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  1. He has just expanded the physical and online store! Enjoy!
  2. Now now. Love going but do not love the ditch or the 9 hour ride in the snow.
  3. I'm there barring some weather catastrophe
  4. Wonderful news!! Mine just turned 3.....A blink of an eye!! Enjoy it! She's growing every second!
  5. Diameter would be 2 to 3 inches.
  6. I'm going to be doing a bit of scratch building and I need some cylindrical shapes. I've got plenty of styrene. But need a way to make cylinders.
  7. +1 I don't understand the "need" for every new bf109 and fw190 but they always sell and anything that sells gets repeated. Just looks at the superhero movies we get to see over and over again. They make a lot of money. I doubt the Nazi saucer will make a ton of money though. But it is nice to see something different
  8. She was a beautiful little one and she was loved. I'm so sorry.
  9. Pete, Big... Long story but October and November were stupidly busy for me. December has been more of the same but I am able to take a breath now. Unfortunate that I won't be hosting a raffle this year (thanks again for taking over last year!) That said, I am around these holidays - maybe a night of chatting, beer and random silliness would be fun. It would be interesting to do a group build via google groups or something like that.
  10. May be interested but what does "engine fool" mean?
  11. I'm in Ontario and muzzle loaders scare me.
  12. Deer hunting is something I want to try. I'm going to sign up for a hunter's course but after that I'm not sure what to do given that I don't really know any hunters.
  13. Weekend bump with a price drop
  14. Hello everyone, I am not going to be getting to this project anytime soon. Prices do not include shipping - I only ship at cost. Dragon M1A2 SEP (3536) - this is the version with the metal barrel (the newer versions do not have this part). Box opened; all sprues in bags - $55 Voyager Model Modern US Army M1A2 SEP with Tusk II (PRO35005). Box opener; all parts untouched - $85 If you want both, lets talk deal.