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  1. Yup...and you want both to work properly when you need it to. I don't know how many times I've seen posts on line "my airbrush is doing this that or the other thing...what am I doing wrong??!! 😭" Then they post a photo up and it's covered in dried paint...
  2. There are upgrades available. If you hit up eBay and search 1/72 EC-121, there is a RADOME correction by Ozmods. There is also a boxing of that same Heller kit put out by "Plusmodel" that includes engine upgrades, detail parts in resin and photoetch, etc: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/plusmodel-al7010-ec-121-warning-star--317896
  3. Ahh, good to know. Thank you. Like I said, not much to the markings, although a profile might be nice given the non standard manner of the "cheat line" ending (or beginning 🤔) just aft of the flight station. Other VQ-1 birds were the same while others had the line go to the cockpit side windows as shown below. I also tossed up that rear quarter view, it's a great shot showing the contours of the RADOME and underside fuselage, antenna placement, not to mention the placement of the "Type and BuNo."
  4. One to consider for Part 3, "Deep Sea 129" of VQ-1. Shot down by N. Korea 15 April 1969. Not a whole lot in the way of markings, "PR" on the tail "21" on the nose, Bureau number 135749, and EC-121M under the tail empennage.
  5. Thank you sir, and thanks again for putting out the decal sheet with some great options! As for the finish, light coats of flat NATO Black, and buffing with a soft t-shirt prior to laying down the decals. I did put a couple of coats of Testors Dull Coat over it to seal it all up...though under lights it does appear to show a bit of a sheen.
  6. I treat it like I do my firearms...After each paint session. Otherwise...you will end up with "issues", that lead you to tear it down. To avoid "issues", clean it after each time you shoot paint through it. It's not hard. Run thinner/cleaner through it, pull the needle, give it a wipe, squirt thinner/cleaner down through it (always going "out"...nothing ever goes "in"). Put it back together and shoot a bit of thinner through it, leaving a little behind for storage...don't run it dry. You should never have any issues with your gun as long as you keep it clea
  7. Thank you, sir! It was a fun build, good times playing with making a black jet look black while trying not to use a whole lotta black...yeah 🙃
  8. Thanks man! S-3B Viking up next (VS-22 bird). I may need to hit you up for gouge. S-3B...but still with the MAD boom???
  9. SoMD?? Have you ever been to the local club meetings? (Obviously not happening at the moment but...). WE do a weekly Zoom meeting. PM me and I'll shoot you the club Pres. email and get you on the mailing list. Take it easy!
  10. For 2021, I'm going to build only Desert Storm subjects to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the conflict. To kick it off, I went with the "face of the air war of Desert Storm", the F-117A. 1/48 Tamiya kit, PJ Productions pilot figure, and of course Caracal Models decals. I did not put a gloss coat on this prior to decals. Tamiya NATO Black (XF-69), then buffed with an old soft t-shirt.
  11. Nice work! What decals did you use on the VF-1 bird?
  12. https://vent-works.com/blogs/the-ventilation-blog/15945741-diy-hobby-spray-booth
  13. Yeah, you don't own the gear...however, on my last flight, the paraloft guys came out, took my vest from me, removed all the pyro (flares/markers) and handed it back to me. My beat up helmet and vest hang in my hobbyroom. In Navy squadrons, having a guy in the PR shop with some artistic ability was a plus.
  14. One at a time. I try and stick to one model being built at a time, if I have a bunch kicking around in various stages...one or the other is going to get rushed.
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