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  1. CorsairMan

    Airfix's BIG news from Telford...

    The only thing that bothers me is how close this was to being a 1/24 Corsair.... oh man.... But this Hellcat is very interesting. I might just have to buy my first Airfix kit!
  2. CorsairMan

    TELFORD(UK) IPMS Show 2018.

    Very nice. Telford is on my modeler's bucket list. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hi ARCers! How about we continue this little ARC tradition? I also think we had a lot of fun the last time we did it, so why not revive the ARC holiday raffle, shall we? For those who may not know what I am talking about - one can do a forum search on past Holiday raffles to get an idea of what is going on. 1) ARCers who want to participate just post their name to this Raffle thread. 2) A chat room is set up for the Raffle. 3) Prizes are those that are donated by this very awesome ARC community. Anyone wishing to donate a prize simply posts the prize in this Raffle thread. 4) If your name is picked by yours truly (or maybe by a little helper of mine) - you get to pick from the prizes on the list. The Prize list thread will be created prior to the raffle and we will update it as soon as names are pulled. It can get a little zany in there... sometimes there are even last minute surprises... I guarantee that we'll have some fun. Anyone wishing to help out, just send me a PM. Raffle Details Date: TBD - but I am thinking December 22 or 29, 2018 Start time : 8pm eastern. This would be 1AM GMT for my European friends - you can check here: http://www.worldtime...o-gmt-converter Who Can Participate: Any ARC member! Simply post to this thread and you are in! In order to ensure everything is up to date for the raffle, the participation cut off will be at 6pm the day of the Raffle. This way I can be sure I have all the names before the Raffle starts and that the CorsairKid is still up to draw the first name. What Prizes?: The current Prize Donations are listed below and I will update with further donations. If you wish to donate, please post your donation to this topic along with your name. Remember, ARC is a worldwide community so you may end up shipping stuff all over the world. Tradition is that donor pays shipping and is responsible for the shipment of the donated prize. However, recipients can also volunteer to pay for shipping. Tis the season afterall. Remember - the more prizes the better the Raffle - so please give generously! CHAT ROOM DETAILS The Chat room location will be at Chatzy I will have details posted here the day of the raffle When you get to the page - just put in your ARC name. The PRIZE LIST 1) 1/48 F-15 Decals (CorsairMan) 2) 1/72 Resin RATO (CorsairMan) 3) 1/144 Dragon Stealth Chopper (Corsairman) 4) 1/48 Hobbycraft Bearcat (CorsairMan) 5) CorsairMan Prize (CorsairMan) 6) 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18D (kit No. D9) (fasteagle12) 7) 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18C (kit No. SP69) 'Independence' (fasteagle12) 😎 Academy kit 12249, 1/48 Police Helicopter 500D (dnl42) 9) Italeri kit 2685, 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX "American Aces" (dnl42) 10) Hasegawa kit 2658, 1/48 P-40M/N (dnl42)
  4. Updated The issue with the YF-12 was the flimsy box. I have a shipping box for it now.
  5. CorsairMan

    Christmas Raffle Anyone??

    seems there is some interest - I'll give it a couple more days. IF we get to 25 that should be a decent size. I guess that ARC has gotten somewhat smaller over the years.
  6. Sure - here is a build review I did about a year ago: Model Airplane Maker
  7. Sure - here is a build review I did about a year ago: Model Airplane Maker
  8. When I got to this point I found out that I made some sort of mistake - the cowl panels wouldn't fit properly. When they were on they left big gaps. I went over and over the instructions to figure out what I did wrong but ultimately I couldn't figure it out and I shimmed with some plastic strip. Well done!
  9. Hi Everyone I'm looking for some decals to do Rex Barber's "Miss Virginia" in 1/48th. Most recent sheet might be from Eduard's "Early Lightnings" boxing. Hope to find someone who might have this sheet - I'd only want the Rex Barber decals. Thanks!
  10. CorsairMan

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    Yes - that was a huge problem! Haha
  11. CorsairMan

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    It was an excellent experience and I'd go again. I have a writeup with show pictures at ModelAirplaneMaker.com
  12. CorsairMan

    How do you make that mistake in the web era?

    Any story with the word “Nazi” in it is clickbait. News is not about informing as it is driving traffic to the site.
  13. CorsairMan

    Christmas Raffle Anyone??

    Hello my ARC friends. Its been a couple of cold winters since the last time we put one of these things on. Various people have grown older. Some threads have gone haywire. More model kits have fallen into stashes..... never to be built. But this year, we can celebrate the holidays with an evening of joy, drinking (and newly legalized alternative celebratory activities...in my country anyway) all in the name of randomized prize giving! Our newer community members can do a little search to see what I am talking about but basically we set up a room and we draw names. Winners get to select from a bunch of prizes donated by participants. Of course, one does not HAVE to donate a prize to play... but surely, you must have something you can see off to a happy home. Keep in mind, donors are on the hook for shipping. SO! What do you say? I suppose I can dig up Pete and keep him happy for another season. I'll put a poll up... if we get... say.. 50 "yes" votes, then we can set this up.
  14. My new blog: modelairplanemaker.com

  15. Yes, yes.... and more yes to all that The only way you are going to get good at anything is to do it. I have been painting with an airbrush for over 10 years and I am still learning different things and making adjustments.