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  1. Looking to trade for a couple of unwanted kit burner cans for a weird project I am putting together. I am not too picky Located in Canada Got lots of spare Corsair parts if you need something.
  2. 1/32 F4U-1A Help

    No problem The opening itself is slightly over 1/16" wide So....From the edge of the outermost gun barrel measure 9/32" Starting from that point its slightly more than a 1/16" opening.
  3. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    You're such a diva!
  4. 1/32 F4U-1A Help

    I have the kit. Would you think I could just measure a length from the outermost gun barrel?
  5. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    Let's do this again!
  6. 1/72 CF-100 Clunk

    I built one as a kid. I sadly remember the bowed wings and the really crappy rub-n-buff I applied. I think I still have a part of the fuselage that I used as a paint mule as I got back into the hobby. But this one CAN be turned into a silk purse (Mike's got at least one that I've seen up close).
  7. Hi everyone, I signed up for a kit - this thing looks cool and the price is reasonable: http://kck.st/2vBPHdy Its got a long way to go though!
  8. 2 1/48 CT-155 Hawks

    I really like the blue one! Well done
  9. 1/48 FAA Corsair IV - Hammy Gray V.C.

    Hi all - just skipping quickly The fuselage closed up very nicely. FAA Corsairs had chopped wings - depending on your source, it can really be confusing as to how much to take off. I relied on some pictures of FAA corsairs (and not drawings) to approximate the right spot. I also glued in a piece of clear sprue and filed/sanded/polished it to shape. That is what the tamiya tape is covering. Tamiya Corsairs are notoriously tricky to get the wings aligned properly. This time I followed the instructions after I shimmed up the inside of the mating parts between the "inner" and "outer" wings. It made the attachment much easier and stronger. I have also measured the height of the wingtips on the completed wings - less than a mm difference. I also glued in the flaps before painting this time. I have always had such a time trying to get these things (a) aligned and (b) attached solidly in the past. Yes - it will mean I will have to be a bit more careful with my painting (but I have an idea for that) I'll be doing this method from now on!
  10. Hi guys - looking for checkerboard decals to do a F4U-1d that served with VMF-312 on Okinawa. I can get the regular decals (ordered) but these don't come with the checkerboard patterns for the cowl and rudder Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!
  11. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    I saw it last night. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the mood that was created. The aerial scenes were very well done. I was also very impressed with how the sinking ships were done. I get that he didn't want to do a documentary and I believe he made a good film considering the facts. But to be honest, I felt the movie, while beautifully shot, just dragged on. Then again, there are only so many ways to tell a story about a bunch of guys standing on a beach or slowly sailing their little boats across the channel.
  12. I have a few kits (cars and figures) that I bought for one reason or other. But then I realized that I've never done one before. How about a group build where we mix things up? If you always do aircraft: try a motorcycle. Or do one of those kits that are entirely photo etch My idea is a group build to Try a whole new thing and see where it goes? I'm open to suggestions as well.
  13. Kinetic CF-18 Hornet - 1/48th scale

    funny that there is a whole other cockpit back there... and its just covered! One day I will take on a teen fighter.....
  14. 1/48 FAA Corsair IV - Hammy Gray V.C.

    Thanks for the heads up! I might end up painting them on then. Decals give me me such fits now.
  15. 1/48 FAA Corsair IV - Hammy Gray V.C.

    Hi there the effect is done with black basing and then dry brushing with white or grey. Once that is done I spray a light coat of the interior colour. Just enough to show the highlights