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  1. Great looking schemes...VP-26, and a VQ-1 "Q-bird" on my "to-do" list.
  2. This is fantastic, and to see YOUR instruction sheet taped to the nose! Wow! Very cool, and thank you for doing this sheet. Now...if a proper 1/48 YF-16 kit would materialize, that would be outstanding!
  3. I see people all over FB groups searching for this sheet...myself among them! 🤣
  4. It seems a memorandum went out in mid April of 1944, so, units would have the time to prepare for the "go" order. Attached is a copy of the memorandum with instructions on how the stripes were to be painted. For single engine aircraft (fighters), the instructions call for 18 inch wide stripes...following these guidelines while building a 1/48 L-4 some time back, I realized that would not work on such a small airframe. A little further research showed that on liason aircraft such as the L-4, L-5, they divided the requirement by half. INVASION STRIPE GOUGE SHEET.pdf
  5. I'm painting up some 1/48 paratroopers for a 101st AB D-Day diorama. Did the 101st have the U.S. flag on the right shoulder for D-Day? Seems they did for Operation Market garden but I can't find anything definitive for the D-Day drop.
  6. Because you're brush painting it. Brushing is never going to look as good as airbrushing paint on to a model.
  7. Not a huge fan...what the ??? The Air Force should keep this the Demo Team scheme for life. I'd love to stick around WI after the Nats for Oshkosh.
  8. No sir, that BuNo list above is the latest configurations of autopilot system/static arrangement. I'll go back and BOLD FACE that "SOME aircraft". A lot of the time the determining factor was, "Hey, do we have time to slap a new autopilot system in the bird or does the fleet need it back right away???". More often than not they want the bird back out in the fleet.
  9. OK...BELAY MY LAST ...as they say in the Navy. In more recent years (let's say the last 10 or so), as EP-3E's went to mod and were upgraded with new antenna arrays, SOME aircraft got the ASW-31 or ASW-60 (aircraft 157318) autopilot...with that the 4 static ports per side on the aft fuselage. As seen here on aircraft 316. The aircraft with the 3/2 set up (PBN-20) are: BUNO 156507, 156511, 156517, 156519, 156528, & 156529. Aircraft with 4/4 (ASW-31, 60) are: BUNO 156514, 157316, 157325, 157326, 159887, 159893, 160291, 160764, AND 161410. AN ASW-60 IS INSTALLED ON AIR
  10. I'll take a look through my photos of EP-3s to be sure.
  11. Nice additions! The Three Hole static marking is "handed" (L and R, Port/Starboard).
  12. This season's Viper Demo Team scheme honors the YF-16 prototype. https://www.twz.com/air/viper-demo-team-secretly-painted-jet-in-yf-16-scheme-to-celebrate-types-50th-anniversary?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2Uk3EAbL-P9661zf801BA1UN2cxpkxlDxeo_M0nCwB6e0t48O_w8_JHQc_aem_AakbpbqC4FElADCwAjor2lpIveMYfbTm63G-d-s8T67uYg7wtVYbEgGDnB9QimsrisJlwTbiKaCXGqLdJgauTfBM
  13. https://www.twz.com/air/viper-demo-team-secretly-painted-jet-in-yf-16-scheme-to-celebrate-types-50th-anniversary?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2Uk3EAbL-P9661zf801BA1UN2cxpkxlDxeo_M0nCwB6e0t48O_w8_JHQc_aem_AakbpbqC4FElADCwAjor2lpIveMYfbTm63G-d-s8T67uYg7wtVYbEgGDnB9QimsrisJlwTbiKaCXGqLdJgauTfBM
  14. I can dig this. Who's doing the decals???!!!
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