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  1. 82Whitey51


    Would love to see some fresh B-29 markings. You could do a separate sheet alone on just 509th BW/Silverplate B-29s. Outside of the Monogram kit decals, good luck finding proper "ENOLA GAY" decals in 1/48 scale. Superscale did them a long time ago but I get the feeling they (and other aftermarket decal manufacturers) just assume stay clear of the subject.
  2. I made my own for VP-26 markings, pretty simple to find the logo and print out on white decal paper...sourcing, and then placing the the 17 individual stars for the tail tip though is a bit of a PItA. When I was in the squadron, guys would ask me all the time to build them one but when I told them what I'd charge them for it they'd balk. I built "777" (foreground) for a good friend of mine because his wife wanted to give him one for a retirement gift and I didn't charge quite as much: Ahhh...but someday!
  3. The only 1/72 decal sheet that is worthwhile at all (from a P-3 Flight Engineer's perspective anyway...🙃) are the sheets in the re-popped Revell boxing and the more recent Hasegawa kit sheets; proper stenciling, and data markings, correct size national insignia. All those old Microscale and SuperScale sheets from 80s are way oversized (RESCUE arrows, U.S. insignia). The Canuck sheets were/are pretty nice too, glad I got them while they were available. There are few to no decal sheets out there at all covering the P-3s last 10 or so years in USN service, WolfPak covered VP-46 and VP-10...none have ever been done for VP-26, VP-8 had some cool tail markings over their last few years of service.
  4. This has been my argument to kit manufacturers forever in regards to producing a 1/48 scale (...or even a NEW TOOL!) P-3 Orion. There are so many different operators, so many marking options, and so many different versions over the last nearly 60 YEARS of operations. A World Wide seller! Someday 😩...
  5. Likely that is what happened....$$$$ Too bad. Looks like hammered dog 💩 Here at NAS Pax, upkeep of the museum birds used to be by done various squadrons around the base...the corrosion control shop along with volunteers from around the squadron. We were going to repaint the F-4J they had, so I really geeked out, researching the BuNo and digging up pics of it in service here at Pax, etc. We were going to make it look kick a$$. Then along comes the maintenance Chief in charge of the show and rants about how "we're just going to get some gray on that thing, and use some vinyl numbers (WRONG FONT!!!) and get the thing out the door"...mind you, it's Shore Duty, we ain't all that busy...Well, I wasn't going to have any part of that. Suddenly my flight schedule got really busy that next week and I just didn't have time to volunteer...😁 Another bird over there, the S-2E has VXS-1 markings on it...VXS-1 didn't even exist when the aircraft operated here at Pax! How is that representing the flight test history here! UNSAT
  6. Yup...I would just. go with the Caracal sheet...but I want to do one from the 2017 U.S./N. America tour as featured on this sheet from the double boxing kit.
  7. Hope this is OK to post up here...while not 100% Caracal decals, this could not have been built without them. On my 1/48 DC-130A, I realized there were no available U.S. national insignia available that are the proper size out there...except for what is provided on Caracal's Blue Angels C-130 "Fat Albert" sheet. So that is what I used on this build! The rest were conjured up from the spares box or I made them on my computer (tail marking, and the large tail numbers). A chore of a build!
  8. They're P-3B models, I'd guess 70s/early 80s at latest.
  9. Another to toss in the idea pile...check out these cool cats! I've never seen these markings before. VP-91 with the Pink Panther:
  10. Looking for the decal sheet for the 1/48 Kinetic Alpha Jet "Patriouille de France" 2017 demo team boxing. Willing to pay a reasonable price. Thank you!
  11. Not a bad sounding idea! I think the silver dope and red, white, and blue would look awesome on an F-16. Came across this on the IPMS FB page and thought it looked pretty cool!
  12. Yes they have! Even the groundpounders have had to get into the show...just launch the jets, man. I'm pretty sure what Darren is talking about is a "Pretend" dogfight...not a no sh!@ "knife fight". Ever see the "Wounded Warrior" L-39 flight team "dogfight" demo? Typically at the NAS Oceana show you see an airpower demo with jets from the various squadrons running through the paces...all at slow speeds and close distances that "we" all know to be fictitious but kids and civilians thinks it's friggin' awesome!
  13. National Institutes of Health ?? 🤔 They do wield some serious power.
  14. Job op! Have you seen the F/A-18B/D "Beetle Bomb" decals from "Fightertown"? I guess they floated the idea to the 'Blues for something to do for the final season with the "legacy" Hornets but the team was not on board. 🤷‍♂️
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