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  1. Great work so far Martin H
  2. All primed ready for colour . Martin H
  3. If you're still stuck PM me they're not going anywhere . Martin H
  4. Awesome start Martin H
  5. Have some Airfix ones around mostly Mk IX Any help Martin H
  6. I've got one from the Airfix Mirage F1 if that helps Martin H
  7. Hello Everyone Finally got started or more like restarted as I wasn't happy with the first grey .Anyway here it is now Sorry for the long wait Martin H
  8. Just a little more done .Basic air frame finished . Next quick clean up then primer Martin H
  9. Great progress Looking good Martin H
  10. Looking good Any news of markings Martin H
  11. Just a quick update Cockpit completed not much will show anyway . Wings attached . Very little filler will be required .Thanks for looking Martin H
  12. Great work Awesome Martin H
  13. When I did my T-33 for the Far Out Far East GB I Placed a piece of scrap cut roughly ( most of my efforts fit this description)to shape using the upper part of existing bay molding as a attachment point about 2/3 along towards the rear and blocked in the rear end with putty.This did leave a ridge but I could live with that better than the great hole . Hope this helps. Will be watching your solution with interest .Both models are looking great . Martin H
  14. Will be watching all with interest Martin H