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  1. Hi All.... Just Received this kit, And I Double ordered. I don't need 2 so I'll let one go for what I paid. Yen to $ rate is awesome these days! Box is not sealed (that's how it works in Asia) But contents inside sealed and un molested..... $38.00 + shipping from 96370 (Typically ranges from $13-$17 bucks for US addy's Paypal Friends and Fam only please. Please email for quicker response: tomcat_tweeker2001@yahoo.com
  2. All, I have 2 ea Of these kits and I need them gone... $40.00 each.... Please email me if interested at tomcat_tweeker2001@yahoo.com Thanks In Advance Dave
  3. Hey folks! A note concerning shipping...... Please note that being located where I am, I do not have access to the more inexpensive USPS shipping options (Media Mail Etc). So a minimum shipping fee will be $8.95 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope). The reason is our post office has removed it's finance section. Only Click and Ship is available to me. So please keep this in mind if your interested in Decal/small aftermarket items. I just haven't been able to crack the Media Mail code when using my address in the system. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Ryan! Your latest package just left Willow Grove..... Hope ya see it early this week! Dave
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