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  1. I've gotten away from all of that. Back in the early 90s, with aftermarket exploding, I'd put off builds until I had EVERYTHING that could go into/onto a particular model. Around the mid 2000s or so I realized, no, I don't "need" all this stuff, especially with most jet kits out there...an aftermarket resin seat is about all I need to dress up a cockpit. I was getting away from it being fun to build a kit and knew I should correct.
  2. Not exactly sure of the date on the photo but in the text of "NAS South Weymouth, The Defender of Freedom" by Marc J. Frattasio, it states that all HUP-2 Retrievers were replaced by HSS-1s (H-34s) by the end of 1958.
  3. Looking for one of the following sheets in order to do a 1991 Gulf War aircraft: Model Alliance - MA72158 Xtradecal - X72081 Thanks guys!
  4. Paul, just checked my P-3 decals...no dice. I'm pretty sure the only VP-47 sheet was the one in the Hasegawa boxing. Can't say I've ever seen their marking otherwise...and like you mentioned, it's the lo-viz scheme but a hi-viz "tail flash". In the meantime, both Caracal (check his thread under the Caracal heading) and Furball are supposed to be doing P-3 Orions in the future.
  5. Nice! Looking forward to the FB-111A SIOP schemes, and the FJ-3 for the kit I just picked up!
  6. Might be a good time to jump into this subject...50th Anniversary scheme: https://i.postimg.cc/Vsr43GDz/199768336-4768218763207134-2571764782245485226-n.jpg
  7. 1/48 (or even a new tool 1/72nd...) P-3 Orion 1/48 PB4Y-2 Privateer 1/48 RF-8A/G 1/48 F11-F Tiger 1/48 F7U Cutlass
  8. I typically sign and date the inside prior to closing up the fuselage. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Oh man...this one. I remember that 393rd BS logo from Pease AFB airshows as a kid.
  10. Hey Dutch, "Guernsey's Girl" was aircraft XV258, but those decals are not on the kit sheet either. I want to do one of the aircraft that was in Operation Granby (Operation Desert Storm) as part of my 30th Anniversary theme I'm doing throughout this year. I'll find them.
  11. Hello, I'm looking to buy or trade for the Model Alliance decal sheet MA-72158, RAF Nimrods. I have Model Alliance's she MA-72159 but the aircraft I want to do is not on that sheet. I'm looking to build "Guernsey's Girl" from Operation Granby, 1991. I'd be happy to have just that portion of the sheet, or trade one for one, or buy it out right. Thank you!
  12. Whoaaa!!! Nice work, Ray! I really like the 1/72 P-8A...might have to look into picking up one of those.
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