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  1. Hey Eric, I happen to be in the middle of building "L4-E" 42-100646. I had a buddy make vinyl masks for the "L 4" and the "E" on the tail and wing. I downloaded "USAAC Stencil" font from the website Da Font (https://www.dafont.com/). For the "L 4" and the "E" on the wing I sized them in Word at 115. The "E" on the tail was done at 80. The tail serial numbers were also done with a mask although I'm not sure what size they were cut in. There are sheets of numbers out there that you could use but since my buddy had the CriCut fired up I just had him toss them in. For the color
  2. D-Rob, will you be selling them as a full inventory or individually?
  3. Shout out to fellow Southern Maryland Scale Modelers club member Dave for coming through with this one. Much appreciated! Now to figure out how to make a 3/8 scale F-15 Spin Recovery Vehicle in 1/72 scale...what would the dimensions be?! 🤔 Oh jeeezzz, math in public!
  4. No problem Rob. I appreciate the time you took to take a look and make the offer regardless.
  5. Agree with David on the white stripe decals. Painting them would work better and truth be told, I picked up one of the latest boxings of the Lindberg Snark kit, and the decals were pretty nice, stripes included. I opted for an operational scheme on mine and had to make my own 702nd Missile Wing badge for the only operational unit out of Presque Isle AFB, Maine....would have been great having one that was professionally made.
  6. Wow, thank you! It'll be a drawn out project, net even sure when I'll get started on it so, I'm plenty patient.
  7. I'm looking for two kits from a couple of obscure short run resin manufacturers that are both OOB (outta bizz) these days: 1.) Muroc Models HiMAT 2.) Jett Models/MicroCraft X-43 Hyper-X Willing to $$$ and /or point me to a source. Thank you!
  8. Thank you, I'll check out Yahoo auctions, I never knew that was even a thing. As to the why? A project I have in mind is to build a display of "Balls 8", using the Monogram 1/72 NB-52B, with the projects it had dropped from it through the years surrounding it: X-15 (x2, the black and the overall alabaster covered white one). X-24A, and X-24B (Mach2 models. M2-F2/3 (Anigrand models). HL-10 (Anigrand models). X-38 (Muroc models. I picked this one up a couple years ago with the intent to build "Balls 8" in it's later configuration). and the HiMAT.
  9. Wow that sucks...someone's joy must have been stolen. I just picked up their NextGen EA-18G jammer pods and E-2C Hawkeye interior set last month.
  10. I understand the owner of Muroc Models may have passed away but does anyone know of a source for their kits that have already been produced? I search eBay frequently enough and just don't see them, perhaps a shop out in the Edwards AFB area has them kicking around 🤷‍♂️ Specifically, I'm looking for the 1/72 HiMAT ,and M2-F1 Lifting Body kits.
  11. Our club (Southern Maryland Scale Modelers) has a Discord account that some of us get on regularly to "hang out" and build models. It's pretty cool. Typically informal, literally just us building at our respective benches, shooting the BS, showing what we're working on, answering questions, and solving modeling issues.
  12. Hey no sweat...I actually just found the missing one! I was logging on to give you a wave off. Thank you all the same for taking a look. The missing one must've fell out of the box, it was on the shelf where the kit was stored.
  13. Your best bet is to get on eBay and search PJ Productions. They do a nice set of "Transport pilots"
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