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  1. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    I think it's a "short body"?? I'm no Huey expert either, but the word I got on this kit (or the "Huey Hog" kit to be more accurate...), is that it is somewhat of a mix of UH-1B and UH-1C characteristics.
  2. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Found another photo of the bird I'll be doing:
  3. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Alright, between the Patriots win, and the Steelers loss this past weekend, I got some modeling time in. The biggest hurdle I got out of the way was getting the resin tail join smoothed out and fared in: As the instructions mention, you'll need to spread and shim the tail boom and that worked out OK: Next was getting the roof in place, and that took a little convincing, a little shimming/filling...and a lot of sanding. One thing I wish I'd have addressed was the giant opening in the roof for the engine intake/cowling. For some reason, I thought the opening looked into just the engine compartment, but no, you can see into the cabin. An oversight on my part of an awfully engineered part in an old kit. Whatever...it'll still look cool! I have another of these kits kicking around, I may try and make a part using it's roof piece, that I can come in from behind or below the opening and fit into place. I also got the front windshield and nose glued into place. Fit here wasn't half bad, but I'll have to fill a small gap along the windshield side edges: I scratch built the hoist support with a piece of rod and tube: For the overhead windows, I used Tamiya clear green, painted on the inside: Here she sits, with the rotors temp installed and awaiting further work. Next will be the elevators, and the tail rotor head:
  4. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from f√ľndekals!

    Nice work! How was the red portions of the Warbird decals? I've used a couple of their sheets in the past (F-105, F-84), and the red was brittle and cracked.
  5. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Yup, they are...got some lead weights up under the center console and will put a few more in the nose before it get glued in place. With the added resin tail and elevators, definitely going to need it.
  6. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Quick update here...I cut and attached the tail last night. With the tail boom taped together, I cut long, and then flat filed my way back to find the right (or close to ...) spot. The CC instructions talk about having to shim the tail boom for a smooth fit, indeed you do. So don't glue it together first and then cut, or you'll have a wicked step to sand. Temp shims in place for now, and then I'll take it back to the fuselage. Not a bad fit but it will require some clean up. I think I've decided to build a/c "416", that way I can just use the screened filter OOTB, I have another project in mind for the "Sugar Scoop" intake. That being said, I had to mess around with a little decal making today. I'll print this out on white decal paper, and trim around for a white border.
  7. Nothin' but Hueys!

    Interesting mod, and the seats are from a P-3 Orion. :)
  8. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    I'm planning on just using some letter/numbers from some sheets I have to conjure up the "HML-771", BuNos, and Modex numbers. Should be easy enough. "416" has the "Minute Man" logo on the nose...I may try and cut out a mask for it. I believe that was a temporary marking for the bicentennial anyway, just like what VMA-322 did on their birds? I think it looks cool though. I'm sure I saw these guys flying over the neighborhood and at airshows down there as a kid, but I probably just assumed they were "Army" choppers. I never heard of HML-771 until I came across the photo site's FB page. I still need to do a VMA-322 A-4E.
  9. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    I've wanted to build a UH-1E from a USMC Reserve unit that used to be stationed at NAS S. Weymouth MA., HML-771. I was going to modify the ol' Monogram "Huey Hog" kit, until I came across the lesser known "Huey Chopper" boxing, that includes the rescue hoist and housing on the roof. Aside from the roof part modification, the rest of the kit is pretty much the 'Hog kit, minus the weapons parts, but the floor retains the ammo boxes under the seat...that would have to go. I also picked up a Cobra Company/LSM UH-1C update set for the tail and elevators. The instrument panel is pretty bland, so I removed and replaced with REHEAT instrument bezels: I also removed the center console and used one from a discarded Italeri UH-1N. I also used the seats from the UH-1N as the kit seats (and the Cobra Company update set) have the armored plating seats: Moving on to the engine assembly, I didn't like that they have you install the rotor head so early on, so I did some modification here. Glued a piece of plastic tube in place and made a sleeve for the shaft. Nice tight fit that will allow me to remove the rotors in the future, and keep everything out of the way while I get the fuselage together. There's a wide open hole where the hoist housing is located, so I covered it with some "insulation" and scratch built a motor arm; I'm on the fence about building aircraft "413" or "416" above. "413" has the "Sugarscoop" intakes while "416" has the screen type that come in the kit. I have an older Monogram "UH-1B" kit kicking around that has the Sugarscoop intake, so I've been farting around with possibly doing a bit of mod work here as well?? I'll wait and see, I kind of like the idea of building things that are a little different from the norm, and I think the "Sugarscoops" set the helo apart from the typical "Huey" we're used to seeing.
  10. How did your first ever scale model turn out?

    1/72 O-1E Bird Dog...looked like I painted it with green cake frosting, and the clear pars were fogged over in Testors orange tube model glue. But I was hooked!
  11. Southeast Asian Camouflage Paint options

    Go with the Gunze line...either the Aqueous or their "Mr. Color" line. The Aqueous is a straight acrylic, thins excellently with plain ol' 91% rubbing alcohol. Though less toxic...ironically due to some labeling that the EPA doesn't like it is not imported into the U.S., but you can get it from overseas (I usually get it out of Taiwan through eBay). The Gunze "Mr. Color" line is a solvent based acrylic, and I use their "Mr Leveling Thinner" with it...sprays very nice and dries to a hard finish. You can get that in the U.S. and most mail order or some hobby shops. I made the switch to acrylics a couple of years ago after using Model Master for years...I got tired of going out to the garage to shoot paint. I use the Gunze stuff and Tamiya. What I like most about it, is the ease of clean up, thinning, and most of all the ability to use an oil based wash over it for more realistic weathering...especially if you're a fan of SEA era aircraft.
  12. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...Exactly! I dunno, I liked it but it had some questionable things as already mentioned.
  13. What'd ya see today???

    Looks like a bit of a change in the tail logo/markings with the F/A-18 silhouette in the center.
  14. but, does print scale suck?

    Haven't tried it myself, but have read about folks doing just that and it worked out well for them.
  15. Input Requested On Fixing Paint Lifted By Masking Tape

    Is the white square area a decal or paint? If decal, covering it with Para Film M is about the only safe thing to put over it. It it's a painted area, low tack tape should be ok.