being asked for. I do not understand the strategy of politicising defence purchases but I guess that is why I scrape by in a silly job and build models in my spare time.
  9. Highly doubt the super hornets will be purchased. Maybe leased if possible. Not sure why equipment procurement is a wedge issue but here it's become one.
  10. No holds barred this is the nicest airport I have ever been to. All open air and amazing: The food... even the bathrooms were amazing. In North America? Ugh... I think they are all constantly under construction, over crowded, dirty and awful. If there was a viable alternative to flying, I would take it in a second.
  11. Just hope the production value is more like BoB than the Pacific
  12. The "home" printers I've seen are very crude and unimpressive. Likely going to change quickly. I'd say invest your time in getting the part done on software and have an expensive machine print it for you.
  13. It may have to be a Hammy Grey corsair for me!
  14. my LHS might have one or two
  15. What a great guy and a great modeler. I loved seeing his posts and reading his words. I hope he enjoyed the corsair I sent him a couple years back as a Christmas raffle prize. We`ll miss you Hal