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  1. I saw it last night. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the mood that was created. The aerial scenes were very well done. I was also very impressed with how the sinking ships were done. I get that he didn't want to do a documentary and I believe he made a good film considering the facts. But to be honest, I felt the movie, while beautifully shot, just dragged on. Then again, there are only so many ways to tell a story about a bunch of guys standing on a beach or slowly sailing their little boats across the channel.
  2. I have a few kits (cars and figures) that I bought for one reason or other. But then I realized that I've never done one before. How about a group build where we mix things up? If you always do aircraft: try a motorcycle. Or do one of those kits that are entirely photo etch My idea is a group build to Try a whole new thing and see where it goes? I'm open to suggestions as well.
  3. funny that there is a whole other cockpit back there... and its just covered! One day I will take on a teen fighter.....
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I might end up painting them on then. Decals give me me such fits now.
  5. Hi there the effect is done with black basing and then dry brushing with white or grey. Once that is done I spray a light coat of the interior colour. Just enough to show the highlights
  6. Hey hey Got the cockpit pretty much done - Nothing too fancy - just paint and some drybrushing. I did detail the seat though - the seatbelts were very nice. I can close up the fuselage and work on chopping down the wings next.
  7. I have this kit and the trumpeter one. I think I bought them with the idea of combining the hobbycraft fuselage with the trumpy wings. Pretty sure I saw that in an article. Anyhow I can't wait to see more from you
  8. Very nice! I've seen a 72nd model of this kit ... Maybe italeri? Its a cool looking aircraft for sure. Not my scale but the yellow and red really sell it!
  9. Hi Everyone, Its been a while since I last participated in a Group Build but any excuse to add to the Corsair collection and I am in! This time its a very Canadian subject despite being a Royal Navy Corsair - its #115: Hammy Grey's Corsair. I did one a while back in 1/72 and I eventually sold it. 48th is my scale and I am looking forward to trying my hand at this iconic plane. Requisite box top - I've built 1 or 2 of these in the past: Here is the FAA conversion kit instructions (and they are so-so) Here are some of the the FAA parts (wow.. these are very nice!) And here are the decals I am going to use The sidewalls fit perfectly and did not require much clean up. Just chisel out the tamiya sidewall detail and these are a drop fit.
  10. Very cool! Clean or weathered?
  11. I think k I built this kit 30 years ago. I think I used some aftermarket decals to depict a snow birds plane. Is that possible. I remember having an awful time painting it white. Love the finish you are planning. Cant wait to see more.
  12. This seems very stupid - why would someone spend $400 for something that was previously free and where there are competing services that are free?
  13. I am going to do a Hammy Grey Corsair... this time in 48th Scale:
  14. So what exactly changed with PB?
  15. in a nutshell can someone explain what PB did?