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  1. Big kit with a big box! I've been looking forward to getting this one since seeing the mockup kit at the 2018 Nationals. I finally cleared off the bench and put this guy on it: The instruction book is a bit intimidating as it truly is a book with 100s of images. But once you get used to the format (each step can feature multiple explanations of exactly where each piece goes!). And oddly - at least for us aviation modelers - construction begins with the engines! And these are a treat - check this out: Pistons! Of course they will be immediately hidden within the cylinders in the first step: To tell you the truth - the construction of these engines has been a lot of fun. The parts fit together perfectly and look great when painted up. I especially like the large exhaust manifold - I "rusted" it as follows First - just Tamiya As-12 Aluminum Spray Then a thin coat of Tamiya Medium Brown and a couple drops of Nato Black (thin... like 2/3 thinner) Then I washed with Mig Ammo Track Wash followed by Light Rust... and then a bit of Tamiya Weathering Powder Rust... all sealed in with a flat coat So the engines are done (I'll have a picture of the mounted engine next time) Next up... the cockpit....
  2. Hello ARC I want to build one of these Sabres and my options are limited. Hasegawa has a 1/48 RF-86 that would work and I know there was some aftermarket conversion set(s) out a few years ago to do a conversion. I am interested in either route! Please let me know Chris
  3. It is nothing so ulterior - my blog is not monetized and I am not generating traffic. I write the occasional article for my blog and I share it here and other locations. I try to get more "builds" and/or "model picture" posts up but sometimes my builds don't progress fast enough. Anyway, the link is for those who are interested. Good idea to provide more context but its far easier and faster to put the pictures up on the blog.
  4. Everything I have to say is right there in my blog and I used the handy link tool so you can find it easily.
  5. Maybe I am wrong about this, but I think there are great benefits from rivet counters.
  6. Hi Ret Great models, buddy! I'm sure the judges thought so too. The lander was fantastic, I'd like to build one someday. Hope to see you at CapCon in the fall Chris
  7. Hi Holmes! I did take down 5 models - and was dodging the rain trying to get them onto the show tables! The judges were very kind in awarding them 3 Firsts and 2 Seconds. Luckily we caught a break in the rain at the end of the day so packing them back up was far easier!
  8. What a great show! Torcan 2019
  9. Yeah...no. Don is one of those guys who makes this hobby better. There is no way he would have ripped off anyone. I have done a ton of business with Don G over the years - and will continue to do so. Chris
  10. The secret to getting them off the shelf might be figuring why they got up there in the first place.... Some thoughts here....
  11. Thanks guys! I got a tip about a conversion set - but no one seems to have these in stock: Which is too bad because it would have made life a lot easier!!!
  12. The term comes from the legend of a typhoon saving japan from an invasion by the Mongols. Direct translation of kamikaze is “divine wind” in the case of this model, I suppose it’s named after the great typhoon. In in the case of the special attack units, they were there to save japan from invasion
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