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  1. 1/144 SH-60B Seahawk

    Great to see this finished Well done Awesome detail Martin H
  2. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Looking great as usual Martin H
  3. CT-133 times 2

    Nice decals Will be watching Martin H
  4. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Looking good Martin H
  5. Shame about the decals The rest looks great though Is that a paint pen you used for the surrounds ? Martin H
  6. 1/72 Bombardier Challenger 604

    Looking forward to this too Martin H
  7. Kinetic 1/48 Tracker

    Nice work Looking good Martin H
  8. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Interesting build will be watching Martin H
  9. Awesome Congrats on the debut Martin H
  10. Looks great Well done Martin H
  11. Are you still looking for these ? Won't need the ones in the one i have in the stash Yours if you want them PM your address will mail them Martin H
  12. Neptune (x2)

    Awesome pair Do like the blue Martin H
  13. Nice work Looking forward to more Martin H
  14. Canada 150th CF-18 in 1/48

    Another from the Phantom works Looking great Martin H
  15. Looking good so far Did this one a few years back OOB as the Swiss Air Ambulance . Remember it being a fun build that I would do again Martin H