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using foil for a Mustang

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What is up everyone. I am thinking of trying something new. For an bare metal finish on a Mustang I was thinking about using foil. What are the pit falls to using this technique? Is using model master paints easier to use? Thanks in advance for.the advice


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For the life of me I can't imagine why someone would want to mess with foiling a model in 2015 with so many metallic paint options available.

I'd use Alclad if it were me as that's the best metallic paint option out there. However, I've seen some great results with the new AK metallics and even Vallejo's new acrylic range. I wouldn't mess with Model Master's metallizers...they are not that great.

Also, remember the P-51's wings where painted with aluminum lacquer and aren't bare metal...so you'll want a different effect there.

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