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  1. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    Coming along very well indeed Martin H
  2. 2 water bombers

    Interesting pair Looking good Martin H
  3. Airfix Lancaster BII - 72nd scale

    Nice start Will be watching Martin H
  4. Hobbyboss 1/72 CF-18A 425 Sq CAF

    Thanks Thadeus Go on build another HB Hornet you know you want to. Make it Canadian thers is still time Martin H
  5. 2 1/48 CT-156 Harvard II (Texan)

    Awesome save on the gear by the "Paperclip Phantom " Martin H
  6. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    Great paintwork Looking forward to finishing touches Martin H
  7. Airfix Fairey Firefly

    Always good to see an oldie get some TLC Martin H
  8. Airfix Typhoon - 5V X

    Nice work Looking forward to more Martin H
  9. CT-133 times 2

    Tight formation there Great looking CT-133s do like the Black Knight Martin H
  10. 2 1/48 CT-156 Harvard II (Texan)

    More from the Phantom works Great start as usual Martin H
  11. 1/72 CF-100 Clunk

    Looking forward to this Martin H
  12. Hobbyboss 1/72 CF-18A 425 Sq CAF

    Hi all Decals nearly complete despite disintegrating problems The rest will go on after the U/c is fitted Hopefully this will be done soon Thanks for looking Martin H
  13. 1/144 SH-60B Seahawk

    Great to see this finished Well done Awesome detail Martin H
  14. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Looking great as usual Martin H
  15. CT-133 times 2

    Nice decals Will be watching Martin H