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  1. Try the rare plane detective site. He could give you a fair price.
  2. MacStingy

    Keeping up to date..

    I read FSM on line through my local library. $00.00
  3. MacStingy

    Vintage model airpanes FS

    I would just keep them. Your daughter won’t be an infant forever. Eventually if you decided to start building again, these are nice simple kits to reignite your desire. Think long term.
  4. MacStingy

    Oh Canada

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/challenger-vip-jet-fleet-1.4636818 Here we go again. How much can this get balled up? Should we check out the Aussie’s used lot?
  5. MacStingy

    1/24 Kinetic P-47 Razorback

    Set that way to counter torque? I’m clutching at straws.
  6. Donate a good parf of them to charity to auction. They will benefit, do the work and solve the problem. Could be a Legion, restoration group, Cadet unit or any cause that is raising money. Cheers paul
  7. +1 for Belcher decals. Top quality.
  8. MacStingy

    Spray booth height

    I sit when I work in my model room. I use a film stripper’s light table to work on and sit on a high chair that is bar stool height. The glass top is great to clean and the light is good for cutting masks. When i air brush, i retire to the basement and the freezer top.
  9. MacStingy

    Quiet Compressor

    Iwata Smartjet. Makes less noise than my wife’s sewing machine.
  10. MacStingy

    Spray booth height

    Are you a sitter or a stander? I always stand and paint in a collapsible booth that i put on top of a chest freezer in the basement. I have a clip on work light hanging on a joist above. Laundry sink is very nearfot cleanups.
  11. MacStingy

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

  12. MacStingy

    Display Case vs. aircraft sub-forums

    +1. This place has been dead. Anything breathes some life into it. Things around here used to be a lot more stimulating.
  13. MacStingy

    Aussie Hornet purchase

    My original thought, but I want to hear the non political reasons for the decision. Is there a pot of gold in it that I’m not aware of? Sorry to kick the Hornet’s nest but things have been slow around here.
  14. MacStingy

    Aussie Hornet purchase

    Soooo.... what benifits will we taxpayers reap from buying used Hornets? Lower price? Allowing us to avoid on the depreciation following a New purchase like an auto? How can I justify this? What are the pros?