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  1. Looking good Martin H
  2. Started applying decals The kit ones are showing their age being difficult to remove from the backing paper so I managed to find some replacements in the decal stash.Hopefully a combination of both should work . More soon Thanks for looking Martin H
  3. Awesome again Great pair Martin H
  4. Both looking great Martin H
  5. A bit more colour .Used Humbrol Maskal this time Seems to work ok Thanks for looking Martin H
  6. Impressive work Captain Martin H
  7. Great work on cockpit Looking forward to more Martin H
  8. Looking great Well done Martin H
  9. Great detail work Martin H
  10. Great paintwork Martin H
  11. Great work Glad the decals worked out Thanks for sharing Martin H
  12. Good work Looking forward to the top colours Martin H
  13. Nice cockpit detail Great start Martin H
  14. Nice work Martin H
  15. You made it Looks good Martin H