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  1. Who Makes 1/72 SUU-11 Pods ???

    Thank you. I'll see if I can get a couple from that kit.
  2. Who Makes 1/72 SUU-11 Pods ???

    Yes, I came across those, and went to their site but it appears they are not available yet or out of production. No "Buy" tab on them. I was hoping to get feedback on kits that might have them in there, such as "Hajo' mentioned above.
  3. Flight Demonstration Team GB

    I'm down with it...I got a bunch of team aircraft in my stash!
  4. Need a couple of these for a project.
  5. November releases

    No sweat! I know it must've been a long day for you.
  6. November releases

    Kursad, why does the profile of the VO-67 aircraft show "ARMY" on the fuselage ? C'mon brutha..."NAVY".
  7. LF 2x AGM-69 SRAM in 1/48

    OK I have your address', I'll toss these in the mail this week.
  8. LF 2x AGM-69 SRAM in 1/48

    No, try sending again, I emptied my message box so it should work. If not just send me your address: afwhite8251@yahoo.com
  9. LF 2x AGM-69 SRAM in 1/48

    Yeah, I think my message thing was full
  10. Blue Angel Crew Name

    Ahh...Yeah November is here, "Homecoming Show". Well, you might be able to add he name later. I've tried printing yellow names on my laser printer and they just do now work out...too thin, background color bleeds right through.
  11. LF 2x AGM-69 SRAM in 1/48

    PM me y'alls (that is a word according to my Southern born wife) mailing address and I'll send them on out to you guys( Mstor, IAGeezer).
  12. LF 2x AGM-69 SRAM in 1/48

    I have the B-1 kit...I'll take a look tonight when I get home. If you don't hear back from me in a day or two , give me a shout to remind me.
  13. Blue Angel Crew Name

    Do you have the name of, or an example of the font they are using? You might want to contact the guy from this site ("Coop" ?), he seems to have the name font correct and might be able to send you a file with the proper name, sized to 1/48th scale. From there, you can send it to someone who has an ALPS printer who can bang out a few for you. https://forum.ysfhq.com/viewtopic.php?t=9388 Also, Kinetic is releasing a Blues F/A-18 soon...not sure what team names they will have on the decal sheet, but it may be for the 2018 roster.
  14. CD48111 - FB-111A

    Yes! Me too...509th/393rd BS. I lived in Boston as a kid, but we'd trek north for vacation (and Pease AFB airshows!) and I'd see those guys hauling through the hills way up in Maine every once in a while, or coming across I95...it's what I most looked forward to when summer vacations came around.
  15. OK...I never knew Tom Delonge was into this, I only knew of him through music...but then I saw him on the Joe Rogan Podcast (http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/tom-delonge) last week and was pretty surprised with what he was talking about...but more with WHO he has jumping on board with him. I mean, this cast of characters, are not exactly crack pots! Are they??