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  1. Great to see this moving again Martin H
  2. Great work Like the nose art Martin H
  3. Awesome finish Martin H
  4. Looking forward to the paint Martin H
  5. Mean looking beast Well done Martin H
  6. Plenty of colour there Looks great Martin H
  7. Great detail work Martin H
  8. Nice work so far Martin H
  9. Thanks Bruce It will be the Navy one I will be revisiting the crew seats { mostly the seatbelts } and the instrument panels . Appreciate the heads up one the colours The Humbrol 209 I have refuses to mix Hopefully just a dodgey batch. Will buy more and try again . Thanks again for looking Hopefully this won't disappoint ; Martin H
  10. Great finish and so small Martin H
  11. Nice work Martin H
  12. Good to see this progressing Martin H
  13. Awesome Like the crew Martin H
  14. Great to see another classic join Martin H