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    Martin H
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    Brisbane Queensland Australia
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    Anything that flies the more unusual the markings the better

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  1. Great markings Awesome Dak Martin H
  2. Grandboof

    Frog Miles Master III 1/72

    Thanks Steve Martin H
  3. Looks great Mike Good to see it finished Martin H
  4. Grandboof

    Raffle Prizes

    The decals arrived today Thanks Sean Martin H
  5. Grandboof

    Spitfire PR XI

    Great to see this done Looking good Martin H
  6. Mike PM sent re Stirling and Halifax Thanks Martin H
  7. Grandboof

    Operation: Resurrection. Part 1 - AFX BA 737-200

    Starting to look much better Any updates Martin H
  8. Grandboof


    I have a Tumpeter F100D Box opened Internal bags sealed Happy to swap for the Pembroke Each pays shipping I am in Australia If interested please PM me Martin H
  9. Grandboof

    Spitfire PR XI

    Good one Well done Martin H
  10. Grandboof

    1/32 Tamiya Mustang RCAF

    Looks great as usual Martin H
  11. Grandboof

    Airfix 1/72 E-8C 93-0597

    Great to see this dusted off and going again Martin H
  12. Grandboof

    Group Build Completed!

    Thankyou Sean for all your efforts in making this a great GB and and all who joined in Great builds everyone Martin H
  13. Grandboof

    Spitfire PR XI

    Good to see this getting some TLC Martin H
  14. Grandboof

    Airfix Typhoon - 5V X

    Great work Moe Glad you made it Martin H