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new looking for confirmation

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Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to making model kits and after doing a lot of research I would like you experienced guys to confirm if I'm on the right track! I've been reading a lot and honestly after a while it gets pretty damn confusing with all the paint types etc. The only brands I have available around here are vallejo model color, vallejo primer, washes, etc and SOME tamiya products. So right now I'm thinking this is the way to go, can anyone please confirm I'm right or correct me if I'm wrong...

1)prime the model vallejo primer, give it 24 hours to dry

2)paint the model with vallejo model color (acrylic paints I believe) again give it a day to dry

3)put a vallejo gloss varnish cote on it for decals, wash. again plenty of drying time maybe a day or two

4)use tamiya panel line accent and add decals

5)put a vallejo matt varnish cote over this to finish the model

I THINK I have it right... but I'm not sure... I'm especially worried about the tamiya panel line accent causing problems on the varnish?

thanks for the help everyone


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Welcome to the forums Eric!

You are on the right track, and both Vallejo and Tamiya paints in my opinion are create paints to use. In regards to drying time, you don't really need to wait 24 hour with the primer and paints. I personally only wait a half an hour after priming to start painting. Tamiya panel line wash should not bother any acrylic clear coat if allowed to dry overnight. If not sure test it first on a scrap model or a part you are not going to use.

Below are my steps.

1) wash model let air dry overnight

2) spray primer, let dry for about 1/2 hour

3) spray all top coats, let dry overnight

4) apply gloss coat let dry again overnight

5) apply decals let dry overnight

6) wipe with damp sponge any dry setting solution and dry

7) apply another gloss coat over decals to blend let dry a couple of days.

8) apply washes, filters and any weathering (dull coat can be applied before or after or in my case during as I add color to my dull coat to add to the weathering effect)

9) finish by attaching any antenna's, rigging or final assembly of landing gear, props and so on.

I tend to paint in the evenings, so I tend to wait till the next day to continue with painting, that's why I mention overnight. But if you are painting in the morning, you can go back in a few hours and continue with acrylics.

Good luck!


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If you are using the Vallejo Polyurethane Primer, you need to let it dry for at least a couple of days.

Hint: Use Tamiya primer or try to get the Badger primer instead ;-)

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Sounds like you are well on your way to a happy modelling hobby.

The best products and ratios and mixes and air pressure and types of hardware, etc. etc. are the ones that work for you. All modellers have their favorites, so find what works for you and you will have many rewarding hours of modeling. If you pay too much attention to what works for everyone else, it will drive you crazy . . .

Having said that, if you run into a problem that stumps you, this is a great place to get some help.

Just one thing though, I suggest you apply the decals before putting a wash into your panel lines. You want to panel line and its wash to show consistently across the decal.

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