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  1. Yes, they are. I worked for Boeing here at Pax River on the P-8As as a line mechanic for a few months. Boeing Gray is the color. They are noticeably different when parked next to a P-3 or an E-2 painted in FS 16440.
  2. Very cool! For a short time I worked for Boeing here at Pax River as a line maintainer of the three initial Navy jets. We spent a few days fit testing various torpedo load configurations in that weapons bay.
  3. Wooo! Nice work! What kit is that Ray? I'm a bit disappointed that there is no weapons bay option of the BPK kit but I imagine aftermarket will fill the void.
  4. Gonna "boost" this one. Someone's gotta have one, right?? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Wanna end a pandemic? Hold Mid-Term elections! 🏃‍♂️🌪️
  6. Yes, AAR Services has a contract to do maintenance (heavy checks, likely) for the P-8 fleet. In the past, the Navy would have an established depot level maintenance facility to do in depth calendar inspections, and servicing of their aircraft but in recent years those types of heavy maintenance checks have been contracted out to civilian facilities with the work force to do it.
  7. This kit is ready for release. All USN Patrol Squadrons at NAS Jacksonville, and NAS Whidbey Island are now fully equipped and deploying with the P-8, lots of international operators currently and in the future = loads of marking options. Get out ahead of this one!
  8. Oh man, fantastic! I didn't know Scalemates was keeping an archive of instruction sheets.
  9. I'm looking for this instruction sheet (or the Accurate Miniatures sheet as an alternate) for the SB2C-4 kit. A scanned copy would be fine in lieu of a hard copy. Thank you! Whitey
  10. Regarding the wing walkways: I know they are big, and take up a lot of sheet space but you might consider offering them in different colors. You see them in black on early schemes, gray on later, and light gray to nearly white on some other schemes.
  11. Looooonnnng shot I know but I don't want to start this massive project without this item:
  12. Haaa yeah, what a POS. I just emailed him back calling him a few choice words and told him to GFYS.
  13. They guy who messaged me about his "friend" having the item used this user name: Jegele91746 He joined Wednesday.
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