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Hi All!

Well..... With my MK.VII on hold awaiting decals..... I decided to start another build......

The Pacific Coast Models Limited run kit of the Griffon powered Spit.....

I picked this kit up Several months ago when 1st saw this GB announced..... But thought I would do the MK.VII to get the Mojo flowin'!

I also picked up a bunch of aftermarket for this build forgetting that this is a multi-media kit..... So Not sure what aftermarket I will use..... But At least I have it!!

On to the pics


Made a bit of a start.... Lots of prep work needs to be done.... So it is time consuming.... But results are pleasant.

IP for the most part done... Less weathering. Used the Kit supplied PE and interior is base colored Ammo Interior green after a Flat Black primer coat


This bit is all kit supplied resin.... Painted the rudder push rods using Mr Metal Color Bronze.... Still needs more paint work.... But will pick that back up tomorrow...


Seat and Seat Bulkhead assembled using kit supplied resin seat.... Cushion painted with Gunze Acrylic Red Brown...


Aft Cabin Bulkhead painted up... Drilled out all the molded in Lightning Holes


Installed the kit supplied resin cockpit sidewalls.... These are pretty nice!



And just couldn't wait to see how the Prop Spinner and Bulkhead fit... They are just blue tacked together at the moment and promed w/ flat black... They will be glued after painting and the prop blades are installed. Quite pleased with the fit!!


Well that's it for now... Still plenty to do on the interior....

More to follow!

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks Nick!

Well I think it will be a pretty nice kit..... Detail is there..... Just it's definitely not a hassle free kit.... Just need to take it slow and I think she will be good to go....

But only time will tell....

Not much to update today... Didn't get a whole lot of time at the bench..... But did get a little....

R/H Cockpit pretty much sorted....


Thanks for looking...


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Chipping away at this build..... Goin' slow, but enjoyable..... Tot too many issues to report.....

Finished the L/H pit sidewall.... And installed the seat and bulkhead


Worked the HGW Belts..... Fiddly but nice!



Closed up the fuselage.... Surprisingly good fit....


Installed the IP and rudder pedal assy after the fuselage was closed.. Worked well


Worked the wing... Resin wheel bays another great fit..... Just Basic trimming and fit like a glove....


After Gluing the top wing halves, Did a test fit of the wing to fuselage..... Not perfect but will be manageable...


That's all for now.....

Thanks for looking


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Hi All! Update time!

Basic construction is pretty much done and priming has been done...



Wing joints turned out well. no filler required



Lower wing root join and chin scoop was a bit of a pain.... took some work... Not perfect, but it looks ok. I didn't wanna risk detail loss, so left it as is. Hopefully i can hid during the weathering process...



The aft wing fairing that blends into the aft fuselage was a bit of a pain, but sorted out ok....


And finally..... Installed the Master Gun Barrels.....

Workin the canopy glass now.....

Hopefully paint this weekend!

Thanks for looking



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