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  1. Glad to see ya build this one Joel! Looking great so far! Dave
  2. Thanks Heaps Rodney! Yea I had to drill the hole myself.... Was a tense situation LOL But yea get ya one... One of the nicest fitting Mustangs I've run across... I would say better than Tamiya.... Dave
  3. Long shot I know... But if anyone would like to give up their sheet I would be grateful. Or If ya have a Partial with the VA-86 Markings.... That would work too.. Thanks In Advance Dave
  4. Now that turned out real nice! I have that kit on my to build list in the not too distant future! dave
  5. Thanks Rodney! @ Model Guy Yea there are.... All I did was follow the B Instructions and filled panel lines and holes that were called out as well as using the fuselage parts called out by the B Instructions..... Now as far as Hasegawa getting it right? I don't know.... But it looks pretty cool to me... I think some folks just aren't getting the concept that the sprues for all three variants B,C & L from hasagawa are the same except for the nose, Intakes and clear parts. Dave
  6. Thanks Jens.... I appreciate it..... All Good Dave
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