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Are stripes on tailhooks still around?

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Just out of curiosity...some decal sheets for Naval aircraft (mostly Tomcats and Hornets) show the tailhooks without stripes, and some show them still having the stripes. Is it just kind of a hit or miss type thing if the tailhook has stripes or not, or are they completely phased out? Either way, I have noticed that I see hardly any of the high-viz black and white striped ones anymore. Now, most of the time it's light gray/dark gray stripes.

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Nothing standard is black and white any more. Since the Navy went low viz, all of the external airframe markings are low viz. However, a squadron who paints up their color bird has the option to paint as they wish. The current version of the VFA 192 Super Hornet, has a blue and yellow striped hook. (and yellow gear door edges instead of the typical red)


Image is shamelessly swiped from ye olde google search.

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