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  1. Yes, I recall that, Canuck Models I believe? I bought a few of their P-3 sheets. I'm with you on the CF-100 and CT-114. I have the Hobbycraft 1/48 CT-114 "Snowbird" and an "Uncle Bills" resin set, looking forward to that build!
  2. Yeah, that looks good. I'm not much a fan of Valejo though, delicate paint, and dries on the tip of the needle pretty fast. BTW, what scale is the Argus you're building? I'd love it is an injection molded kit of one of those were released in 1/72...or 1/48!
  3. Why would we want them back? We're not going to fly them, and we have plenty in museums.
  4. Just ranting , sort of... Looking to build a mid 80s Canadian CS2F-1Tracker, painted in 501-109 and it surprises me to no end that no paint manufacture makes this color. (White Ensign did an enamel tin at one time but good luck finding any...) My option is using some Su-27 paints, Mr. Paint (MRP) does a Su-27 Light Blue that looks close to it (as does HATAKA, AKAH, and Velejo).
  5. ...prolly not for much longer. 😎
  6. My only hard and fast rule is No Modeling After Three Beers...it's like drinking and driving, you may feel like Juan Fangio behind the wheel but ya probably shouldn't do it.
  7. Test. Test. Radio Check. 4.0 here.
  8. Oh, man, I just like geeking out on researching a subject. The "AE"/"AF" thing I recalled from that Paul Boyer article, and him stating that the easy fix to backdating the markings was simply snipping of that lower leg of the "E". Boom! done. Glad I could help.
  9. That photo from Intrepid is previous to 1962. Airwing Six's previous boat was Intrepid...they then of course transferred to Enterprise. Airwing Six changed to the "AE" tailcode in 1963 (Hasegawa kit box photo). Link to the 1963 Cruise Book: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn65-63/index.html
  10. On the point of research, I do believe Carrier Airwing Six had the tail code "AF" during October of 1962. She returned from her first cruise on October 11, 1962 only to be called back out to sea a few weeks later in response to the Cuban crisis. Photos from the First Cruise cruise book indicate "AF" on her aircraft. In 1963, the embarked Airwing did have "AE" as its tail code. Here is a link to Navy Cruise Books for a look: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn65-62/152.htm And a look at the "Starfighter" decals 1/350 scale Airwing Six sheet from 1962. Also, if anyone has a copy of it, Fine Scale Modeler did a fantastic three page spread several years ago as a special "Colors and Camouflage" segment covering the airwing of CVN-65 during the Cuban Missile Crisis showing them with "AF" tail codes. Also, if anyone has it, Aeromaster did a sheet with VA-65 markings from 1962 on it: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/aero/am48530.htm
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