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  1. Masked, ready to prime, after a slight delay due to decanted Tamiya White primer incident (21 y/o daughter, moving stuff around on my garage work bench; "Daaaadd! Why is this white paint going all over the place??!!" 🙄) Modified the NLG strut, and will use the doors from the Tamiya kit, will donate the Hasegawa door in its place as it will be an FSD jet.
  2. The E/F model being bigger, it looks like the yellow down the spine and wing tips stands out more.
  3. Sprue Brothers for sure, and for brands they may not carry, or something a bit different, Hannants out of the UK. Even during CV19, and whatever slow mail service from overseas we might be seeing, I just ordered from them recently...9 days to arrive here in the States.
  4. Oh yes! I'd even settle for a new tool 1/72nd. Airfix could do a great job with the P-2 and P-3.
  5. Haaa haaaa!! Man, I sound nuttin' like that.
  6. A P-3 Orion (I wouldn't complain if it was a 1/48 scale one either...) ...and a Tamiya L-4 to compliment the Storch would be cool too.
  7. 😂...and that's why I'd never do any of those "how to" YouTube videos.
  8. I started it a couple of weeks prior to doing the post. It occurred to me that it'd been a while since I posted anything here on ARC, and that maybe someone else might be interested in doing a conversion.
  9. Very nice! I'm really looking forward to the "G" model coming out after seeing this come together.
  10. Moving on...plastic surgeon dreams aside, I modified the Hasegawa vertical stab/tail with a light assembly (?) from the Otaki tail, and have attached the wings and horizontal stabs in place. I also modified the exhaust pipe, removing a section and shortening it some. I may be ready to paint sometime this weekend!
  11. I know!!!! Especially living in the DC metro area! If I'd jumped into it after high school (1988), I'd be in the thick of it right now! Line out the door of hot ladies (..well, mostly) in their 40s/early 50s willing to shell out lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ to look good. thanks to all those "Bravo TV" wife shows. FUUUUUCCCKKK!!! Bottom line, I'd have a hangar full of Warbirds at the airport down the road 😩
  12. 😂 Man, in high school I told my mom I wanted to be a plastic surgeon...
  13. I haven't watched any yet but I will. The original film is a tough act to follow...the soundtrack alone is tough to beat. I just hope they do Gus Grissom justice in this go around.
  14. No, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I don't have a set of Gen Dyn blue prints on the table here. I shortened the nose, wings, and backed up the intake going off of the Otaki jet. The only dimensional drawings I have are what I show here. I know I'm not 100% accurate here but it'll look cool when it's done. 47.5 Ft Length, and 29.3 Ft wing span is what I ended up with.
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