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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Man....it is a bit of a disease isn't it. But a good one!
  2. Hey, just a dropping a link and letting you know that Episode 8 of the Modelgeeks Podcast is up. Let's talk about your "stash"... Make the Geeks a part of your valuable bench time! https://www.modelgeekspodcast.com/1568581/8347940-modelgeeks-episode-8-the-stash-monster-feed-me-seymour-feed-me?fbclid=IwAR0W8L5Jpb3uMmFUzeDlMKpU8lms4ZNDHJSb7NtYr0wLe0Vu-4yl60hI36E
  3. Oooohhhhh....Yeah, I see now looking at your previous post ; UNITED STATES AIR FORCE"...whole shabang. Ya know, I've downloaded "Amarillo" font (and a few others) from here: https://www.dafont.com/, FREE, and I've made lots of decals on my own using my computer and printer. It's downloaded as a tff file and will work and load right into "Word", and you can go to town literally typing what you want. Play with font size to get the size you want, etc. Good fun. I'd recommend paper from Expert's Choice: https://www.bare-metal.com/experts-choice-decal-film.html, they make clear and white
  4. https://www.victorymodels.com/products/fundekals-1-72-decals-of-usaf-u-s-air-force-titles-fun72014
  5. Oh no, not at all, looks good from here. But I like to paint any fuselage bands if I can. Anytime you're trying to join two stripes at a center point it can be a hassle...and I'm one of the rare modelers who actually enjoys decaling!
  6. Is the VA-145 aircraft that of LT Dieter Dengler by chance? BTW, I like that you provided the option to paint the green fuselage band! 👍
  7. I'll toss you some ideas for some USN helos in the old Engine Gray schemes, East Coast, West Coast, and Guam based squadrons. All the CH-46 squadrons had cool tail markings and the amount of special Det markings and ship names is innumerable. Looking forward to this sheet! East coast , NAS Norfolk HC-8 Dragon Whales: HC-8 older scheme with "tail flash" West coast NAS N. Island, HC-11 Gun Bearers: Guam based HC-5 Providers, NAS Agana:
  8. Only photo I have is out of the book "NAS South Weymouth: The Defender of Freedom" by Mark Fratassio. The same photo was featured in the "Aircraft in Profile Vol 2" issue from Scale Aircraft Modeling, the same I pulled the color profile from. There is also a photo of one in the Gloss Sea Blue scheme in the Fratassio book. you can see it has the orange "Reserve" stripe on the aft fuselage, bordering the "NAVY" and "SO. WEYMOUTH":
  9. That one's cool! The NAS WILLOW GROVE lettering looks "old timey".
  10. Great! Thanks for listening in. Check out the other podcasts mentioned too: On the Bench, Plastic Model Mojo, Plastic Posse Podcast, Just Making Conversation...all those guys are great background noise while building. Careful though...I spend money on new tools about every time I tune into them...someone always mentions something I've never heard of and then... $$$$. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Episode 5, "El cinco!!" on the streets! Scale modeling podcasts make for great benchside listening tune on in! : https://www.buzzsprout.com/1568581/8074497-modelgeeks-episode-5-your-finish-is-it-realistic-or-artistic
  12. I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't toss in my bid for a SO. WEYMOUTH NAS helo 🤷‍♂️:
  13. I'm also hoping for a new kit of one released too...maybe Zvezda will jump on it if their C-130 sales are good.
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