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  1. Building the F-35A kit at the moment and using the kit decals, and experiencing zero issues....I'm also using Tamiya's decal solutions (Mark Fit, and Mark Fit Strong). I'm guessing that is why they're performing so well. Agree, they're not Cartograf quality but they're doing the job.
  2. I remember going into the "Eric Fuchs" on Tremont St. in downtown Boston in the 80s, it was like two blocks up from my high school. But the first shop I remember going to was "Hobbytown" with my dad in the 70s (not to be confused with the HobbytownUSA franchise of today). It was located in the South Shore Plaza shopping mall in Braintree MA. I think it closed in the early 90s? I was away in the Navy by then.
  3. I'm building one now, and using the Tamiya LP paints and mixes called out in the instructions and they look spot on, particularly the mix for the exhaust. In photos it appears like a "tannish" powder coat...I tried a few different paints, none looked the part...that's when I decided to order up the LP and go with it. Photo attached shows how it looks at the moment. I'm not going to mess with any "Have Glass" flat coats (they all seem too "speckled"), the paint itself has a bit of a sheen to it that looks right. I'm building it OOB as a review so I'll use the Tamiya decals on the various pane
  4. Coming in 2023! My love of ugly but functional aircraft continues to be gratified!
  5. Shipmates...looking for Wolfpak sheet 72-121 , or at least the MQ-4C Triton portions of it. Willing to pay a reasonable price.
  6. Man, just prime it with Mr. Surfacer White...in fact, don't even think of it as "primer"...that is your white base. Couple of coats of it, then shoot a very thinned out coat of Tamiya Gloss White over it. That is my go to method of painting any overall white aircraft.
  7. REALLY good time for the hobby...and there are still plenty of kit subjects out there yet to be tooled!!
  8. Well, as a serious modeler... 😂 But seriously, raised panel lines have never been an issue to me. I'd weather or enhance them by lightly sanding them to expose them through the paint, or with post shading, masking with "Post-It" notes. I definitely never look at them as a hinderance to building a particular subject. Monogram's Century Series of kits is still the best renditions of those subjects.
  9. Just FYI, the "new" Thunderbirds boxing of the F-84 has the bomb as well...figure a lot of folks building T-Birds jets might not need the bomb. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Wow! That P5M is fantastic. Great job with the props.
  11. Can't thank you enough for doing the sheets you do. Always with great options. I plan on using the remaining XFJ-2 markings with an F-86E kit at some point. Keep up the fine work!
  12. Just finished this one up over the weekend. The Caracal Models decals went down beautifully! If building a Fury (or F-86, or any aircraft with airbrakes) be sure to make note ahead of time to how/where to cut the decals that will bisec the doors if posing them open. Paint is MRP Gloss Sea Blue, and I sealed everything up and brought it all together with a coat of Testors Semi Gloss lacquer.
  13. Yes, they are. I worked for Boeing here at Pax River on the P-8As as a line mechanic for a few months. Boeing Gray is the color. They are noticeably different when parked next to a P-3 or an E-2 painted in FS 16440.
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